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Posted April 9, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Themes

It’s been a while right? I know! I am so sorry about that but I am sure most of you are suffering from this “error establishing database issue.” This honestly has been taking its toll and I am working really hard to sort this huge problem out of the way once and for all. I am guessing that it will be solved very soon. So please have a little bit more patience.

With that being said, I present to you Posh Green! Another green symbian mobile theme which is a just a variant of my previously published Posh Blue theme. This theme is a not for the weak of hearts because of its vibrant, lime fresh colors and will suit them who likes it a little “kinky” on the screen lol.

As usual this theme is compatible with a wide range of Nokia 2nd edition and 3rd edition cell phones like the N96, N78, N81, N82, N91, N92, N93, N71, N73, N80, N77, N72, N70, N76, 6300, 6600, 6681, 6682, 3250, 3230, 5700, 5710, N95, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E70, E90 etc and any Symbian OS 9.1 or 9.2 Xpress Music or Music Edition, NSeries or ESeries, S60 Nokia handsets. Once again, I am extremely sorry for all the server troubles lately and I am working on solving them asap! Godspeed!

The Symbian Nokia Theme:

Posh Green Nokia symbian theme download

Posh Green Nokia symbian theme download

The Free downloads:

Nokia 2nd Edition Themes Nokia 2nd Edition V3 Themes Nokia 3rd Edition Theme

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Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. Azizul hoque


  2. vicky

    did the date thing still same certificate error

  3. vicky

    i rolled back the date 1 year and i got the same certificate error

  4. vicky

    oh i have a e71

  5. vicky

    i downloaded posh green but it wont install phone tells me there is a certificate error and cant be verified

  6. Sh1n33

    I dnt knw hw to download the themes on my nokia 5700, pls help me..

  7. keisha

    Hey Chaos! Very talented of you!
    Btw I have one question.. what is a firmware?
    I’m srry I’m not much of a hi-tech girl 🙁

  8. Shreeps

    Great job on the applications and themes being posted…. Some apps & Most themes seem not to be working with the E90 due to some certificate errors. Even after turning the clock back a year it seems to say that the certificate is expired…
    Is there some way to work around this issue.

  9. mike

    hello got a n958gb only one man show and roch n roll that installed properly,the other error update etc……….

  10. For certificates error simply change the date back to exactly one year and install it, after installation simply revert back the date of your phone to what it is right now. Cheerios!

  11. david

    como hago para descargar los temas de esta pagina

  12. tausif

    hey.. i’ve got an E65. i aint able to install the theme in ma fone.. it says ‘certificate error. contact the application provider. juz rectify me this prob ryt….

  13. Supershiva

    Tnx for this great theme.
    Only 2 little bugs on my N73ME with latest EMEA FW.

    2 Icons are a bit scrambled 🙁

    – Messages icon
    – Calculator icon

    When you have the time could you take a look at it ?

  14. imran _ansari

    nokia mobile themes is very popoular

  15. vc4u

    Hey, no worries 🙂 … I’m currently on Firmware version (15.0.x.x) and will update the firmware version to (20.0.x.x) thats available for my set in my country. I hope I can have it installed in it then 🙂 .. I really liked the POSH series themes ..

    thanks for such gr8 work … hats off to u …

  16. Thanks a lot for notifying me about it V4u. I think the problem lies with the old and the new firmware. The themes in the future will be compatible with both the firmware version.

  17. vc4u


    I’m getting UPDATE ERROR when installing the 3rd Edition theme on my N95 8GB 🙁 ..

    Can u help ?

  18. barkas

    Yes it’s cool but you must make also another version of that theme with original nokia icons.

  19. jFk

    Thx great looking theme, waiting for some darker one …

  20. santhosh

    iam satisfied

  21. devilz

    Hi. i got a msg every time i installed the posh green theme…. it says “update error” plz help

  22. vijay

    u very much

  23. Query

    Sorry – I’ve found the link now – it says “Previous Entries – but it is barely readable being almost the same colour as the background!

  24. Query

    Thanks for your reply, Chaos – I only see these five new themes – none of the other themes I did have – am I missing a link to them somewhere?

  25. Hi there Aneesh! Greetings… It should… did you not update the firmware lately for your most precious E90… (love that phone!).

  26. Hi Query! Damn that sucks! 🙁 Yeah sure you can download them anytime from the categories menu above that says Mobile Themes. 🙂 They are actually right here you see. Keep in touch!

  27. aneesh

    this theme doesnt work on e90…plz tel me which theme works on e90

  28. Query


    Can I just ask where your older themes have gone and whether it may be possible to download them somewhere as one package – I did have a few that I quite liked – but my Nokia crashed and I had to replace the memory and lost all the themes I like that were on here before!

    Any chances of a download?

  29. shamsul


  30. Hi my friend where is the theme???

    ps: my blog is finally changed now the url is http://www.elcarlos.it and the name is el_carlos’s blog – living with S60

    • Thanks for notifying the change of your web addy bro! And its really good to see ya again. The themes are right there with the buttons??? Lol… 2nd V1, 2nd v2 and 3rd V1n2! (Just over the If you liked that post, then try these menu…)

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