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Posted January 13, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Themes

Hi ya everyone! Here is a new theme for customizing your mobile phone. I hope you like it as much as I do. This one is called “This is Nature” and is designed for the NSeries and ESeries cell phones. Someone tested it for me on the following phones and said it was running smoothly: N71, N72, N73, N76, N80, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N93 Music Edition, N95, E61, E62, E65, E50, E70, E90, 3250, 5700, 5710, 6300, N95 Music Edition, any Xpress Music editions, E61i and even on N81 and N82, N70, 6600, 6680, 6681, etc. Though I am only uploading up to the symbian OS 9.1 version here. Let me know if you need them for your specific version which is covered here which I am not uploading. If you find any issues of it with your phone (though I think it should not have) please let me know and I will immediately fix it. Cheers!

The Symbian Theme:



The free downloads:

Free download for Nokia 2nd Edition cell phones Free download for Nokia 3rd Edition cell phones

About the Author

Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. yap sometimes the download went normal but its hard

  2. it seems to be a nice theme but i can’t install on my nokia E71,
    certificate error occurs

  3. zubair

    its a good theme but like many other themes it is difficult to read messages coz of its dark background

  4. rafaeeque wayanadu

    i like this themes very much.

  5. jihan

    the downloading is too hard

  6. rajesh anand asgaonkar

    very far awaited for this……………………………thank you.

  7. rajesh anand asgaonkar

    hi its a wonderful and unique and many more…………………i love all of them

  8. its a good site ……

  9. frederick

    this theme must a cool one, but on my e51, the file is downloaded as plain text. Is there something you can do for me.

  10. XXX

    Great theme my friend. Thanks.

  11. Thanks a whole lot everyone! I like it a lot as well… really am very honored and happy that you like it as well… Cheers!

  12. oliver

    this is a one of a kind theme .brilliant work!!

  13. Doom

    Super theme!!

  14. gordon

    really a nice theme thanks.

  15. HedgeHawk

    this is the perfect theme. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  16. Black pearl

    Amazing theme. I hav seen n used a lot of themes from a lot of artists but this one tops all of those easily.

  17. felix

    this is the best theme. WOW!

  18. Yelinda

    Absolutely beautiful work.

  19. Tsk

    sis Files do not work on 6555 phones

  20. Suzi

    Very pretty theme to say the least. Good job.

  21. Ryan

    Super theme, Lukz fantastic on ma N95.

  22. Christopher

    Great theme dude. My n95 lukz so gud!

  23. ashutush

    good work ma friend.

  24. Chuck

    Hi there. Great theme.

  25. Jim

    great theme bud,keep up the superb work.

  26. Shawn

    Great theme. I just installd it on my n91. Luks great.

  27. ayana

    Oh ma god. This theme is so nice.

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