Crimson Nokia Theme

Crimson | Symbian Theme for Nokia

Ahoy everyone! Here is a new theme which I naming ‘Crimson’. I love the warmth of the colors in this theme myself and hope you will do the same. Like it, hate it, either way please leave your precious comments. Its ...


This is Nature | Symbian Theme for Nokia

Hi ya everyone! Here is a new theme for customizing your mobile phone. I hope you like it as much as I do. This one is called “This is Nature” and is designed for the NSeries and ESeries cell phones. Someone tested ...


New Applications Added | Mobile Applications

Greetings everyone! Good news for Nokia application fans… I have updated the page of the 3rd Edition applications download today and have added a few new ones. I have tested all of them and they are working fine on my cel...


Fake Plastic Trees | Symbian Theme

Hey everyone! Keeping yourself well in this wide world I hope? Ok then, here is a new Nokia symbian theme to suit the irony of us and nature. With pollution all around, everything is going plastic on us and the other day I was ...


Fury | Nokia Symbian Mobile Theme

Greetings everyone. Always liked this mobile wallpaper so much that I could not help but design a theme with it. I believe many of you have seen a similar Chinese dragon embedded wallpaper around, but I do not know if you will ...

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