Worms for Nokia N-Gage 2

Posted May 12, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Yes!! The long awaited version of Worms World Party has been finally released for Nokia N-Gage 2.0 (2nd generation) smartphones. In this action-strategy based mobile game you will have acceess to all the features that you may have already experienced in the normal S60 3rd edition version which is also available to Ngage 1 users.

For me, Worms World Party by Team 17 for 3rd edition based Nokia N-Gage 2.0 supported mobile devices is a 5 star game which you can play over and over again without ever getting tired. What makes me say that?

This turn by turn based Ngage game offers you an excellent and fun story line which almost any of us will like. You have the choice to pick a team, up to 4 teams can be chosen and each of them will have their fair chances to be victiorous against the enemies. To advance into the next chapters and kill the worm’s enemies you will have access to around 33 different types of weaponeries and tools. Each have their positives and negatives like some of the weapons come with unlimited ammunitions while some have limited. Those that are limited in terms of ammo however tends to be more powerful against the enemies. All the weapons however have more or less equal importance so you can be quite sure that you will not get tired or demotivated. 

As you push further into the enemy territory, those weapons will fall from the sky randomly which you have to pick up while shooting simultaneously. Some such ‘fallen weapons’ can also be ammo for other existing weapons that you may already have acquired in the earlier levels of the game. Team 15 N-gage 2.0 Worms also has an excellent feature through which you can choose the waypoints into a level randomly, meaning all levels will have the option to have an unique landscape which you can generate on the fly and which will not be repeated to the other teams. Or you can also design the levels if you choose to do so.

The game offers some unique features which was previously non-existent on the Nokia N-Gage games so far like the random landscape generation, weaponeries, turn by turn team based gameplay etc and it only sizes up to less than 4.5 mb. Easy to play and get a hold of this game can be seriously addictive for anyone owning a Nokia S60 based N-Gage 2.0 supported mobile phone user.


Worms N-Gage 2

Worms N-Gage 2



Gameplay Highlights:

  1. More than 33 different types of explosive weaponeries like the Bazooka, GPS based rockets and pigeons, cluster and banana bombs, dynamites and granades, air strikes, UZI, shotgun, ropes and many others.
  2. Offers an extensive gameplay with custom modes where you can build your gameplay levels and the landscapes. There is also a Quick Play mode in which you can simply choose a weapon (almost all of them) and fight without much fuss against the game AI on a randomly generated landscape.
  3. Turn based, action packed short strategy gaming.
  4. Extensive list of custom features like custom terrain, difficulty type,  game settings, random mines set up, bridges, level of waters etc. 
  5. Comes in both single player and multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode supports two different type of gaming: Hot Seat Multiplayer and online N-Gage Arena Multiplayer. In both of them you can connect upto a max of 4  different phones and tag team against the enemies as a team.
  6. Gaming keypad controllers is easy! With the aid of the Nokia Navigation Keys you will be able to control the worm’s movement, shoot your enemies with Key 5 or Key A, jump up by Key B or Key 0, go back to main menu by pausing the game with the normal Nokia left selection key and get back to action with the right selection key.
  7. Mutiple types of action points which you can pickup while going through a fight against an enemy like Triple Kill, Double Kills, etc.
  8. Excellent overall graphics performance and details with a fun-happy-go-lucky style sound setup. The chapter/stages takes a very little time to load when starting a game in whichever mode you want to play in.


Worms Ngage 2

Worms Ngage 2

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Download Team 15 Worms

Download N-gage WORMS

This N-Gage game is compatible with Nokia N-Series and E-Series Symbian OS phones like N97, N96, N95, N95 8gb, N93, N91, N92, N85, N80, N82, N81, N79, N78, E65, E71, E66, E70, E61, E62, E90, N77, N76, 5800, 5700, 5500, 7210, 6120, 6210, 6290,  N73, N73 music edition, N71, E50, etc. and many more. You have to have N-Gage SecMan installed on your phone to be able to play it without any trouble or slowing down its natural gameplay.

Feel free to also check out the earlier version of Worms if you want to or you can check Worms Fort for S60 symbian devices.


About the Author

Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. Kaio

    Site filhu da puta. Vcs sao demais

  2. my cp is n-gage but its dosn’t work…

  3. why the lonk broken ?
    can you fix it ?
    i realy want to download it.

  4. Is there another way instead hack my N5320? Because I don’t wanted to hack my phone since it’s high version my phone and updated. I don’t trust this file Haloo or another to hack my phone to full play my ngage games.

