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Posted February 12, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Themes

Hey there you, yes you! Being glorious? I hope so! 😀 Welcome to the land of Nokia Themes download. Since Valentine’s Day is so close and knocking at the door I decided to put up another Valentine’s Day theme. This theme is compatible with almost all 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition Nokia handsets including N95 Music Edition 8 gb, N80, N73, N81, N82, N72, N70, N91, E65, E61, N77, N76, N71, E60, E61i, E90, E50, 6600, 6630, 5700 Xpress Music, 5710, N90, 6681, 6630, 6600, 3230, 3250, 6682, E62, etc. and more. Just choose it for your symbian OS mobile phone and download free! This one is called Passion Valentine. If you like this theme and the site, as usual please do leave your comments and subscribe to the RSS feed for free. Cheerios!

The Symbian Theme:

Passion Valentine Nokia Symbian Theme

The Free Downloads:

2nd Edition Theme Download 2nd Edition Theme Download 3rd Edition Download

Also check out Holy Desires and Love is in the Air if you like Valentine’s day theme.

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Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. Anil

    it’s great…………………..!

  2. neeraj

    please download free software mobile

  3. Ahmed Azouz

    Thank you

  4. cyberkoolz

    Originally Posted By Chaos Inc.Which phone are you using?

    i’m using E71….

  5. cyberkoolzz

    i’m using E71….

  6. Nice blog, i have added it to my favourites, greetings

  7. thanks for this theme, my handy like this….

  8. very good work, i like this theme.

  9. Lastminute Reisen preiswert in den Urlaub.

  10. Thanx for the free theme download ..

    Good theme …

  11. Anthony R.

    Great Theme but ..unusable
    On my Nokia N80, I hardly see the icon highlightement.
    I tried to change the brightness, still the same ! What a pity !
    Is there a way to change the color of the highlightment of the icon selected ?

    Anthony R.

    • Thanks for pointing that out Anthony!! Appreciate that! I have changed that transparent part and replaced that with a bit more translucency. So this time around you will certainly have no complain regarding that I hope. Take care!

      • Anthony R.

        Thank you for your solution.
        It’s better but I have to point out the inconveniences of your wonderful theme, from the more disturbing to the less :
        . In quickoffice’s list of documents, the highlightment of the selected document is invisible
        . The expeditor of text message is hardly visible (white on blue/grey)
        . The the text(white font color) above the center of the wallpaper is hardly visible (white on white)
        . The red border of the icon highlightment is barely visible

        May be some color changes could fix those. But may be it’s not so easy if you want to preserve the artistic qualities of your production 😉

        • Thanks a whole lot for taking your time and writing such a useful comment! You have no clue how much I appreciate this. As this theme is already published, it becomes really difficult for me to re-edit the whole thing and publish it again you know… But all the 4 points you made, I promise I will specially keep in mind when designing my future themes so that such mistakes really do not occur next time around. Once again thanks a lot!! Take care Anthony and see you around man!

  12. MrJackHammer

    Sorry, Not on my “goldie”! I’ll just have to give up this one. There must be some kind of conflict in my phone…
    Thanks anyway.

  13. MrJackHammer

    N 95! MrJackHammer

  14. Thanks Monty, Brut, Mancini and Saint!! Really appreciate your comments!

  15. MrJackHammer

    Something wrong with v3. theme! My phone says “uppdateringsfel” = updating error! What to do?


  16. Saint or Sinner

    A rockin theme for valentines day chills.

  17. mancini

    thanks for these beautiful themes friend.

  18. Brut

    once again another outstanding theme from u, keep it up dude.

  19. Monty

    Great theme dude.

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