One Man Show | Symbian Themes Download

Greetings everyone and welcome to Nokia Symbian Themes as usual. Recently changed my header image of the website, noticed it?


Hello Kitty | Mobile Theme for Symbian 3rd Edition

Ahoy occupants! I hope you are all doing pretty well today. This symbian theme I am going to publish today is designed only for the 3rd Edition symbian mobile phones like N96, N95, N91, N92, N93, N78, N71, N77, N76, E65, E50, E...


Passion Valentine | Nokia Symbian Theme

Hey there you, yes you! Being glorious? I hope so! 😀 Welcome to the land of Nokia Themes download. Since Valentine’s Day is so close and knocking at the door I decided to put up another Valentine’s Day theme. Thi...


Love Is In The Air | Nokia Theme Download

Hello occupants! Promised you last time that my next theme will be of Scalable Vector Graphics or of SVG and so it is! Since Valentine’s Day is real close I decided to go with the flow and publish this one. This one is ca...


Alice Blue | Nokia Symbian Mobile Theme

Greetings again everyone! Here is a new nokia mobile theme designed for 3rd edition and 2nd edition symbian cell phones. Naming this nokia theme “Alice Blue”. As you can see below, the colors are light and soft to t...

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