How to debrand a Nokia N95 phone? Its Dead Easy!

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Greetings everyone!

There are a lot of tutorials available around the world wide web about how to debrand your Nokia N95 Cell Phone.

So I am having a coffee, listening to Tool and thinking, since I am a bit free… why not provide one myself? So here I am with this tutorial!

Please note at this point that what you are about to do, you have to do at your own risk. If something you do is not according to the steps there is always a slight possibility of you taking your N95 to the Nokia Customer Care Service Center to fix that.

Okay Here is the main part:

First, obviously make sure that you have installed the Nokia PC Suite either by downloading it from the official site, or from the CD that came with your N95 package. Also, make sure that your phone is properly connected via the USB cable and that it has been detected by your laptop or pc and also make sure that throughout the entire process, power failure, sudden interruptions by any external parties are not happening alright?

Okay Secondly, Get the following two software and install it accordingly in your phone:

The Nokia Software Updater – If you cannot find the N95 updater just grab the closest to it like a Nokia N93 one. That will also work pronto!
Nemesis Services Suite – Go to the applications page to download. Its way below somewhere there, please kindly check the name.

Thirdly, its now time to install the Nemesis Service Suite. Click the program open and follow the command line “Scan for new Device” icon in the top right corner of the screen of your laptop or pc. The screen should then be filled with various information which you can all overlook and straight go and select the “Phone Info” button at the top of the screen. Follow on, and do not get lost now. Click the box marked as “Read”. There might be or will be a lot of information that might or will pop up in the screen but most importantly it will show you the phone code, yes your Nokia Phone code. This is the code you are looking for and this is why you are here doing all this. To change this code is your motto. A standard code for the UK or the EURO (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)zone is 0534841, for France you can use 0534842 too, for Russia it is 0534849, and for the whole list you can check the Nokia Blog. Now swap the current product code with the new code in accordance to your phone’s residing country. Make sure to double check that you tick the ‘enable box’ and then click the “Write button”. Voila! Success! You have now changed your phones product code just like that! Check the read button, just in case, just to be damn sure and if all is well so far then this should show your new Nokia N95 product code.

Fourth, is my personal advice to back up your contacts and files so that you can safely transfer them to the your custom unbranded Nokia N85 Device, and here is where Nokia PC Suite will help you like Superman. Just use the Backup utility within the Nokia PC Suite and you will be home safely.

Fifth, get a cup of coffee, relax and start updating your firmware accordingly. Remember, that your phone should NOT be disconnected within this process, your computer and your cell phone should be connected at ALL times through the USB cable. One mistake here during the install process can be fatal to your best friend Nokia N95 capishce? Okay Mr. Bravo, now follow the step by step instructions and install the new firmware which should not take you long if you are in a broadband. Please do remember, do not at any time disconnect the phone until it itself blinks in the laptop or desktop screen that it is NOW SAFE TO TURN OFF and blah blah. Don’t go crazy when your phone restarts itself several times within this particular and vital update process. THIS IS NORMAL!

Sixth, since your coffee is finished and you have become the master of debranding the Nokia N95 you have to restore your files and contacts and everything else along with the operator settings and what not. In other words, everything you backed up can now be safely crept inside back in your Nokia N95.

Last but not the least, do not repeat this entire process the next time you update your firmware, you do not need to do anything but just do the update firmware thingy only. If you wish to update your phones firmware in the future you simply need to use the Nokia Updater as usual as your phones product code will not need to be changing again.

Anyway, I hope this helps you debrand your Nokia N95 safely (which it should cause I tested it safely more than four times now and I even get myself biscuits along with the cup of coffee lol)


  1. nash

    hi there,

    im new at all this and was wundring when you say debranding do you mean unlocking the fone so that it can be used on any network ?


  2. maxximo

    I do have a N95-3 NAM (RM-160) with firmware V10, which is very old… I followed this procedure (needles to say this is very well described) and modify the code to 0534841, which is EURO1. According with Nokia Page the firmware available for this code is V30. However the NokiaUPdate Sofwrae is istill telling me that no updates are available for my phone…=( Is there any other data I have to modify in order to get a hogher version. I’m looking for version 20 at least…

  3. @nokia – its really not that difficult ๐Ÿ™‚ It might seem that it is kinda scary but the fact of the matter is that everyone can do it with a cool head.

  4. @Xyon – Thanks a lot for letting everyone know. Much appreciated bud ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I was actually surprised how easy that all was… considering the damage it could do to the phone that’s kinda scary :/

    Phone’s working fine, but the backup seems to have decided to skip half the stuff I had in it, restored it again and no trouble. v30 firmware, YaY!

  6. @Xyon – Awesome to hear that its working smoothly at your end now ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thanks a lot for this. I have been trawling the net looking for a decent debranding tutorial for ages now. Just updated my N95 and it is for the moment working fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Its to difficult for anybody to debrand nokia, who wil accept the challenge

  9. bern

    hi i have a nokia n95 on the 3 network if i debrand it will it still work and be locked to the 3 network?

  10. MozArt

    First of all, I thanks God that ppl like ones that made this site exist. Its simply awesome.
    Secondly, I wonder if its possible to have on my N95 at the same time the italian and the chinese language.It will be very useful for me.
    At least, I dowloaded in order to open files like .rar but it doesn’t work cus the phone keeps inform me “not supported application”
    (but I installed on my phone without any problem..)

    Waiting for ur replies,

    musical thX*


  11. riks

    hmmm im kinda puzzled,whats d advantage of debranding n95?what do you mean by debranding?more info pls…

  12. Robert

    Hello – before I learned about the ability to debrand the N75 with Nemesis, I updated my firmware to 20.1.172, and now when I try with Nemesis and then do the update with PC suite, I get a message that my phone does not need updating, and shows the firmware number above.

    Is there anyway to revert back to the original firmware, then go forward with the debranding?

    Thank You


  13. Pasanen

    great tutorial. really useful stuff and sumthin i hav been lukin 4 a long long looooooong time. so tyvm 4 this lifesaver. been searching this evrywhere & it is nowhere else. i hope to debrand my n95 today.

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