Knights of the Dark Age | S60 Game

K.O.D.E or Knights of the Dark Age is one of those game which seems to be inspired from Street Fighter or King of Fighters, mano-e-mano, you versus the laptop or desktop game, ported for your handheld. In this epic game for Nok...


Kaspersky Mobile Security Download | Nokia Applications Download

Greetings everyone! I brought you today one of the finest anti virus – anti theft engine for your smartphones. Yes, as the title suggest, I am precisely talking about Kaspersky Mobile Security 2008 for handhelds and mobil...


NBA 2008 Smash! | Nokia game download

Greetings all you gamer fans! Are you a big fan of the pro basketball championship? Do ya love to slam dunk against your opponent, flying over the top and around his back? Today I am presenting you with one of the most sophisti...


Roland Garros Tennis | Nokia Game Download

Hiya everyone! Today I am introducing to you two of the finest tennis games for cell phones and pda. They are  called Roland Garros Paris 2008 Championship and Roland Garros Tennis 2009. I am a big fan of tennis when it comes ...

Windows Live Messenger Mobile | Symbian Application

Hello there everyone! I am sure you all are quite a big user of Hotmail and MSN services on your Nokia, Motorola or LG phones or any other PDA devices right? I know I use MSN messenger everyday to keep in touch with my friends ...

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