How to delete themes that does not appear in your application manager of Nokia phones e.g. Nokia 5700 Xpress Music.

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The answer is simple and you have to follow some steps closely. Don’t panic, cause be sure that you are not the only one!

Step 1:
Connect your phone to your desktop in the so called


  1. hotx6

    yoohoo!!! great help from you guys! was able to delete an untraceable file!!! KUDOS! had a hard time finding it at first, but was able to. @frhost there are actually two files in which you’d be able to see the same file type, i guess one supports the other (since it’s a theme, a part of it is saved under the phone memory and the other externally/sd). You should be able to trace the main file from G:\Private\10207114\import (i guess the numbers differ) So try opening one folder after the other. If you’ve deleted themes and it still appears active on your phone after deletion, it would appear as file corrupted and you wouldn’t be able to use it anymore. Yeah, problem is, you can’t be sure of the name of the file you’re wanting to delete.



  3. Zane

    A safer way is to,

    1, reinstall the theme.(the theme you want to remove) Then it will appear in application manager, and you will be able to uninstall it.

  4. Raj

    Where is the Rest of the Tutorial?
    There is only 1 step

  5. arash

    Where is the rest of tutorial?!
    There is only one step!
    I can’t see anything.

  6. Usman

    The big files are in [!:resource/skins]. I tried to open through mobile and they open, but i only see some icons, some bars, etc. Which means that I cant recognize themes! Anyone can tell me how can i identify which one is which theme???

  7. rach

    WOW! you are a great help. it worked for nokia n 81. THANKS A LOT!

  8. russ

    Doesn’t work on nokia 5800

  9. mizo

    this also worl on n79

  10. Thx for your work! Nokia 5700 is cool telephone! Sorry for my English! =)

  11. Suleman

    This is not a good method because you cannot install the same theme again.

  12. sagar

    hey it’s works on my E51
    there is no need of pc if you have xplore installed in your phone and hacked by hellocarbide
    just do this steps to remove that themes

    1) caps off
    2) open xplore
    3) go to c:\private\10207114\import

    you will find some folders here

    if you want to see which theme is in that folder so just open .mbm files

    if you wish to delete that theme just delete that folder

    that’s it

    now you can see that theme has been removed from theme selector

    you can do this same with themes stored on your memorycard just find those folders in

    keep smiling and enjoy life……….

  13. Ben Johnson

    Thnx Buddy

  14. frhost

    hi!! i tried following the steps but still cant remove themes that i wanted to delete. your right, there was no [!:private10207114import] but there is [!:resourceskins]. but when i tried to empty that folder still those themes are still there.. pls help me… tnx a lot..

  15. amit chavda

    i am a using a nokia n 73 music adition
    my phone not remove theme
    pls send me answer

  16. blizzard

    Thank you whoever you are! I got to delete my unwanted apps. hehehe

  17. Billy

    I deleted all the text in the folders but the themes are still there, do you have any other solution?

  18. Jim

    Oh wow, I finally found a solution. Appreciate it guys!

  19. Sooo much thanks buddy…… helped me………. hair loss treatment products

  20. tina

    i tired the way u told me…..n from theme menu all theme were deleted but when i again install the same theme it ask that would u like to replace it.. so i dont think dat themes were deleted from my memory card………….
    so do u ve any other solution?


  21. Vidyadhar

    Hi Team,

    My mobile is Nokia N73 music edition

    I am unable to view some of the themes in application manager which are installed in mobile, so kindly suggest me how to remove those themes frm my mobile.


  22. miishele

    i would of neva b able 2 delete my themez if it waznt for u guyz thankzz ๐Ÿ™‚
    it workz on my nokia 6220 phone

  23. Faheem Rajwadkar

    A trillions of thanks………… my n79 had became slow due to it………….. and now it is lightning fast…… all thanks to u……………………. thanks again………..

  24. BHANU

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

  25. ichi

    it’s really works!!!

  26. tejdeepvarma

    hey may i know how to format nokia n79.
    i need to do this because all the images and pictures i took with my mobile are not showing any image now….i need your advice..please send me the solution to my mail id …

  27. alhr01

    Originally Posted By Sukiwhen using this technique on my e65, the folders dont have names and each are named themepackage.skn
    and when i open them in notepad i can only see a flurry of ASCIIs..

