Juiced 2 | Ferrari World Championship | Nokia Games Download

Just updated the free Nokia games section with some brand new mobile phone games for you to download free! Thought I should let you all know. Anyway, I am sure you are all seeing the new design of Nokia Symbian Themes as well.


Posh Blue | Nokia Themes Download

….Hello there all you Symbianholics! Are you having a blast? I sure hope so peeps. πŸ˜€ Today I am going to publish another blue theme, Posh Blue as I call it.


Gray Haze | Nokia Symbian Mobile Theme

Hello earthlings! Hope all is well. Okay so here is a symbian theme I designed and published well back but during the server shift it was lost completely. Anyhow so I am publishing this one again. This one is called Gray Haze a...


Code Red | Nokia Symbian Theme

Ahoy everyone on board in this cursed symbian ship! πŸ˜† At last! Here is a new theme. Calling this one “Code Red” for a reason. Mainly because my site was on code red status a few days back πŸ˜† so this theme had t...


Back in Business Very Soon!

Greetings everyone! At last I have successfully changed my host to a new one. However as you can all see, none of the symbian themes, applications or the games are working yet. That is cause I just got my site up and haven̵...

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