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Posted January 19, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Ahoy everyone!! Being well? I hope you are… Anyway today I just updated the games section with three updated games including Sky Force 1.22, Sky Force Reloaded and Infinite Dreams Super Miners for 176×208 resolution mobile phones! All these games are now compatible with a number of mobile phones including N97, E71, 5800 XpressMusic, 5530, E63, E72, E66, N96, N82, N85, N86, 78, N79, N81, E75, N95, N73, N91, N92, N93, E65, E50, E61, N80, N82, 3250, 6555, 6300, E61i, N72, N71, N81, 5710, 5700, all or any 8Gb Music editions and Xpress Music Editions. Lets elaborate a little on Sky Force which is personally one of my favorite game of all time.

It all began in the early 2005 when Nokia introduced and thereafter adopted the Symbian Platform for almost all their new smartphones. A new range of multimedia and gaming platform was created then, the Nokia N-Series and N-Gage that evolved (and still evolving) to feature packs and editions one after the other and each new feature pack (..such as FP1, FP2, FP3, FP5, etc) Everyone knew that a whole new level have been achieved through the Series 60 gaming platform but it was the original Sky Force that simply started it all.

Sky Force from Infinite Dreams is an ultimate classic arcade shooter or ‘shoot em up’, with 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack and 100% of pure game play. See how to push the limits of your mobile to the maximum but without hurting it even a little bit.. 7 amazingly pixeled levels, tons of enemies to shoot and good old Earth to save. The game is based on hybrid 2D/3D graphics, ideally suited for the Nokia mobile phone segment. The game includes 7 stages each one is ended with a so called ‘big boss’.

SkyForce Standard Version

SkyForce Standard Version

Sky Force Reloaded, the follow up from the Infinite Dreams guys will blow your mind! This one will bring even more enjoyment, guaranteed! Incredible graphics, sound quality and pure fun with 8 totally new graphics, new enemies on your Nokia NSeries or ESeries, outstanding new weapons to get all lock n load and all this comes with new music and sound effects. Sky Force Reloaded also supports the newer Nokia phones like the 5800 and 5530 XpressMusic, the Nokia N97.

SkyForce Reloaded

SkyForce Reloaded

Infinite Dreams Super Miners is a multi player/single player 2D game that is both addictive and breathtaking. Over 100 game levels, exciting new game features such as fireball, magic ball, teleports, ghosts portals and many others. The 2D engine is just too good!! You will have to find the treasure hidden in mines all around the globe. Funny sounds and fun filled fast paced 100 levels of gameplay makes the game Superminers a hot favorite for any Nokia owner!



The downloads have been updated for new Nokia smartphones like E63, E66, E71, E75, E72, N96, N82, N81, N86, 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97, N97 Mini etc. Support of Sky Force Reloaded for widescreen phones like the E71 and E63 with the S60V3 edition Symbian OS has been added for you to download!! Also, 5th edition devices like Nokia N97, 5530, 5800 XpressMusic will also work with the Sky Force Reloaded.

Updated: 19 November 2009

Download them below:

Download Sky Force (Standard Edition)

Download Sky Force (Standard Edition)

Download Sky Force (Standard Edition)

Download Sky Force Reloaded

Download Sky Force (Standard Edition)

Download SuperMiners

All these free games can be downloaded in the mobile games section but I have only one tiny request in return, which is not your cash but for you to subscribe to the RSS feed for free. This way you are always updated, and I get my motivation to add more contents to my site.

For expired certificate just toggle the date of your phone to any date from the previous year in 2006 and install them. After successful installation change the date back to what it is today again.


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Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. Kpt wmgq>tpkgqwnjgquqmt

  2. i can’t play skyforce on wide screen, E63-nokia.
    Please help

  3. Prashant

    Hii…the game is nice but after installation i can’t play game on nokia 5230

  4. Saroj

    मुझे ये गेम बहुत पसंद है….इसका Reloaded version मेरे नोकिया 5230 में बहुत अच्छा कम करता है… मगर जब इसी गेम को नोकिया 5800 में install करने वक़्त सर्टिफिकेट एरर की समस्या होने लगी… मैंने डेट भी बदल के देखा मगर कम नहीं बना…. क्या करू…?