  5. RR

    when i clik to instal it , it starts to download? can u help me,,

    how to instal it??????

  6. Waqas

    I am using N73 can I run this game on my mob without support of N-gage???

  7. Debora

    All game works fine. How to crack n82,ver 31.0.016 rm313 n82(13.01). My n95 sucssesful to cracked. But n82 ?

  8. erhan

    is this full versiyon or demo

  9. E

    I have Kernel error. Why?

    • Debora

      Try My tips. 1. Install secman mob ver,then open it. Turn plat on. And install root cer.2. Open file ex,copy ngage file u want inst to ngage folder. 3. Open ngage app. Wait till inst complete. 4. Exit ngage back to secman, choose restore to default,then turn plat off, exit. 5. Open ngage games. Have fun.

  10. Erold

    its corrupted cause your phone is not already hacked try to install drakkarious first to hack your phone then its the only time that you can install worms.ngage

  11. I have download many time but it is corrupted!!! if u liar u should not post this download!

  12. Trollie

    How is it to be liar?
    Check your facts before trolling
    Nokia 5800 has never had N-Gage compatibility.

  13. why isn’t it working on my nokia E65?? what should i do??

    it says file corrupted..

  14. Nads

    Hi Frnd,wanna realy impres ur frnds,Girl frnd/boy frnd dan wat r u watng4 send
    Its absoluty free
    U vil surly Njoy it

  15. soerya

    Why my n78 can’t be hacked with secman

  16. raden

    hi all..

    i’ve download the file, but i can’t install it to my N e90…why is that? it said ” memory is full ” while my phone memory still has 200mb free and my ext memory card has 2gb free…

    could someone help me please…


    • reema

      go to messaging>options>settings>other>memory in use> select memory card. and wen u install the game, choose the preferred allocation as memory card, and not phone memory. the game will get installed.

      • aamir

        this is aamir
        hi dear

        how r u i need ur help shel i ask ok ineed file manager in my n-gauge mobile
        how it i get
        ineed supporting friend iwana b a friend

  17. In isohunt there is a file name n-gage 2.0. memory 253 MB.
    its including 26 n-gage games and hack method.
    i tried it. it is the best and fastest.
    just download the file.
    and install them perfectly
    and you can able to play n-gage games
    file including 3 more files
    1: symbian hack (instantly)
    2:games (n-gage)
    3:n-gage install apps.

  18. rusty

    its working dude…. my phone is nokia E65 and it works very smoothly… i hacked my phone with HelloOx 1.01…and it works… just get certificate and key file from OPDA.com to sign your applications..

  19. peace

    worms game doesn’t work at my phone Nokia 5320 XM.why???
    it said “File is interupted”…

  20. Nads

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    JOIN Love_Nads
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  21. prateek

    hacked my n96 installed the game .it starts,then goes to loading screen,but on the menu when i select quick game or instant match it shuts down with an error.also it is not running on my n73 me.
    please help 🙁

  22. Zee

    Man it sucks i got 5800xm which is enlisted in the worm category but its not playing intezd of it is giving error of memory full. Guys help me

  23. Ankit


    I have Nokia 5320 xpressMusic with firmware v 3.08. I have tried several methods of hacking my phone and none of them seem to work for me (helloOX 1.1.03, 1.1.04 and secman1.1). All the games that I install after applying the hack are still trail versions. I have re-formatted my phone and mem card and re-applied the hack but to no use. I have also tried 3 different versions of N-gage, 1.10.1318, 1.10.1345 and the latest 1.20.1459. None of them seem to be compatible with the hack.

    Please help me. I am at complete mess. Either I would give up the hope of playing n-gage games on my phone or am I missing out something.

    Thanks in advance.

    • jack

      hi there,
      i have a n95 8gb. i downloaded this game and changed the file type to .jar but it doesnt allow me to install it

      anyone help?

      • Nejco

        First you nedd to instal SecMan. When you will do this you need to find this aplicasion and start it. After completing instalinion you need to restart your phone. For more informations download this shit and open read-me. Undresteend???

  24. dave

    Hello Everybody!
    In the list of compatible devices there is listed the N85.
    But on mind it doesn’t work. While installing there comes the message: File is corrupt. Shall it be erased?
    And after searching on the internet I found that secman is not working on the new nokia phones with fp2.
    Can you please tell what I need to do to play your file on my N85?
    Thanx!! 🙂

  25. haaaieeena

    Awesome dude! Love ur blog.

    Been playing WWP on my N82 for a while…this N-Gage version will no doubt be better.


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