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Posted July 4, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Ahoy all you symbianholics! Having a bash this weekend? I do hope so and if, in case you are not having a fantastic time then I think this real time multiplayer Ngage based game will make you go Yeehaw! Today I bring you System Rush Evolution, an n-gage 2.0 platform based shooting game. This game is not using the 3D hardware acceleration or chip but nonetheless the graphics and gameplay is quite good. Just like all other n-gage based symbian games out there, the navigation menu and mobile ‘control gamepad’ should be quite well adapted to everyone in general, very much visually dazzling and easy to play or should I say fly.

We have the general story mode gameplay and the default n-gage arena option for internet based multiplay. You can actually multiplay via wifi and bluetooth as well if your mobile devices supports them. There are three types of gametypes in total within the game. In the first one you have to actually time trial type of race and you also have to survive your way through all the enemies and their heavy firing. WIth a little practice you can achieve that and move onto the next level where you have to shoot and kill (the real fun part of the game!) any enemies that you will come across! When you have achieved that mission you will have to escape your way through the enemy territory before you get whacked! The levels are all very detailed and fast, one wrong step and you have to start up again. The firing part of the game is real fast and since you can actually maneuvar quite easily, it really becomes much fun to escape or dodge the heavy fires! In multiplayer option of the game, you can choose to race head to head as well and make your opponents entire control act reverse with your special tactics and power ups.

The game focuses on easy navigation so that multiplaying experience can be enjoyed to the fullest and you can control almost everything with the D pad of the phone. Quality depends entirely on your internet capacity of the smartphone. 3G phones should perform better than GPRS based phones. The overall sound quality and environmental effects are quite well adapted to the game as well. This smartphone based console game is actually one of those which suits the TV Out functionality of your Nokia N95 almost perfectly as the overall graphics is quite good, the difficulty is perfect and the sound effects are satifactory. You will love it when playing the single player or multiplayer mode, so there is no reason for you to try it out from here. Hope you like this one a lot and subscribe to the feed free to support me and show your appreciation. Also, check out the gameplay of System Rush Evolution in this video:

This awesome game is compatible with N-gage (of course), N81, N81 Music edition, Nokia N95, N95 Music Edition, N78, N96, N73 and N80 as well. It is not supported in pda phones yet so no need to try it in Windows Mobile based palmtops. However all other 3rd edition Nokia phones should also work well with this one. Your feedback regarding compatibility is appreciated. Regardless of your network carrier being AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Orange Mobile Uk, Vodafone, Telstra, Airtel, Cingular, Hutch, and all others! Whether you are on a contract prepaid go or using a post paid plan does not affect your installation and compatibility.


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  1. Mark


    • Tushar

      install patch before installing the game.But before i want our n gage version like n gage2.0 v1.20 or 1.40 like that!!!!

  2. I could’nt have found a better place than this thanxxx

  3. iaceka

    hey dude can u give me a link for more ngage games plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  4. Yes you have to install the App Tracker application by Nokia 🙂 And its quite understand that you do not want to damage your handset! 🙂 Cheers and thanks for the comment…. @Mildly Confused

    I will try aye aye capitano…. @ArtKevin

    • prasad

      will u plz tell me how to install these ngage games on my n81 . there is some problem occuring with all of these games.plz help

  5. Mildly Confused

    Hi bro,

    Great site BTW!

    Query regarding install of this game: The Readme mentions something about connecting a TRK device? Is that required or shall I just click on the relevant sisx file and use Nokia installer?

    I don’t want to damage my handset software(N95 8GB).

    Kind regards.

  6. art kevin

    dude, thanks for the game.. =) i hope more n-gage games to come… =)

  7. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, thank you for yours 🙂

  8. Straight-talker

    So Jury, was this piece submitted by a monkey or a chimpanzee?

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