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Posted September 20, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Greetings occupants!  Today I am going to publish a N-Gage based, much hyped and talked about smartphones & handhelds mobile game. While we are all more or less fan of the lightsaber code of fighting, there are still a few who hates it. For those who do not know what I am talking about or what lightsaber means, lightsaber is the weapon of choice in all the sequels of Star Wars. And now, your N-gage based platform will have another reason to live up to your expectation and maybe even beyond with this follow up sequel, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Nokia cell phones, specially those mobile handhelds with N-Gage 2.0 or 1.0 compatibility.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed focuses it attention on a secret apprentice of the most crooked villain of all time, Darth Vader and he is called “the secret apprentice” (..wouldn’t you guess?). If you have seen the movies Star Wars III and Star Wars IV then you will have an awesome time following the storyline of this game as this mobile game is based on those two sequels. It explores further the afterburn of the Order 66 and this one is set to change the fate of the galaxy once and for all. If you are a Star Wars fan then boy oh boy, you will enjoy every bit of this game on your cell phones. Being the Secret Apprentice you will journey to the doomed planet of Felucia and to help you succeed in your deadly missions is a beautiful yet deadly powerful Juno Eclipse, yes your pilot and navigator for this journey.

In this cell phones game, you being the Apprentice, have to fight your way against the highly motivated warrior Maris Brood and all her followers. Make no mistake that Maris Brood is not your daily enemy either, she is the one who Jedi discovered during her infancy. She was the wild one among all his pupils and she fled to learn things the hard way, to seek revenge from the doomed villain Darth Vader. She is highly skilled with lots of unconventional moves which you will have a difficult time to fight back against. But, if you try a bit I am sure that you can surely defeat her.

You will then have to fight against the commander and the legendary character Jedi Master Shaakti and General Ram Kotha. Jedi Master Shaakti is highly experienced in the art of fighting through lightsabers and will surely flat you out the first time you play her. While playing this Nokia mobile game, don’t be heartbroken if you die before stepping up to the challenge properly because practice will make you perfect and though Shaakti was the one who actually fought and won against the odds during the clone war, you will master the art to pull one back as this is your only and last chance. It is Shaakti who trained Maris Brood in the first place so you can be pretty sure how difficult it will be to defeat the master of the mistress. General Ram Kotha is a fighter since birth and have splendid powerful moves in his arsenal. Before joining this allegiance this hard hitting General spent much of his time training in combat in the age of the clone wars. He became a made man by training rigorously and mastering everything he sees or experience. Though speed is not his biggest advantage but be sure that when you get hit by him, you are nearly dead. So beware of that!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed takes place in several high risk and environmentally creepy places including the TIE Fighter Facility Convention, in the mushroom planet of Kashyyyk and of course in Felucia itself. All the three locations are beautifully done and I must admit that this smartphones game is the best symbian game in the history of N-Gage platform in terms of graphics and audio effects. The story line is something to die for cause it is as good as it gets when it comes to Star Wars saga and by every means this symbian mobile game will take mobile gaming to new magnificent heights. Check out the screenshots below:


star wars nokia game

star wars revenge of the sith

smart phones\

windows mobile samsung lg game star wars

star wars mobile

force nokia

ngage mobile games download

star wars symbian game\

Also check out the trailers and the overall preview of the game, I have also included the gameplay video on a Nokia N95.

Trailers & Gameplay:


Download iphone n-gage game

This is certainly one of the most superb and best mobile game available for cell phones. This high definition, most magnificent mobile game is compatible with the latest N-Series and E-Series S60 handhelds and mobile computers of Nokia. Phones that support Nokia N-Gage platform will run this like a real baby! Others that can play or has been tweaked so much that it can support Ngage games will also be able to play it. So that includes Nokia N96, N95, N95 8gb, N81, N85, N82, N73, N71, N75, N76, N78, N79, N80, N6600, 6120, 6110, 6290, 6120, 6220, 6121, 5700 Xpress Music, 5500 Sport, 6600 Slide, Luna, Arte, Sirocco, Prism, N91, N92, N93, 3250, E65, E90, E50, E51, E60, E62, E61, E66, E71 etc. All major GSM and WCDMA wireless network operators such as AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile or T-Mobility, Sprint, Rogers, Airtel, Singtel, Cingular, Orange Mobile UK, Hutch, 3G Wireless, Optimus, Telstra, Verizon Wireless, Telenor etc are all supported. Post paid plans or pre paid plans will have no impact on its compatibility either. Please subscribe to the RSS feed before downloading this game for your cell phones.

