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Posted November 2, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Themes

After a long time today, I am publishing a new unique Nokia symbian mobile theme. This classy Nokia theme boasts by the power of one class of a team in both the UEFA and English Premier League, yes Liverpool. As you can see from the title of this post that I named this Nokia theme Liverpool Forever.

Honestly speaking, to properly design a Nokia theme which satisfies my taste and makes me happy, really takes a lot of time. Been so busy with work that haven’t had the time and motivation to increase my Nokia themes portfolio. However, better late than never and right now I couldn’t agree more to myself cause that is my inspiration!

This symbian theme for Nokia Series 60 or S60 cell phones is designed with much passion and is one of the last theme that was pending to be finished for a long while. Transparency scrolls, fading selectors and a bright aura of the crimson red makes this focused to a certain group. Being a big time Liverpool fan myself I could not help but design a theme dedicated to one of the best and most highly spirited football club in the world. Liverpool Forever for Nokia is certainly not simply focused on its players alone and nor does it contain the picture of its coach. Rather, this free yet premium mobile theme for Nokia smartphones focus on the core of the team: its coach, its pride, its fans, its heritage, its attitude, its players!

There is no denying that Liverpool is one of the best, most strongest and powerful team of all time. Also, there is no official theme of Liverpool on their pages and I thought that it might be a good one to go with the other mobile content already available. So there it was my friends, an idea of a brand new Nokia theme designed by me, your resident Nokia Theme Developer, Ishtiaq aka Chaos Inc.

In the future I will be doing my designing with Carbide Eclipse Theme Edition 3.3, which is the latest one and have more features, flexibility and so on. Of course this particular Nokia mobile theme is also made up of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics or in other words it’s quite flexible and the edges won’t break!) and it should not consume too much memory of your phone. I am also trying my best to integrate simple elements like transparency more and more into my themes but being out for so long from theme development and designing, I almost forgot who I actually was! Anyway, I guess only time will speak you know.

Nokia Theme Liverpool

Nokia Liverpool Theme

The theme Liverpool Forever is developed for Nokia 2nd edition feature pack 1, 2nd edition feature pack 2 and 3, 3rd edition feature pack 1 and 2. Compatible with all the Nokia N-Series and E-Series S60 cell phones like Nokia N95, N92, N95 8gb, N93, N91, N90, N70, N70 music edition, N80, N96, N81, N81 8gb, N95 8gb, 3250, 6680, 6290, Nokia N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N79, N85, E71, E66, E90, E70, E50, E51, E60, E62, E65, 5700, 5500, Xpress Music 5610, 3230, Luna, Arte, 6300, 6120, 6210 etc and more. For a complete list of compatibility and which your particular Nokia phone supports, please check out the Phone OS page here.

Liverpool Forever

Liverpool Forever


Liverpool Nokia Theme


Please note that I have included all the 3 versions of this Nokia theme in the download above, simply download the entire package and extract it. Then choose which suites your Nokia smartphone and you are done. In case you experience an expired certificate issue, please change the date of your phone to any day from last year and install the theme.

Also please check out the other themes in my mobile themes portfolio for Nokia devices and smartphones here. I will be designing more themes for Nokia phones, so stay tuned and do subscribe to the RSS feed! Godspeed!

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Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. Nice theme as I’m a football freak i liked it a lot..thanks…

  2. nokia is all write in the world

  3. best nokia themes

    this themes just wow

  4. Bob

    Yes..this is cool themes, but can you added another liverpool themes for Nokia N96..?

  5. These are the excellent themes for mobiles.I usually look for these types of themes and it’s great to see these themes.This one is my favorite theme on Liverpool FC so thanks for creating it.

  6. Juliet Bradman

    Wow that’s great,I also love K-rally.It is my favorite game.All the themes are really very impressive and appealing.

  7. hakibu ijjani baba

    keep on the good work

  8. joker

    why i cant use the themes? why do it always appears certificate errors and not supporteD?

  9. get-has

    hey i had dowenlaod any one theme when i search the poorest one.but the truth is that i get the beter one thank you

  10. Swagat

    Thank you for creating a theme on Liverpool FC, the best football club in the whole world…..

  11. Shabbeer

    Excellent work! K-rally is an awesome game. I like it. Thank you for uploading it.

  12. Revz

    Hi mate,

    Great looking theme for the greatest club in english history… I’ve downloaded the zip file but the only version compatible (liverpool.sis) for my n95 8gb comes up with an error message about the certificate not being valid yet, expired or the date setting is wrong (change to an 07 date as advised above)… Any tips on how I can fix this up and get this running a.s.a.p…


  13. sikandar

    this is good downloading site for games

  14. moudy

    thnakes alot

  15. samshah

    This is an amazing theme, admittedly I’m yet to download it and try but the fact that it’s a Liverpool theme on it’s own has sold it to me! Well done fella!

    Please don’t create a theme for that rubbish manu team they don’t deserve a treat like this! 😉

  16. Ahmed

    aaaaa bbbbbbbb cccccccc nnnnnnnnn

  17. fingers

    Perhaps me being dim…
    I installed the file (it would only support the ‘liverpool.sis’ on my n95. How do i run it as a theme?!

  18. dumo

    A man utd theme would be cool

  19. Playboy

    Nice pice of them. How about Man U.

  20. glinja

    dood, fantastic theme, any chance of a manchester city theme, as all the decent themes out there seem to be for manchester utd, and as a PROPER manchester team, man city are the best, but themes are really hard to come by for us!!
    hope you can make this reques for me and i will love you for ever

  21. VC

    Yeah pls an arsenal theme
    With the cannon and stuff
    And keep up the good work 😉

  22. VC

    Yeah, pls an arsenal theme
    i asked u a while back and u said you’ll make one
    and keep up the good work 🙂

  23. MZ

    How about an Arsenal Theme?? I have yet to find a decent one on the net.


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