Hello Kitty | Mobile Theme for Symbian 3rd Edition

Posted March 6, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Themes

Ahoy occupants! I hope you are all doing pretty well today. This symbian theme I am going to publish today is designed only for the 3rd Edition symbian mobile phones like N96, N95, N91, N92, N93, N78, N71, N77, N76, E65, E50, E51, E61, E61i, E70, E90, Xpress Music 5700 and 5710, 5500, N73, N81, N80, N82, etc. The nokia theme is based on the famous cartoon character of Hello Kitty. I made this theme for a good friend who requested a pinkish and girly kind of theme for her N95. So here it is! I hope you will like it. Take care and shine on!

The Theme:

Hello Kitty Nokia Theme

The Free Download:

2nd Edition Theme Download 3rd Edition Theme Download

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About the Author

Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. ckakavakc

    very nice

  2. manana

    please i would like to have a Nokia theme – Hellow Kitty free download

  3. Katie

    I like your hello kitty theme. Can you do one for the samsung sgh-a887

  4. allexa

    ..i don’t know how to put it..i’ve tryed a lot..but it just doesn’t work:((((((

  5. Sassy

    hi there, may i request for another hello kitty mobile theme for my Nokia N73 with the following features:
    100% hello kitty icon for all menus, battery and network signals
    huge hello kitty wallpaper with pink background on standby display
    solid pink or hello kitty background on menus, messages, contact etc.
    thank you

  6. kawaiidesu

    how do i dl it to my cellphone?
    coz i dont have the CD for my n73..
    do i need it to dl this?
    sorry im a noob at this.. ๐Ÿ™

  7. nice theme,, but how can i download this to my cellphone? 6300?

  8. plemaster

    thank you

  9. Lena

    Cute but why a 3336kb install!? A little much to dedicate to a theme don’tcha think? :/ pass.

  10. kork

    You remember that the issue should be running for the 6630 cell OS 8.0 (v2)
    Thank you and excuse the trouble!

  11. kork

    Scusa il disturbo ma ho provato il tema (6630) ma ho notato dei bugs…
    Tags Batteria e rete troppo grandi e pure le icone sono grandi… potresti gentilmente risolverli??? Grazie

    Sorry disturbing but I felt the theme (6630), but I have noticed bugs …
    Tags Battery and network too big and even the icons are large … You can solve them? Thanks soo much!!!

  12. kork

    Grazie mille per la conversione del tema!!! sei una grande!!!
    Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!

  13. maya

    downloads the .sis but opens directly in notepad on my n82! Won’t go to install.. ๐Ÿ™ help! This theme is too cute to pass up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. kork

    Ciao Caos ti volevo chiedere un piccolo favore… se potevi! No

  15. Erika


    it’s perfect!!!!!!

    soooooooooooo cute!!!

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu


  16. Erika

    ok, now I’m not the only one!


  17. david

    I have an n73, and couldn’t install the hello kitty theme, “corrupted file” message. Love your site btw.

  18. Erika


    I tried to installed others themes and they work just fine!
    But when I try to installed the HK theme, it says “Corrupted File”.

    pls help out… check the file or test on you phone to see if it works!


  19. Luiselle

    pretty theme ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. ka8y

    chaos inc i love this theme!

  21. Erika

    can you fix it?

  22. Erika


    still got the same error “Corrupted File”!

    i want my HK themeeeeeeeee…. snif!


  23. Erika

    I can’t believe you did it!!!
    it’s perfect!!!!!

    thanks again!!!!!

  24. Erika

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Caviziel


  26. sinthia

    Lovely theme.

  27. mysti

    i love hello kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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