  5. Vu Quoc Long

    Thank you very much ^_^

  6. mehran khan pakistan

    certificate problem the games and software plz date change 2007 or 2006…welcome

  7. sky force game free dwonload

  8. Ankit

    Sir,on installing sky force and super miners on my nokia c6,certificate expired message is shown.please help sir,i m die hard fan off this game.pls mail me correct link.

  9. faiz..

    hey !! It is not working .. Please check it shows .. “Certificate Expired” error in my nokia E63

  10. hamad

    hi the game is just mind blowing i love this game

  11. Farhad

    hi. i’m Iranian. very nice.thanks

  12. syarif

    try to change you date setting it will solve “Certificate Expired” problem

  13. vipul

    Dear !! It is not working .. Please check it shows .. “Certificate Expired” error shows in my E63

  14. reeaazz

    Veri Nice…………

  15. reeaazz

    Very Nice……………

  16. reeaazz

    Very Nice…………….

  17. sid

    Hi, The games are just mind blowing. I like the starting music of sky force.
    Can you please tell me where I can find it… It’s in the game but I can’t take out the music from there.

  18. phap

    Thanks you. It is very good for everybody

  19. le van ty

    chung chi het han

  20. sikandar ali

    this is the very nice game so mouch time pass game thanks

  21. tanks this info…………………………..

  22. nitesh

    sky force game is not working certificate expired can any body help me out

  23. Nur


  24. ayyoob

    thanks for sky force

  25. Rampage

    hey,,why i can’t install both these game properly? After the download completed,,then installing,,but when installing,,theres a notification.. It’s said “certificate expired”.. What i have to do about it? I really-really want to play skyforce.. :'(

  26. skyforce

    realy iwant sky force game so plz send mee this game

  27. sarang

    how can i get code for skyforce for mu mobile//

  28. youdee

    kenapa aq tidak bisa meng instal ini game?

  29. please make more games……..

  30. I want to download skyforce game for mobile

  31. it is asking for code. can anbody tell me what is the code no.

  32. govind

    i am unable to open after installing ,,,when i click to play the skyforce,,,it opens..n the page comes to choose the languages,,,i am unable to proceed further…plz help me out…

  33. Nuzuluddin

    hi guys! I like this game sooooooo much! when i try to install, it ask about expired certificate. try to set phone date to 1.1.2008 and it’s work! thanks for nice upload!

  34. sameer kumar

    hi all frd
    thanks of lot for nice game and application
    i injoy that

  35. jojo

    where to find this .rar file.i download the sky force but always certicate expired.

  36. Shivaji

    How to toggle the date of phone?
    Did not understood the step: just toggle the date of your phone to any date from the previous year in 2006.

  37. cao son

    But I can’t install it for my E63. The error ” certificate expired” appeared. How to fix it?


    i install also but skyforce is asking for code

  39. Ali Gufran

    I want to download skyforce mobile game in my Nokia E63.How can download it and get it,pls tell me

    • Jyoti Kumar

      Download the .rar file to your pc, open it and then transfer the .jar or .sis file to your phone by using pc suite or bluetooth and install it. Its done, enjoy playing it…..

  40. samsonjohny

    i am not able to install in my nokia E 50

  41. SkyForce Reloaded is one of my favorite game.. thanks

  42. Plz provide the code for skyforce normal edition widescreen. it is pre-hacked. Thanks for nice upload

  43. zahid

    nice responce,i like it.thanks

  44. i love ur game it is very enjoyable but skyforce is asking for its code kindly can sum1 help me thankx

  45. senthil

    sky force not support my nokia 5800

  46. durgesh

    it’s a zip extension it;s a cause off all problems

  47. SS


    am unable to install any of the above referred games. Error shows certifcate expired. If i change the clock date it gives error date does not match or certificate expired..

    pls guide me how do i install these games into my E71….

  48. mahamood khan

    hi guy i need this edition is expire certification

  49. vishal

    hi guys love this game a lot,its install also but skyforce is asking for code…..plz help me

  50. mikee

    hey I tried downloading these games and I’m getting an error, it says certificate has expired.