More N-gage based games such as Lament Island, Dirk Dagger, Shadow Warrior, Doom etc and more are also available, just do a quick search in the blog and you will find what you are looking for and much much much more!

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Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. games kayse downlod kare ga.

  2. sameer

    hats offf to you people …….. reallly very very exellent collections..
    and best thing is that every thing are available on one click….
    all d best to u people…. keep it up…

  3. stark

    abey laudey isey install kaisey karen

  4. Florian

    Hi there,
    first of all, you did an great job with this blog and the whole page.
    I just downloaded Force unleashed but honestly i got no clue how to
    install the thing. I unpacked it but cant find any help or readme file.
    Some help/advice would be greatly appreaciated!
    Many tnx in advance

  5. Ceaser excel

    @ Iwolf. Please how did you get to unpack the files? Whenever I try doin it, I get those r00, r01, r02 and bla bla bla files. Then when I try to open them, I get the message “select an application to open file” then I select winRar but when I click go, it gives me the error messages “! C:Documents and SettingsUSERLocal SettingsTempTemporary Directory 2 for bin6443b.zipbin-6443.r00: You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack THQ.Wireless.Star.Wars.The.Force.Unleashed.v1.00.N-GAGE.SymbianOS9.1.Cracked-BiNPDA.exe
    ! C:Documents and SettingsUSERDesktopNew Folderbin-6443.r01: The required volume is absent
    ! C:Documents and SettingsUSERLocal SettingsTempTemporary Directory 2 for bin6443b.zipbin-6443.r00: No files to extract”
    Please what am I doing wrong?

  6. DJ_AKKI

    Yup dear dis all games r free.. Not xtra cost apart 4m d internet charges u gona pay 4 browsing.. N if ur browsing is free den dont hesitate.. Jst download n enjoy.. Tk cr.. C ya.

  7. does this work on e65?

  8. julian

    how can i install this game in my n97?

  9. MichaelFrancis

    E75 is supported,right??

  10. makko

    how can i install dis gam in my 5730?

  11. Oh my God, thank you, I’m going to try! And my the Force be with you!

  12. rishad

    i can’t install Apptrk on my N81,pls help me.

  13. nima

    hey! man what’s this???? I downloaded star wars and one n-gage game but both of didnt work out. files all zipped and when i extracted it again got zipped files and i couldn’t extract, files are corrupted. I had downloaded one n-gage before this too. So please make sure files are not damaged.

  14. anne

    is this game free ? it is not clear

  15. dhistud

    can ne bdy plz tell me where d hell is trk application …on my nokia n 81 …i tried insalling on d fone ..but it say built in component..but i cant find it

  16. I already download the file(zip), but i dont know how to instal it to my nokia n81?

    please help me.

  17. caddydaddy

    I have the same problem as ‘kingfunun’…parts r00 and r01, etc?..i’ve been trying to install an n-gage game for a week but no luck..please help me out there!!..please!!

  18. Pablo

    hey guys i dont know how to install the game im new in the whole cellphone thing what do i do when i open the file theres like, the same file compresed 5 times adn when i decomprese it teh files inside are .exe wich are aplications for windows not for mobile, mobile ones are sis what do i do

    • David

      u need to get a nokia n-gage 2.0 application then install it it would create a n-gage folder extract the game n place the file in the n-gage folder. lunch the n-gage application it would install it automatically but most games come with a secman v 1.1.sis n patch.sis install the secman first lunch it go to option then install root certificate. your Phone will restart after that install the patch do this b4 u extract the game into the folder

  19. kungfunun

    I’m sure i am just being stupid, but i cant get these ngage games to extract. It asks for parts r00 and r01 etc, do i need to rename some of the zip/rar files or something?

  20. P-UNIT

    Wen i try to start a game(any game) the message {

  21. Frank what program is very good for extraction?after extraction the file vanishes,why?

  22. jhonatan

    some files are missing sorry for the english but im mexican

  23. Jhonatan

    hi my friend:
    look i been trying to inzip the file but i just cant i make the extraccion and send me errors messages that says that some files, plase help me.

  24. does nokia n72 work?

  25. Neo


    I get the error ” Unable to start game (Error 805306368)” when i click on start game. Please help.