    Have same problem, seems that theme developers dont put names but defaults in it.
    Only way is to delete them all, but watch out, some cannot be re-installed, reason is unknown, like to know solution on this

  28. unknown_creature

    thanks stupidgenius!
    works on n95.,
    instead of pc suite, ‘data transfer’ should be used [if using a cable]
    and ive seen the themes!
    whew! ive deleted it!
    i thought my phone has a virus now..

    thx here!
    great help!

  29. Aad

    Something does not go well. With a Nokia E65 probably traces are left and re-install is not possible for some themes. (Gnokkia / Pizero)

    What is to be cleaned-up properly of a theme, to re-install it again ?

    You would like to do that, when you have stored themes on your memorycard, and notice, some mysteriously are whiped off when others were installed…

    So you like to get those lost themes, back again….and that fails …….
    Help ……….

    • haroon

      mate have you found out the solutaion to it?? bcoz me too a vicitim of this.. i cant re install the themes that i had previously and i had to format my memory card coz of sum viruses.. cud u pls let me know if u have sum soulation to resolve it.. thnx in advance..

  30. jdlopezm

    @Themers -Connect the usb and then select mass storage on the phone instead of pc suite

  31. Ketan

    Thanks buddy, This is a great work that i have searching from last several days. it’s really works. thanks a lot once more time.

  32. Sri

    Thanks dude.. Works great on my E51…
    For any help regarding this problem u can mail me

    • vimal

      Hi Sri,

      Can you please tell me how you did?
      Means i want to delete some themes from the memory card.
      Can you please help me in this..

      Thanks and Regards,
      Vimal panchal.

  33. adil

    my themes are stored on my fone..i hav no idea how to delete..mass storage doesnt manager doesnt work…wht to do..plz reply..

  34. when using this technique on my e65, the folders dont have names and each are named themepackage.skn
    and when i open them in notepad i can only see a flurry of ASCIIs..

  35. wat do u mean by mass storage i hve the nokia 5700 ?????????

    hope that i get some help

  36. Abhishek

    I have tried on my Nokia E51. I got the folder private and some of the theme also. But one theme was not there that I want to delete.
    Can you tell me is there any other folder except private & resource.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanking you

  37. Kira

    I sill can’t delete themes from my E65 ! Any more ways taht i can do to delete the themes ?

  38. Harshit Saxena

    Great I have Nokia N73 ME It works but why only 38 themes saved while my card has more than 1 GB free space… please explain

  39. renelma

    I removed the the from the mini SD card.. @ stupidgenius; Thnxxx

    But there are still a few theme’s who i have installed on the phone.
    How can I remove them? I cant find a directory like: “[Drive]:\Private\10207114\import ” on the phone

  40. stupidgenius

    Use a cable. When plugging the cable, the phone will ask in which mode to connect. Choose Data transfer. The phone will get connected to the computer with the memory card appearing as Removable storage hard drive. Use Windows Explorer to browse (might need to make Windows show hidden files from Tools -> Folder Options -> View).

  41. renelma

    it doesn

  42. kozkitz

    it doesn’t work in my N81 8GB, my memory was already fixed you can’t get it…is there any options?

  43. sue

    hey wat do u mean by mass storage i hve the nokia 5700 and am not seeing anything like mass plz

  44. sue

    hey wat do u mean by mass storage.. i’m not seein that on my screen..?? helpp plzz

  45. nekro

    i found the solution !
    if you can’t find the PRIVATE directory under my computer just copy this in you web browser (i used IE):
    (device letter):\PRIVATE\10207114\import

    for me it was H:\PRIVATE\10207114\import and then just follow the tutorial


  46. meev

    is it working with nokia 6120c ?
    anyone knows?

  47. nekro

    yes I tried in mass storage mode

  48. adrien

    connect in mass storage mode not pc quite mode my friend.

  49. nekro

    cant find this directory in my mini SD

    –> NOKIA N73 Music edition

  50. adrien

    works well with my e62 ๐Ÿ™‚ people u just try with file explorer and you will find the folder he is talking about ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. e62

    doesnt work for my e62. Doesnt show a folder named private. Checked all available folders, but none contains anything relevant. I had turned on “show hidden files” but zip…

  52. e50

    great tutorial. i m useing e50 n it works like a charm thnkx

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