If you tried to install my Nokia Symbian Themes or any Applications from this site and you got an ERROR message in your Nokia Mobile which says “Expired Certificate”:

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If you cannot install certain themes/ games/ applications, try doing this:

When installing my themes to your Nokia devices such as N95, N80, N91, N80 etc. out of the blue you just might see this message: “Expired certificate!”. This is simply because security measures within the Series 60 operating system only let you install themes which are less than six months old. ( …What a Shame!!)

But all is not lost, because all you have to do is you just have to move the date on your Nokia N Series/E Series back a year, install the theme, then change the date back to normal. (…Still Cant Follow me? …Alrighty then! Read on..). Below is a step by step instruction.

To change the date on your Nokia N Series or E Series, follow these instructions:

* Click on the Menu button, highlight Tools and click the centre selection key (the ‘OK’ key)

* Highlight Settings and click the OK key

* Highlight General and click the OK key

* Highlight Date and time and click the OK key

* Highlight the date and click the OK key

* Use the Right Navigation key to highlight the year. To change the year back one year, press the Down navigation key once.

* Press the Red “End” key to return to standby mode.

And Voila!! Now install your new theme and the chance it should be installed all smooth is 99.99% (…Unless you are one of those real unlucky guys who is just unlucky!).

If you still see the Expired certificate error, change the year back another year and try installing again. ( ..Trust me… It also works sometimes, just trust me!!)

When it’s installed successfully and you are all happy go lucky, REMEMBER to follow the instructions again, setting the year back to the present by highlighting the year and pressing the Up navigation key once (…this is to ensure that you are not late by one year the next day to wherever you might be going LMAO!! )


  1. claire

    waw it works !

  2. Umbra53

    Wen i want to install sorfware, d sorfware always show certificate error so i need help, for my E63 pls

  3. Chris

    Pls send me an N-gage installer that is compatible with Nokia E61i I’ve tried installing the one on this site but it says “file corupted”. My IME is 351879010987412, my email is”phenomdevelopment@yahoo.com”. Thanks.

  4. Shah

    Hi , im getting Certificate error in my Nokia 5800 xpress music i cant install apps and even a 4mb Asphalt game which shows Certificare error ,but the problem is ive got d certificate but how to install it in my phone can u plz help me ,reply me asap

  5. Mike Monard

    i have an n96 ..i changed years 3 times..still didnt worked..what can i do? thanks

  6. ambrish

    hi my phone is nokia e61 jab mai software installed karta hoo to expire certificate installation ka massege deta plz help meeeee

  7. hi,
    i’m kuldish. i have nokia n81 phone . i install thems but its not install so give me guidess to how to install thems in nokia n81

  8. archana

    hey can u pls help me….
    MODEL NO.5320 Express music

    Am archana…i am unable to install the symbain applications to my mobile.
    pls i request for the certificate installation application….
    What should i do to install the applications to my mobile…

  9. Aaron

    hey man, thanx 4 this, helped heaps

  10. balaji

    I tired to install themes in my nokia N95 8GB, But its says that certification error, Contact the application supplier. Tell me please What to do?

  11. Ryan

    Me too…5800…changed it back to 07, then 06 even…still can’t get the certificate error code to go away. Any ideas???? Please!!!

  12. angela

    ive got a 5800, ive chaged the date about 5 times and it still wont work, any ideas?

  13. jerald

    i changed t phone year twice..
    and i installed t application…
    really superb,,Rockinggggggggg..

  14. Ivan

    Hi, just want to ask how to delete corrupted theme in Nokia 5320 XM, Because its n0 l0nger available in installed applicati0n buT visible in theme general settings. Hope you could help me on ds matter

  15. kishore

    its gr8 idea dude
    its work

  16. ugoldi

    I am on N96, I downloaded and installed creatures of the deeps (ie. extracted archive to computer then double-clicked on the installer). Then, got message to continue installation from phone. Opened N-gage and it automatically began

  17. Da_patriot

    Phone: Nokia N96
    Firmware: 11.101 (latest)

    Followed the above mentioned steps prior to installing Psiloc Connect….same thing over and over again: “Certificate Error”.

    I guess I’m a member of the Unlucky-crew…..

  18. Piers

    Hi there,

    I am on N96, firmware 10.065. I downloaded and installed creatures of the deeps (ie. extracted archive to computer then double-clicked on the installer). Then, got message to continue installation from phone. Opened N-gage and it automatically began “preparing installation”. After a few moments it said “File is Corrupt, delete now?” then gave me two options, yes or no.

    After that, I have the creatures of the deep imagery there like a game available to play in my n-gage console, but it is greyed out. When i click it, it begins the preparing installation dialogue again then says it is corrupt.

    What do you suggest?

    Please email me…

    Kind regards,


  19. Muhammed Hashim Yussuf

    thank you man thank you very much…i was really fed up trying all other methods till i found this website and saw ur advice….thanks man. tj\hank you very much……take care man……i am so thankful to you…bye dear take care

  20. Ab

    this doesnt wrk , is thr any other way?????

  21. hi please send me a signed of vbagx 1.25 my imei is 358353002139930. my email ludoversus@yahoo.fr

  22. Mark

    …suggested ‘certificate error’ tip does not work…have tried taking date back year by year for 10 years and get error related to phone date being incorrect or certificate error…:-(

  23. Ab

    i hav tried this , it dint work in my nokia 5320 XM , i changed the date by a year till i reached 2004 , still it dint work…..i wanted to install Ngage patch in it

  24. ludoversus

    hi.when i am tried installing vbagx 1.25 i get a certificate error please help me. what can i do and where can i get it free? thank

  25. sdighe

    Hi, I am tried installing the Posh blue theme and it installed well. After this now when I want to install the Rock n Roll theme I get an update error. Anything specific I need to look at?

  26. I am using E51 I have tried a lot to instlled lots of Application, themes and games. Java Application are getting Loaded but i am facing problem with Sys File so pls help me …I have chked with changing date also so pls hekp me asap

  27. Kim

    thaaaaanks!! it works!!! thaaaaaaanksss a lot! I love you pipol!

  28. Lordjani

    Hi, cannot install on my e51… says sthing about problems with certificate and installation stops..

  29. kozkitz

    hey bro!, everytime I install your Nseries Games it always says “Unable to open. File type not supported” this things anoys me by the way my phone is N81 8GB. Im totally excited when I found a website like your that has a free games and etc. But right now im totally messed up with this. Please reply!…What should I do?

  30. KC

    Hi, I’m trying to install QuickOffice 5 but I’m still getting the expired certificate error despite me changing the date. What do I do?

  31. split

    it doesn’t work.. my E51 phone just says that the date on the phone is wrong when I move the date back a year and try to install theme..

  32. zuumus10

    Hi! Would this also work with a non nokia N series and E series phone? thnx…^_^

  33. bubble.tea

    To a reasonably n00b-a-licious programmer-type-person., I am thinking…wouldn’t it be easier, if you just updated the dates on your software? I guess, after a certain point you just have too many downloads to be updating them every six months. Ok ok., fair enough. Hmmm, what about an auto-date-modifier script perhaps?

    Would that satisfy the window security restriction?


    AWESOME layout for the website btw :). Lovin’ it!!

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