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Posted September 29, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Whether you are a fan of PDA, handhelds, smartphones or just the plain old cell phones there are some things which we all like! While some might love the scrolling menu of the Windows Mobile 6, some likes the overall experience of smartphones powered by the Series 60 platform. I am total sucker for Symbian OS smartphones when compared to the Windows Mobile devices for a reason and that reason is that unlike the Windows Mobile, Symbian have much more innovative and user friendly products. Additionally, while Windows Mobile do not have the raw power of the MoPhun Games Launcher, the Symbian Series 60 does!! Hence, today I am publishing a bonanza, a feast, for all you Windows Mobile haters and Symbian OS lovers.

Today my good friends, I am giving you two choices!! You can only opt to play one at a time and you have to choose what you want the most.

I am publishing a hefty collection of Mophun platform based mobile games which you will be able to save and edit or in other words, play at will. Yes, like the title says, I am also including the famous and super funny strategy based handhelds game, Worms World Party!! Remember, if you do not know it already, MoPhun Games Launcher and Worms World Party will not work together on your smartphones so choose wisely and live well.

However, before doing all that I feel you should know what exactly MoPhun is. We all know that with the power of Mophun Games Launcher installed on our Series 60 3rd edition smartphones we are now able to play several mobile games of S60 version 2 or Symbian OS 8.2 on our 3rd edition Nokia mobile phones. Now let me tell you what exactly MoPhun is, MoPhun is an open source Software Development Kit or SDK based on the programming environment of Java C or C++, through which open sourced mobile games and Java powered MIDP 1 or MIDP 2 mobile phone applications can be developed. I know, a bit technical but from everything I said, the summary is that MoPhun is an open source, java powered and quite independent platform. Thanks to the MoPhun, that we are finally able to play excellent mobile games like Lock n Load or Rally Pro Contest.

Now that you have an idea about MoPhun and its functions you can ask me specific things about what exactly I am publishing today. Today, like i said above, I am publishing several games along with MoPhun. The games include Worms World Party, Anarchy Boxing mobile 3D, Carmageddon, Da Vinci Code, Fatal Arena, Football Pro Contest, Mighty Joe’s Treasure Contest, Lock ‘n Load Combat Arena, Lock and Load Rise of the War, Lock n load 2, Martial Arts and finally the Rally Pro Contest 3D. All these games are extremely fun to play, specially all the Lock n Load episodes, Joe’s Treasure Quest and Rally Pro Contest. It is quite impossible for me to review each one these free mobile games individually so I will leave it up to you to provide feedback on them, however I will review one of my favorite mobile games of all time, The Worms World Part for Nokia symbian phones.

The MoPhun Games:

MoPhun Games Launcher for Nokia Download

In Worms World Party, might I say it is the funniest mobile game in the whole world you play as the hands of pesky worms that are creeping and crawling everywhere. There are fire fights almost everywhere and loads of weapons on your arsenal. In this long and most eventful symbian mobile game you can choose to play as the general of all Worms on your planet and lead them to battle, glory and what not! Even if you die you get to choose how you want to design your epitaph so that you can rest in peace. What makes Worms World Party for Nokia so damn appealing?

First and foremost in Worms World Party you have more than 18 randomly generated levels or episodes, meaning no episodes are usually repeated and for all of them there are randomly generated elements. So the pathway to glory for each level is very different than the last one and from everyone else who are your friends and playing this game. This is a turn based strategy centered action mobile game. Worms World Party have all the elements you can hope for, fun, action and cool visual graphics, not high definition HD but they are really good. Since the levels are all randomly generated, different phones with different resolutions will have them all different but being random anyway, there is no room for improvement left in terms of creativity. Being a worm you will have access to tanks, bazookas and heavy machine guns and you will even have to wear a helmet during battles, aye aye capitano!! The single player mode will offer you several training sessions where you can learn to plan, execute certain tactics, decisions, creativity etc and employ them on the actual battle. You also have the option to play death matches and games based on a specific mission. Beside all these Worms World Party for Nokia N-gage and other Series 60 phones also lets you customize your worms to the very bones, errr… I know, Worms doesn’t have bones! But yes you get to customize your weapons collection and make them unique which is another nifty feature of this game. You also even get to name your favorite Worms!!

What do you win when the dust settles? A lot! Imagine this: You (The Worm) being the king of an entire collection of different types of fruits or you can even be the Captain/legend of lalaland. The way the worms move is another funny thing to follow honestly and half the day you will spend laughing outta your socks seeing that. This being a multiplayer game, Worms World Party, just like Worms 3D or Worms Fort is certainly one of the very best of game ever made for your Nokia!

The Worms World Party:

WWPS60 Worms

Worms Worldsymbian java windows mobile

gsm gamemobile game

Once again, both of them will not work on your phone at the same time. Please remember that these games are mobile network operator independent and will work with all GSM and WCDMA providers. A small list of the bigger providers include 3g Wireless, Optimus, Telstra, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, America Movil, Sprint, Telkomsel, Hutch, Rogers, Orange Mobile, Singtel, Airtel, Reliance Mobile, TeliaSonera, DoCoMo, MTS, Etisalat, Cingular, Verizon Wireless, MTN Group, TIM Wireless, Telefonica, Nextel, Zain, Vodafone, France Telecom etc.

Whether you are on a pre-paid plan or post-paid plan will have an effect on MoPhun mobile games because for some of them MoPhun Launcher might want to connect to the GPRS or 3G internet. All Nokia N-Series and E-Series S60 phones are supported. These Nokia are the Nokia E50, E51, E65, Nokia N96, N95 and Nokia N95 8gb, N93, N79, N78, N77, N71, 5500 Sport, Nokia 8800 Luna, N92, N91, Arte and Sirocco, N85, N6600, 6120, N81, N82, 6121, 5700 XpressMusic, 5710, E60, E61, E62, 5610, 6300, 3250, 6290, E66, E70, N76, N75, N73, E71, E90 etc.

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I already published Worms Fort and Worms 3D earlier in different posts. Cheers!

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