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Language: English
Platform: All Symbian OS, S60 v3, S60v5, S3 Anna, Belle etc.
Year: 2012
Game Publisher: Gameloft

The Wooooos:

Excellent amount of game modes to choose from with fantastic team management integration. Better graphics than its predecessor.

The Booooos:

The game is not a HD Game, rather a Java game. A dedicated Symbian version will absolutely rock.
Bottom Line

Real Football and Real Football Manager is one of the more popular games for Nokia Symbian smartphones and we have already featured the 2012, 2011, and 2010 versions of both these games in the past. Over the last 10 years the series has reached a sales figure of over 40 million for good reasons. Today […]

by Chaos Inc.
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Real Football and Real Football Manager is one of the more popular games for Nokia Symbian smartphones and we have already featured the 2012, 2011, and 2010 versions of both these games in the past. Over the last 10 years the series has reached a sales figure of over 40 million for good reasons. Today it is time to take a quick look at the latest installments of both these game – Real Football 2013 and Real Football Manager 2013 for Nokia Symbian Smartphones.

In this latest version, Real Football 2013 maintains a database of authenticity by letting you play in 9 of the top leagues in 9 unique gaming modes, select a side from as many as 245 teams and hundreds of football super-stars. There is obviously the el – classicos of playing mode including the usual Cup Chase, League Showdowns and instant Exhibition matches. Additionally in Real Football 2013 you will have the chance to play the unique History Challenge mode, where you will have the opportunity to experience and play in 20 difficult situational matches and immerse yourself into the classic moments of the football history. There is also the single player Legend mode where you will have to play as a single player throughout the season.


Gameplay – Real Football 2013

The Career Club Mode is where all the action is for most of us and Real Football 2013 does not disappoint in this aspect. Pick up a team and work your way through an entire season making them the champions if you can. You will have to please everyone, the players and fans, the shareholders, meet your PR demands and what not. Failure to satisfy any single one of these elements and your entire team suffers and you will literally experience your team breaking down in spirit and performance. The Real Football 2013 game itself is very tightly integrated to the Real Football Manager 2013 game and installing both these games on your device allow you to synchronize your ongoing seasons beautifully. The export and import features, player attributes upgrade feature etc makes it real fun to play both the game without losing track of anything.

real football manager 2013 nokia

Real Football Manager 2013

Real Football 2013 have better graphics than any of its earlier versions and though it may not be hugely evident at first glance but you will realize it for sure once you pick up your team and start to play. The players move more smoothly, the passing of the ball is much more fluid and the goalkeeper movements during a penalty kick or spot kick are much more realistic. Performing tricks and special dribbling techniques always was quite easy on nearly all versions of Real Football and this one is no different. You can easily perform advanced technical moves with the press of a button provided that you are good with the timings of these moves, other wise you will only end up losing the ball to the opponent – specially when you are trying to perform these tricks against a defender.


Real Football 2013

The improvements are not vast or anything major but enough tiny improvements are there within the game in terms of graphics and performance. The game play itself hasn’t changed much and neither have the default controls scheme. Bluetooth multiplayer is kept as is compared to the earlier version of Real Football 2013. The multiplayer mode does not lag as much as I can tell so far.


Feel free to register in our forum before you download these games. Also, like us on Facebook! Both these games are compatible with Nokia Series 60 and Series 40 smartphones including FP1, FP2, FP5, ANNA, BELLE etc. Smartphones such as Nokia 5130, 5800, N97, N95, N8, C6, E71, E72, N70, X6, 5530, C3, E7 etc and many more should all work flawlessly with these games. So go ahead and experience great gaming as a football superstar, team or even a coach in Real Football 2013 and Real Football Manager 2013.

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