La Bleun | Nokia Symbian Mobile Theme

Hey there everyone! Hope you are well…. Here is a nokia theme I designed long back. Specifically for S60, Nseries and Eseries cell phones. Looks good in phones like N80, N73, N95, N72, N80, N91, etc or in any 2nd Edition ...

I Dream In Colors Nokia Theme Download

Nokia Mobile Theme | I Dream In Colors

Greetings! Been working with this nokia symbian theme lately and thought it is kinda done, so why not up and atom in the site? Its a very simple mobile theme yet again and only for the 3rd Edition Nokia Cell Phones, looks the b...


Nokia Mobile Theme | In Bloom

Me, Chaos Inc. presents this particular Nokia Mobile theme “In Bloom” actually originated in my head when I was listening to Nirvana’s In bloom damn loud in my room. Anyway one might ask where is Cobain in the...


Nokia Mobile Theme | You And Whose Army?

The Nokia Symbian Theme “…You and Whose Army?” is one of those anti-war mobile themes for your mobile phone. If you hate wars and politics, you know that you gotta like this sarcastic theme that I designed. Ha...


Nokia Mobile Theme | Gold

The mobile theme ‘Gold’ was designed for Nseries and Eseries Nokia phones. The basic summary of the theme is pure liquid fire blend with 24K gold and should appear as it is on any nokia mobile phone screen. If you l...

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