  26. Neo

    I get the error “unable to start game (error 805306368)” on my e51 when i click on start game. Can someone please help?

  27. Neo

    I have been able to install the game on my e51 following the instructions mentioned in the various posts above. However when i click on “start game” option i get the following error “unable to start game (error 805306368)”. Can someone please help me with that and so that i can launch the game successfully?

  28. monkee

    can anyone give me the activation code?
    it takes a long time 4 me 2 download the game here (slow connection in my area).

    thx so much!

  29. G-UNIT

    yea no problem,,don wory nuthin gonna happen 2 ur phone

    i already finished the game,,,,

    may the force be with you ^_^

  30. senk

    thx for the link, its very useful..

    thx im alreadyable to play the full version thx for the hack.i hopes nothing bad will happen to my phone.anyway thx so much.glad i have people to ask

  31. G-UNIT

    ur gotta hack ur phone n it wont say file corrupt

  32. Ab


    Thtz the excat place im stuck at……whn installin on the phone it says file corrupt

  33. senk

    i already extract it from ngage.exe but when i try to install it on my mobile it says file is corrupted..what should i do..oh yea, when i run the secman i already uncheck automatic find TRK port,but there isnt any option to extract the says connect ur phone and run my TRK app.when i try to install the TRK its says already built-in.but i can find it on my phone,i lokk in app manager but i can find it.what should i do?the same thing happens when i try to install dirk dagger and lament all says file is corrupt when i try to install the there anything wrong??plz guide me. add my msn to help guide me..thxx

  34. senk

    i dont know how 2 hack my there a video that have detail instruction 2 hack n81?

    plz help me..add my msn
    im dying 2 play this game

  35. can you give me some instructions to install crash bandicoot in my n72?

  36. Ab

    u dont need to install tht stuff coz N81 has ngage support…directly hack ur phone and install the game…….
    Read This
    G-UNIT Says:
    September 22nd, 2008 at 7:02 pm
    (make sure ur phone is ha***d!!) there is also no need 4 that trk. app. i didn know how 2 use it,,,,,,wat i did is open secman its extracted with them n then click next uncheck the box that say

  37. Ab

    thnx for posting the link…..i hav tried tht hack already….it doenst work on my new 5320 XM
    if thrz a hack for nokia 5320 or any Syb s60 3rd OS9.3 …plz do inform me

  38. senk

    hey can u plz help me i can install TRK app its says it already built using n81.i already try 2 extract file from secman but i can get the TRK port work..its says i must connect a phone to the pc.i already connect but it can’t detect my phone neither in pc suite nor data transfer..pplz help

  39. iWolf

    I managed to install the game no problem using TRK. After this I found that I couldnt open up n-gage…it would hang. I found that it actually does become responsive, after like 8mins or so. My phone would become quite slow though.

    So I came to report my issue…but tried one more time on my phone – and what-do-ya-know : now works flawlessly!

    Can’t explain it…dont care either!

  40. G-UNIT

    yea its safe i did it n i got no problems with my mobile i dunno how 2 hack ur t phone type but i got this vid. on how 2 hack the n95 i think it works on any phone

  41. Ab

    i hav searchd for it in youtube , dint find wht i needed ,if u can post a link here it wud be very usefull for ppl lyk me, and is hackin my mob completely safe??????????

  42. G-UNIT

    i don think u need that n gage patch i didn use it i think it installs the n gage if u got it on ur mobile i don think u need it u only need 2 extract the n gage file n copy it 2 ur mobile n wat u mean by avoiding ur warranty??

  43. Ab

    u need to install tht ngagepatch.sis for the game to work?????
    coz whn im tring to install tht it says untrusted supplier ,
    well ill try this hackin thing , but will it void my warranty ????

  44. G-UNIT

    anything 2 help out chaos =]

    @Ab u can search on youtube about hacking ur phone when u do it u will b able 2 install any unsigned software

  45. Ab


    wht do u mean by hacking the phone , i mean how shd i hack my phone???

  46. @G-UNIT – Thanks a loooooooooooooooooooooot for helping out man! Truly appreciate it. *…takes a bow….*

    *takes a bow at Dude too for helping out, wherever you are man lol *… @Dude

  47. @Ab – Application Tracker is built in 5320 so you need not install that one. The rest should work regardless!

