Installing a new theme on the Nokia for the first time:

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Change your Nokia theme by using a default theme or by downloading from my site.

After downloading and installing my new themes – via Bluetooth or using the USB cable – you will be required to access and apply them via your Themes menu.

To see the themes available on your phone and choose a new one press the Nokia Menu key to the left of the directional keys then choose Tools, Settings, General, Personalisation then Themes.

You will then be presented with the following menu:

* General
* Menu view
* Wallpaper
* Power saver

The General option houses the default Nokia themes and also gives you an option for downloading themes from their own official site, and lists the installed themes, including the ones you just download and installed from my site. By clicking on any of the themes (My themes or the official Nokia theme) your phone will automatically set the chosen theme.

To preview a theme highlight it and the press Options and select Preview, any downloaded and the installed themes from my site will also be saved in this folder. The Menu view section enables you to change the default Grid menu view to a simple List.

You can change the default Wallpaper to an image of your choice either taken with the camera or an image that has been sent to your handset from the outside like a pc/laptop/mms etc.

Finally you can use the Power saver option to turn off text, animation of the date and time to save precious battery power.


  1. Jessica

    I’m a mac user as well and i have a nokia 5800. I’m guessing that i should be downloading the 3rd version of things, but all i get is a screen full of coding for the theme. how do i get it onto my phone? THANKS! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Jasinta

    please help me to download themes on my mobile N72 as soon as possible.if you could provide me with online support that would be very nice.please reply me as soon as possible.

  3. wegie lao

    hi.can u please help a mac user and im trying to download a theme for my n95 from your site,but wen i click the 3rdv.i only see all sorts of languages w/c basically ??? to me.kindly do assist me on what to do…thank you very much! God bless!

  4. ixsegura

    I need some help i dont know if u can help me. When I try to install a theme for my Nokia E65 there’s an error in the screen that it says that a there has been a certificate error. And it’s not possible for me to install new themes. Do you how could i get rid of this error ? hope u can help me.

  5. You’re welcome. To delete a theme simply select the folder named Tools and select Application Manager. Scroll through the list shown to you in the application manager and select the theme you want to delete. Then simply press the C button and confirm when it asks you. Voila you have successfully deleted the theme. If the theme doesn’t appear in the application manager please take a look at the tutorial section where I wrote a step by step tutorial on how to delete themes that doesn’t appear on your phone. However nearly 90percent phones doesn’t conceal themes in the background so you should be fine by the first method without the tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

  6. Jonathan

    Thanks, but how do u uninstall a theme you didn’t really like?

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