There is a new tutorial for you, much easier as well, if this doesn’t work for you or you do face difficulties, then check out the symbian signing process while being offline without Open Signed here.

Get your Nokia Symbian Themes/Applications Symbian Signed yourself! Its dead easy so Do It Yourself!!! (…err with pics n a tutorial it really is!)

All righty sparky! Here we go:

Step by Step Symbian Signed Tutorial to Self Sign you Nokia Themes or Applications:

Here is a flick of the entire steps of what you have to do in a signing process:

Symbian Signed Detailed Description of Tutorial

1) Go to and register a new account immediately.

Registration at SymbianSigned Website

Since they dont let you register with any email services like (yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc.) try to register with a local or office or even university email address that you might have. Don’t have any local or office email address? No problem! Then you can just search google for any social networking site and register there, usually ninety nine percent would provide you with an email address once you register. Once registered there, use that email address to register with Symbian Signed and veriy everything they say accordingly.

2) Go to My Simbian Signed, Developer Certificates and download DevCertRequest tool.

Direct link:

Symbian Signed After Registration

3) Install the application in your PC and download the private keyfile (Chaos Inc Key file aka or the back up .key in attachment, I have provided an extra key file just in case)

4) It’s now time to create the certification request: open the DevCertRequest application you just installed and fill in the fields like this:

Symbian Developer Certificates Wizard Screenshot

Symbian Developer Certificate Request Wizard

Use the key you just downloaded ( Chaos Inc.key or sultan.key ). Set your desired password: 0123456 5) Go ahead to next steps and follow examples shown below:

Step Three Symbian Developer Certificate Request

6) Insert your IMEI number (…and yours only, don’t experiment otherwise, you may sign up for someone else’s phone and not yours lol) and add all application capabilities:

IMEI entry in Symbian Signed Process

Step 2 IMEI setup in Symbian Signed Process

Step 3 of IMEI setup in Symbian Signed Process for Nokia Certificate Sign ups

7) Click on finish and your Certificate Request will be created. You can find this file in the folder C:\Program Files\Symbian OS Tools\Developer Certificate Request\xxxxxxx.csr xxxxxxx = the name you have used in step 4 (in this specific tutorial it is : dzed.csr)

Step Seven in Developer Signing of Symbian Themes & Applications

8) Go back to Symbian Signed website and go to My Symbian Signed, Developer Certificates Request! Here is the Direct link: h**ps:// and upload the Certificate Request file you just created (in this specific tutorial : dzed.csr).

Step by Step Eight of Symbian Signing for Nokia Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones

9) Go to My Symbian Signed Developer Certificates. My DevCert Direct link: h**ps:// and download your certificate (in this specific tutorial : dzed.cer) !

Step Nine of My Symbian Signed process

10) Create a folder and place in FExplorer.sis as in this tutorial (it can be any file), the certificate you downloaded from Symbian Signed website, Private Keyfile (Chaos Inc. or the other .key) and signsis.exe and auto_signsis.bat (you can find it in the attachment)

11) Open auto_signsis.bat with notepad Code: signsis FExplorer.sis (or any application or theme), FExplorer_signed(your file, theme or application).sis xxxxxx.cer, Chaos Inc.key 0123456 (xxxxxx.cer is the certificate you created, and downloaded from Symbian Signed web site change it with yours) example with this tutorial and the version downloaded : Code: signsis FExplorer_english_3ed_116b_unsigned (or any unsigned application or themes).SIS, FExplorer_signed(or any unsigned application or themes).sisdzed.cer Chaos Inc or the other .key 0123456 – Save auto_signsis.bat (do not use Save-As just Save)

12) double click on auto_signsis.bat This will create a new file called FExplorer_signed.sis (or whatever you want, just change the filename), install it and enjoy this great App And you are done!!!! Here are all the files in one package: Symbian Signed Files and Tools and the Key Certificate Files!

The time frame in which Symbian Signed lets people without publisher ID sign applications/games/themes etc is from 9:00am to 3:00pm GMT. Please sign your thing within that time to be successful with the signing process. Godspeed!


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    • mark 5230

      sorry my friend but there no way you can sign ur sis file in symbiansign.. because there’s a lot of change in signing process .. the only way to hack ur phone is to flash it using phoenix ..
      i already have my own cert and key .. but still it didn’t work on my phone ..

