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Posted January 1, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Resident Evil Degeneration was one of the most overlooked games ever released for N-Gage mainly because it was released alongside with Nokia N-Gage Metal Gear Solid Mobile. However this mobile game will be far more successful than it’s cuz (so to speak n considering that it MGSM was released almost at the same time period)! Resident Evil has it all that ever needs to be successful in the mobile N-gage based gaming arena. Resident Evil Degeneration is backed up by several console based psp games and have multiple sequel movies about it. It was a matter of time that it will be out sooner than later for the S60 smartphones based symbian user community. If you like horror games then this might even be the best game you can ever imagine that is specifically designed for Nokia NGage mobile phones.

Overall the game Resident Evil Degeneration for Nokia N-Gage platform based mobile phones and handheld devices features:

Unbelieveable detailed gameplay graphics,

High quality sound effects, boosted by great surround sounds,

A kick ass story line,

Pure 3D 3rd person shooter view,

Easy to control gaming controller,

Ability to take part on the world rankings on the N-Gage community,

Superb value for your money!

In Resident Evil Degeneration the mobile game you will pick up the gears at the same place the movie starts off, Raccoon City. To make the game even more “movie based” the game even starts off with you being left up with a 9mm and an evil undead zombie infecting everyone in its path. Your mission is to make a halt for all the wrong and follow along as more life is being taken and turned against you. History repeats itself and your ultimate goal is to find the antidote to the virus creating it. Rinse repeat rinse repeat and you get one of the most eerie and fantastic 3rd person horror & action based shooter mobile game for any Nokia Series 60 devices. This mobile game is compatible with all the Nokia N-Series & E-Series based S60 mobile phones that works with the N-Gage 2.0 operating system including Nokia N81, N82, N85, Nokia N73, N80, N71, N76, N78, N79, N96, N95, N95 8gb, 6120, 5800, 6121, E71, E70, E66 etc Most obviously it is supported on the N-gage!

Take a look at the gameplay before trying out the download:

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  1. osuji bright

    i have never seen a symbian game for N70 why?

  2. Raj

    I love u no 1 site in world

  3. ,,useful,,thanks so much,,,hope i can install this on my ngage,,, πŸ™‚

  4. murad

    i downloaded resident evil from this site.afterwards i installed secman in my nokia e63.whenever i open secman it says “welcome to the installation of”.i cant play resident evil by my mobile.anybbody give me some suggestion what should i can i install resident evil in my mobile.plz help

  5. sunil

    very useful site i like it very much

  6. kira

    does nokia e63 support ngage games?

  7. hello there!!!!!is rar available in my n73????????i think only sis and jar applications are able to be installed……please help…………..and one more thing ,,,,,,,i have deleted some certificates of my phone thats why i cant install some applications,,how can i download these certificates????please reply

  8. Chris

    I downloaded the game on my 6121 which has N-gage installed on it. When I try to open the n-gage resident evil file it goes straight to Notes. Why does it do that? How do I open it?

  9. i love ngage games just as i love this site

  10. janmark20

    when i install the game on my N85, it says that the file is corrupted? what do you think is the problem? i’ve downloaded and transfered it completely on my phone..PLEASE HELP..thanks.

  11. nice ^^ .. i love this game ..

    thanks .. work on my phone .. ^^b

  12. marvel

    U re great

  13. Serkan

    I belive you need to crack or do something special to your mobile. My brother has N85 and he downloaded from here. I dunno you have to search on the internet to make it work

    For 5800, I have 5800 but too bad this game only works on N-GAGE type mobiles

  14. Franklin


    I am not able to download resident evil game on my nokia 5800 xpress is in Rar extension and only jar works on my mobile can you help…

    • E

      It is only on n-gage and I guess that 5800 doesn’t support n-gage software and games.

    • Rishi

      Ya need to install the n-gage software on your phone.And before downloading the game you must make sure ya have installed a tool for unzipping rar files. Take Care. You can look for the tool on the net. And the n-gage software is available in this site. Take Care.

  15. Rishi

    I don’t really know why this game is not running. I have installed it in my phone but still when i try to open this game in the n-gage menu it says “you need the latest ngage platform to run this game.” Please help.

