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Posted October 9, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Ringtones

What sets you apart from the others in a group? It can be your leadership, creativity, motivation, persistence, ring tones, ringtones, ringtones and even more ringtones!! Eeeks! Did I just compare ringtones with those characteristic? Hell yeah and silly me at the same time but you know I did the right thing because everything is evolving and which ringtones you choose for yourself is damn important for your overall “style”.

Technology have changed and evolved drastically since the late 90s didn’t it? In the beginning we had computers the size of the Wembley or Emirates football stadium and now we have mobile computers which is actually smaller than a matchbox. At first we had monotones on our cell phones and then just after a year we surpassed the real tones to mp3 to 3D dolby surround compatible ringtones! I still clearly remember that “The Buffoon” was one of my most favorite ring tone of all time and now I change ringtones more than I change my clothes everyday. In light of that and a previous post where I published the original Nokia handhelds ringtones, I am again publishing for you another bunch of cool R & B, Rap and of course some more Nokia original tones.

If you like and dare to be different from the rest of the pack then this post is certainly for you. So read on cause here we go!

The first set of ringtones for your cell phones and handheld smartphones include: Pump It from Black Eyed Peas, Rock This Party from Cutee B, Cristina & Tataee‘s famous ringtone Fara Egal, David Guetta‘s Love don’t let me go and a face to face remix version of the David Guetta versus the Egg love with Don’t let me go. You can download the above mentioned ringtones here:

Buy Ringtones

The next set of handheld devices ringtones are also well optimized for size and quality. These ringtones include: Deftones’ Change, Bass Raiders Remix of Frank Raven’s Friends, and the Radio Edit version of Iio’s Is it love. Grab these ringtones here for your handheld devices:

Cheap Nokia Ringtones

The third pack includes ringtones from some original soundtracks like original Tokyo Drift ringtone, the Gladiator’s original sountrack based ringtone, Sean Paul’s Give it up to me, Shaggy’s Gone with the angels and a bonus funny ringtone or should should I say funny SMS tone! You can grab all the original sountrack based ringtones and the above mentioned ringtones from Shaggy, Sean and of course the funny ring tone below:

Funny Ringtone Download

The fourth pack of ringtones include ringtones made from the song of Ludacris’ Act like a fool, Black Eyed Peas in Mas Que Nada and Bossy by Kelis. Download these ringtones here:

Nextel Ringtones T-Mobile

The fifth edition of the ringtones collection includes two different versions of David Guetta’s Can’t you feel the Change, two different versions of Beep featuring Will.i.am, Oliver Moldan’s From the Stars and the official Fifa 2007 game’s soundtrack based ringtone. Get them all here:

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Then we take ourselves back to basics with a few hints of salt by Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around Comes Around from the album I’m bringing Sexy Back. There are two verses here, so just suit yourself with the one you like better! Get this super hot ringtone:

Hot Real Tones

Here is a small Funny SMS based Ringtone just because I felt like it lol:


Then follows the thrills and chills of the peeps from the movie 300 set at the Roman age in Sparta with ringtones converted from the speech of the queen, the famous Tonight we Died in Hell and of course… This is Sparta!!!!! Get these tones cause they are quite nice:

movie ringtones

Next we go for the Audio Bullys featuring Nancy Sinatra with the song Shot you down:

Rock Ringtone

And then the chorus from the song The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani featuring Akon converted to a cool ringtone ofcourse:

50 Cent Akon Ringtone

The heart pounding official theme song of the Champions League converted to a high quality, pretty loud and really awesome ringtone:

Sports Ringtones

Then we all can freak out under the London London Bridge down with the help of Fergie & 50 cent:

Fergie Ringtones

Then we take a plunge into the original ringtones from the ever so robust Nokia N70 Music Edition:

N70 Ringtones Download

The entire set of the purely beautiful Nokia 8600 Luna:

PDA Tones

The complete set of ringtones from the ever so luxurious and useful Nokia E90:


The original tones from the XpressMusic 5700:

handheld tones

Ringtones from Nokia N93i:


The tunes from the Series 40 Nokia 6300:

buy handhelds

The fantastic Nokia 7373 designer cell phone’s entire artist minded ringtones collection:

buy cheap ringtones

The original mobile ringtones from the Nokia Prism:

cheap phone deals with ringtones

The complete collection of the Nokia E70 original ringtones:

ring tones

The Nokia 5300 Xpress Music Edition tones:

Music Tones POP

The ever so popular, the so called Crown Jewel of Nokia, the N-Series Series 60 phone Nokia N95‘s ringtones:

cheap ring tones

Every single elegant and original mobile ringtones from the E-Series based E65:

E tones

Ringtones from the i-edition of the E-Series, E61i:


Ringtones from the Nokia N81 8gb Music edition cell phone:

Cingular Ringtones

Ringtones from the Nokia N95 8gb:

AT&T Ringtones

Well enough ringtones for one day don’t you agree? Lol.

Some facts you must know:

All the original ringtones includes all the Nokia alert tones, the actual ringtones, SMS tones and the video tones for sure. They are compatible with all the latest handhelds of Nokia and others which support either AAC or Mp3 format ringtones. For Nokia cell phones, it supports both the formats for the ringtones so you should be quite cool!! All 3rd edition and 2nd edition Symbian OS based phones should be able to play them and use them on their handheld devices easily. So if you are using Nokia N72, N73, N-gage, N80, N81, N91, N70, 6680, 6290, N95, N96, N78, 5800 XpressMedia or XpressMusic, 6300, 5200, 3250, 6120, N6600, 3230, 5700, 5500, N93, N92, E66, E65, E61, E62, E60, E51, E90, E70, E71, 6110 etc then you can confidently set them as your new ringtones!

Regardless of your cell phone’s pre-paid plans or postpaid plans (or any other cell phones expensive or cheap phone deals), you will be able to use them easily. Major mobile network operators will support the transfer of these tones AT&T Wireless, Orange Mobile UK, Vodafone, 3G Wireless, Docomo, Hutch, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Nextel, Telstra, Rogers Wireless, T-Mobile, Etisalat, Telkomsel, Optimus, Sprint Wireless, Airtel, MTN Group, MTS, Reliance Mobile, TIM Wireless, France Telecom, Virgin Mobile, etc.

Before downloading any ringtone I will sincerely request you to SUBSCRIBE to the RSS feed free! It seriously keeps me motivated to post more and more for you. Also, feel free to leave comments when you can as I love to hear your feedbacks and how they actually sounded on your smartphones and handhelds! Yes it is almost impossible for me to reply to every single one of you but I assure you that I read every single comment you make here in this blog.

Please also check out the first post from the ringtones series for more original pda, handheld, smartphones based mobile ringtones.

Cheers from Chaos Inc. aka Ishtiaq Saddam!


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  1. Thanks For great Collection, Hope it will be lot more better, if you flash embeded the ring tone for live previews.

  2. TNX Any way for this song and plz upgrade your song better than now

  3. So good Buddy…………

  4. Roberto

    Good songs !!!

  5. pcc

    unable to extract these *.RAR files… plz help

  6. aly

    I agree with AB!!! hey AD if u wanna some cool widescreen wallpapers then u can go to vista feel dot com

  7. @Ab – Thanks a lot for the suggestion, however if a person wants to download one ringtone only and ends up downloading tons and tons of other mobile ringtones for that, he is wasting his time and I am wasting my bandwidth 🙁 Hence I broke the downloads up in pieces! Took me a while to do actually… lol Thanks anyway for the suggestion bro.

  8. @kris – Thanks a lot Kris 🙂 I am glad that you like it.

    What do you mean by tweak? As for which part you actually want to tweak?

  9. kris

    I rarely leave here my comments but every day checking this site because it’s awesome and i’m wonering if I can find similar with windows mobile software when i’ll change symbian for windows…. or simply i don’t change it 🙂

    best regards Chaos, U R making very very good job for all of us – symbian users/lovers 🙂 thanks for that!

    p.s. how to tweak symbian on n95 8GB ?

  10. Ab

    Nice , but please include one file containing all ringtones , so it wud be much easier for ppl lyk me ….

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