  25. Arsalan

    The simple way to hack a symbian phone first download install serve.exe from internet for symbian phone then create a folder like .sys/bin on memory card if it says folder cant be created then create like this hack/.sys/bin create it on memory card put intall server on it like this .sys/bin- intallserver or hack/.sys/bin- intallserver.exe using lcg xplore create a zip file like this hack this and put the folder.sys/bin conaining installserver.exe and then again using xplore extract the zipped hack file into C: RESTART UR PHONE ENJOY……. any problem contact me at

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    Unfortunately, the tutorial isn’t applicable anymore as Symbiansigned has changed the signing process a few days ago…

  27. 0xFFFF0000

    Unfortunately, the tutorial isn’t applicable anymore as Symbiansigned has changed the signing process…

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    whats am i doing wrong
    already spent too many days on this
    is there something else that i need to do

    please help


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    Seems like the Symbian Signed now only take request who have Publisher ID

    Open Signed Offline/Developer Certificates are only available to users with a Publisher ID.
    Developer Certificate requests are currently only available to users who have a Publisher Id

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    Open Signed Offline/Developer Certificates are only available to users with a Publisher ID.
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    @Arun – Try to change extension off file to .exe
    If you can’t see any extension you must change settings in Explorer. Go on menu “Tools”, “Folders options”, locate and uncheck the option to hide extensions of files.

    Then you must rename the file and cut out .zip, double click it and good job.

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  77. hi,please send me vbagx 1.25 my imei 358353002139930

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    These instructions need to be updated. The Symbian site has changed! These instructions are no longer valid.

    Help us along here!

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    this is what i got…

    Your request has failed. Reason:
    -Developer Certificates will be ENABLED for users who have a Publisher ID ONLY
    -ONLY if you used a Publisher ID to create a .csr file with the DevCertCreate tool will you be able to use Open Signed Offline to create a Developer Certificate.
    -Developer Certificates are currently DISABLED for users without a Publisher ID. Users who DO NOT have a Publisher ID CANNOT request Developer Certificates or use Open Signed Offline.
    -If you have recently obtained a Publisher ID and are unable to create a Developer Certificate using Open Signed Offline please request support through the Symbian Signed forum on the Symbian Developer Network

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    To the admin

    Its important to update topics not just post them ….

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    Sadly this method doesn’t work anymore if you do have certificate file from last year only workaround is roll back date on your S60 device to a valid certificate date and install software ….

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    i’m trying for last 10 days but my request is refused by symbiansigned. what’s the matter? Please help.

    • arshad

      well let me tell you its not that simple as it is
      the rules of the site have change now and
      its a real pain to get the files singed
      i am not sure if anyone can help you but u can sing some themes using the online siging beta only available between 9am to 3pm GMT at symbiansigned dot com
      take care byeeeeeeeeeee

  102. darren

    hi there you have a great site well done especially the apps, for the s60. i’m just having problems with signing apps.
    could you direct me to a site where i can get an email account which will be accepted by symbian

    hope you can help

    • Yes you can try endjunk dot com or mocospace dot com Darren! Register there and use that email address to register with them. Remember for signing your application or game or themes even, the time frame is 9:00am to 3:00pm GMT. And thank you for the kind words, much appreciated!

  103. arshad

    hey istiyak i hope you are fine and doing great
    well just needed some help from you
    cant find the .key file on this page i dont know why can you plz help me find it
    and now the open siged is completely stoped without a publisher id
    can you help me getting a devcert file for my phone by any chance
    thanks a lot in advance
    and i have to say its a great site keep up the good work
    take care dude byeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Lol…. I am doing pretty dandy thank you Arshad! They .key file and the devcert file is situated at the bottom of the post, just above the “Share this” part. I think they are still open from 9:00 am to 3:00pm for people without the published ID. You will find everthing in the link there and sign your thing at that time to be successful. Cheerios bro!

      • arshad

        well dear when i download it only shows the devcert request tool there is no key file inside it can you please check it for
        thanks in advance take care and keep the great work going on
        just 1 request i have if you can make some themes for lord of the rings specially golloum

        and the ir remote file the C**** file is unsiged and i am having probles getting it singed from online symbian
        it says that it is register to some UID and my email id does not match the UID in the sis file
        plz try and help me thanks
        i know i am asking a lot


      • arshad

        this is the error msg i get when i try to sing the sis for irremote C****
        plz cheak and help me
        FAILURE: Submitted .sis file uses a UID that is not allocated to the account holder matching this email address (0xff00c3da 0x2000c3da 0x200015b4 )

        plz try and do some thing for me
        thanks byeeeeeeeee

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  105. I can’t make the step 2), that program isn’t there anymore.
    Any ideas?

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