  51. Tusshar

    nice game

  52. azhar ashraf

    sir iplay your game&ienjoyed alot

  53. shishir

    hey bro none of these 3 games worked on my n97 mini…as usual certificate error and certificae expied….i tryd changing the dates stilll that didnt work…plz help

    • salman

      go to settings and take certificate management in your phone setting. And keep of certificate checking. So that certificate expire wont come. Try this,… By salman

      • clement

        uh well it has this authority certificates here so and has so many of these certificates so im wondering if it neds all of them off or u mean another way…..

  54. abhishek

    hey guys pls tell me how can i install these games in my mobile(6600)…plz help me

  55. abhishek

    hey guys pls tell me how to install tese games in my mobile(6600)
    pls guys reply soon

  56. samier=00966541025557

    thanks nice game

    • Luminita

      I don’t think that any of us received the “so much wanted” code… It’s great that the reloaded game it’s working at least!

  57. Faisal

    hi, i hace nokia E63, when i try to install sky force it says certificate expired, please advice hot can i load the same

    • noypi16

      hi if it says expired certificate, juz change the date setting of ur fone 2 year 2007 and ur good to go…but again d widescreen version asks 4 a code,i hope someone can give us the code

  58. u r really great bro.i got a lot of themes and games from dis sites for my e63.but i cant instal sky force reloded .when i setup it in my mobile it says expired certificate.what will i do?plz help me

  59. parniyan

    I like super miners n i hope it works on my n95 8gb

  60. thanks kiu peri much

  61. santz

    will they work…?

  62. i love this site and i realy like to be here

  63. Luminita

    Thanks a lot! It’s a great game…, but for Sky Force I need a code… any idea why or how I can get it?

  64. ali

    Bro for the wide screen Skyforce standard version, they ask for activation code?

  65. babu

    thanks bro
    thanks lot!!!…..

  66. law

    Although i haven’tried it yet,but i appreciate your devotion……… bundle of thanks 🙂

  67. Anup

    Thanx for d gr8 games .. i just have two issues out of all dat i have downloaded ..
    1. wen i start sky force it asks for a serial .. no prob for sky force reloaded ..
    2. eset mobile antivirus .. serial ..

    ny thng u get pls reply ..

  68. shahzad

    very niec game……………………..

  69. hithem

    good game thank you

  70. mobile phone

    it gives me a great pleasure to share you…It’s really good……………….


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  72. it gives me a great pleasure to share you

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    How can I download this game

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  77. thanks for give me thise game

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    hi! how i can download this game?does it requires subscription?

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  80. hi. How can I download this game? I know this game is great. ANybody can tel where? Thanks.

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    pls i cant see the link 2 download the game…somebody help me

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    hi dear i want sky force

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    very nice game

  87. NEMI

    wow this game is justmore dan a bomb and actually if u womanize,drink,smoke,club and wish to fall apart with it and u dont know how,here’s the secret just try d game SKYFORCE on ure will bring about the magic u want

  88. You all are most welcome!! Do let me know your suggestions through your comments. Enjoy and thanks for visiting my mobile blog!

  89. tuanbin

    thank mores

  90. bharat

    shal c wil it b nice??

  91. vishal

    sky force game

  92. vishal

    free mobile phone sky force downlod

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    hello its fine

  94. vamsi

    thank youuuuuuuu

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    ossam games

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    thanks alooot for the game

  100. harjin

    how can I play pokemon emerald? I downloaded it but it is in a .gba format. I own a n81. Please help! Thanks!

  101. gaurav kumar

    Sir,i love to ur sky force game so plese send me in my pc, can i play this game in my pc or 5200, for this thank u.

  102. Chris

    How wil i subscribe using mobile?

  103. saleh

    Thanx 4 this

  104. You all are quite welcome!

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    This site helps me a lot

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    I love this game………..

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  113. Cruel

    why the installer says expired? can you pls tell me what to do? i really love this game.

  114. safa

    ihope superminrs work in my mopil thanx

  115. mclar3n

    after install sky force reloaded, why in my nokia e51 not full screen?

  116. Suparna

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