Nokia Mobile Theme | Baby Blue

One of the many nokia blue themes that I designed recently, this is the first of the entire blue series that is yet come. This is a simple theme, no fuss not much customization or such. Just wanted to focus the curves on the N ...


Nokia Mobile Theme | Revolvers

This Nokia Mobile theme which I named Revolvers crept into my brain after doing In Bloom mainly cause I never made any guns theme for any mobile phones before. So, I thought why not make one today rather than tomorrow? So here ...


Nokia Mobile Theme | Aqualung

The Nokia Symbian Theme Aqualung was one of the few themes that never fascinated me much, maybe because its just too obvious a theme. I named it aqua lung cause I was listening to that very song at that moment All the nature th...

In Your Head Theme Nokia

Nokia Mobile Theme | In Your Head

In Your Head For Nokia Symbian Mobile Phones: I designed this particular mobile theme as my first theme ever done so you might not admire it which is quite okay dokay but to me it means absolutely so much and with good reasons ...

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