Crimson Nokia Theme

Crimson | Symbian Theme for Nokia

Ahoy everyone! Here is a new theme which I naming ‘Crimson’. I love the warmth of the colors in this theme myself and hope you will do the same. Like it, hate it, either way please leave your precious comments. Its ...


Ecto | Nokia Symbian Theme

And hello again everyone! Hope thou are doing oh so well! Okay so here is a new theme I designed only yesterday and thanks to one of my very helpful friends out there who told me about the 3rd party icons factor, I now have (an...


Code Red | Nokia Symbian Theme

Ahoy everyone on board in this cursed symbian ship! πŸ˜† At last! Here is a new theme. Calling this one “Code Red” for a reason. Mainly because my site was on code red status a few days back πŸ˜† so this theme had t...


King Me | Nokia Mobile Theme

Hey there everyone! An Eid greetings to all my Muslim peeps! Okay here is a new nokia symbian mobile theme from me, Chaos Inc. I call it “King Me” and its a guy’s theme one might say. This is designed mainly f...


Night Divine | Nokia Mobile Theme

Hello peeps! Last night I was messing with this new Nokia mobile theme. I loved the nightly aurora-fied πŸ˜€ colors of this symbian theme myself. So I quickly made it into a theme! This symbian theme is designed for both the N ...

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