  48. Ab

    i got sick of tryin all different things to install this on my 5320 , then i downloaded the trail version of this game at , this game is cool and i desperately want the full version , plz some one help me out …

    ps; if any one can provide the activation code for this game , plz do post it here

  49. G-UNIT

    @fimix:with the n gage games there is no .jar or .sis u can keep extracting the files till u c secman.

    (make sure ur phone is ha***d!!) there is also no need 4 that trk. app. i didn know how 2 use it,,,,,,wat i did is open secman its extracted with them n then click next uncheck the box that say ”find metrotrk automatically” then click next n then u’ll c extract n gage file 2 my comp. click it then connect ur mobile in data transfer mode n copy the extracted n gage file 2 the folder named n gage on ur memory card remove it then start the n gage app. on ur mobile n it will start installing automatically

  50. Ab

    the prb is its not allowin me to install tht TRK thing it says , component is builtin , my nokia 5320 is Symb9.3 S60 Version 3.2(no other phone has this except N96) ….. all the available files are for 9.1 and 9.2 only……if any one can help me solve this prb i wud be greatfull……..

  51. Ab

    unable to install a protected app from an untrusted supplier !!!!!!!

    ps: i hav followd excatly described by G-UNIT
    i hav a 5320

  52. iWolf

    I have a question: Must the installer do this via USB cable. Could Bluetooth not work for the installation?!

    BTW: Managed to unzip this no problem. (Using WinRAR and unzipping rar,r00,r01 and r02 files). The download is not corrupt.

  53. fimix

    is nokia 5700 is compatible for n gage games

  54. fimix

    i don’t know how to unzip the file n keeping d file with in one folder…it has 4 zip folders ,which one to install no one has jar file …….I’m totally confused! tell me in detail dude coz i don’t know much about computer.. i have nokia 5700 .

  55. G-UNIT

    wow! Easy on chaos there guys lol i downloaded this game n installed on my n95 8gb with no problems all u need is the n gage app. On ur cell a usa cable n 2 hack ur phone 2 install app. With no certificate(search on youtube on how 2 do it) then keep extracting the files on ur comp. Till u c ”secman” open it then keep clickin next n in the end u’ll c extract n gage file 2 my comp. Click it then connect ur phone in data transfer mode there is a file on it named n gage copy the extracted n gage file 2 it remove ur phone n then start n gage on ur phone n it will start installing it automaticlly….damn! I wrote all that from my phone my fingers hurt!! Lol

  56. Ab

    hey chaos im hav lots of prbs here buddy , i need ur help , i hav a new nokia xpress music 5320 , can i tell me the exact steps to follow to install these, coz my mob has FP2 (if im rite) but u ppl hav files only regarding FP1 , so i dont know if i hav to install or not…..and metroTRK port is not being found…..shd i connect in PC suit mode or Mass USB mode to find tht port????

  57. Mahdi Yousefi

    Is there any way simple and clean to run N-Gage 2.0 games on Nokia 5700, Iread that many performance it better that N72 but n-gage run on N72 and there is not any version for Nokia 5700 (S603RD FP1)?

  58. @G-UNIT – I will surely try my best to add it sometime soon bro. Thanks a lot for the praise and always visit/comment and spread the word 🙂 Thanks in advance!

    @helpme1st – The files are NOT corrupted, you have to download them on your laptop/desktop and then unzip keeping all the files within one folder. It will work that way for sure!

    @fimix – See message above and hello! 🙂

    @tutu – Because otherwise the file size is too big and it is impossible for me to serve you that way 🙂 For certificate expiration please check out the tutorial section of the blog.

    @coroNa – Thanks a lot for letting me know about the difficulty Corona. I hope that I have helped ya with the comment above to Help me 1st! Cheers!

  59. coroNa

    Maybe it would be a good idea to post some instructions for installing this, I’m having trouble myself aswell.

  60. fimix

    i get a corrupted file too…..plez tell me how can i download it in 5700 xpress music phone ……tell me in brief

  61. helpme1st

    i get a corrupt file message when i try to install this, and i can’t install the n-gage patch. does that matter?.. so yea.. anyone else getting a corrupt file message??

  62. tutu

    y is this files Zipped ? . i cannot installed it says ‘Certificate expired’ ?

  63. G-UNIT

    great addition 2 the n gage games chaos n nice site without a doubt,nice applications,nice games collection simply superb!! 🙂 buh i would really like 2 c brothers in arms 3D added 2 the n gage collection.

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