  16. Raj

    I cant install d file on my nokia 5800 xpressmusic neither 363.What should I do..??

  17. meer

    hey i tried to open it on my 5800 but it do not!!!plzz help!!

    • Rishi

      Have you installed the latest n-gage platform? If no, then do it, and then try running this game. Its available in this site. Take care.

  18. meer

    hey i tried to put the game on my 5800 xpress music but it do not open!!!plllzzz help!!!

  19. Suhail

    Hi this file is corrupt pls change it

  20. gamefan

    hi all i am beginner for this… i hv downloaded this game but i am not able to install it in my nokia n81 as this downloaded file is in .rar N81 does not understand this..
    so i used winrar to unzip it.. and then i am trying to install but it say’s file is corrupted and it is exiting setup by giving “file is corrupted and should delete”…
    Please help as i hv played this game’s trial version and i liked it so much….


  21. Nads

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  22. Azmath

    Hey Chaos,
    yea umm the games awesome but im stuck on chptr 10,do u have any walkthrough?
    if u do plz send it thru email-thnk….

    • I will try to get a walkthrough guide for ya and post it here bro. Can’t promise, but I do will try my best. Thanks for the comment and for visiting the blog.

  23. lester

    Hi!!!! im new to this site and i just want to thank you for having this one! its a great help actually… more power!!

  24. Ankit

    Hi Chaos!

    I am trying to hack my 5320 xm for the past one week. My phone has firmware 3.08. First I installed the helloOX 1.0.3 which looked good after installation and I nstalled many cracked N-gage games like NFS, Sims, One, Resident Evil, BIA. But when I started playing them, I found all of them to be trial editions. BIA did not run and after playing ONE, suddenly everything went haywire and none of the games were playable anymore. I tried everything, reinstalled new N-gage app ver 1.20.1459 and reapplied helloOX. Nothing seemed to work anymore. I tried a lot to re-install but it did not help. I finally gave up and did a hard reset of my phone and formatted the mem card. I then installed N-gage 1.10.1318 and applied secman 1.1 sis hack. The application installed fine and then I retried Resident Evil. Its still a trial version. Exits after the door opens with the crank.. πŸ™

    Am I going wrong somewhere. I did not turn the platform security off when installing the games from secman. Is this causing problems. Help me please. I cannot put anymore brains to it now.

    If you can find sometime, can you please tell me what to do from beginning. If required, I can reformat and restart from beginning.

    Thanks in advance.


  25. Thiot

    It say files corrupt. On n95 8gb

  26. MYLZ101

    Thanks for software..i try to install my nokia 5800..
    Please give some more games for tagged in nokia 5800..
    Thanks again

  27. i am having problems with resident evil degeneration ,,,,,,,,,………….can anyone help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………i can only play chapter one anyone have even a a download link???plzzzzzzzzz and thanks?

  28. sheila90

    i want activation code for resident evil..i can’t stand any more to play this n-gage game..pleassss..

  29. jennie

    Is there a way to get this on an N-gage game deck? i’ve tried and failed on an EPIC scale!

  30. Silver__Shadow

    Hi,i really wanna help about how to download Autorun Virus Killer For N96

  31. Doni

    Full Version? or just demo…thanks

  32. justine

    hey dudes,intall secman first,then install resident evil,its all that

  33. alex

    how i type the code in the plane fase ? i know the code but i can type in my e71 keyboard…

  34. Rap

    hey pls help me… T_T

    how can i get free full n-gage games and…
    how can i install the full n-gage game in my n85???

    pls help me
    heres my e-mail…

  35. bereck

    Hi CHAOS, please explain to me. ( I’m french so i can’t speak very well english) SORRY.

  36. bareck

    Please i can’t install the NGAGE game without the activation code. So if you arrive to playing ngage game free of charge : Explain to me.

  37. bereck

    ok. but it impossible to play with this game ( resident evil) . nGAGE WANT AN ACTIVATION CODE. This code is paying. So, how you can play free of charge to this game ?????????????
    Please explain to me. Thank you for your explanations.

  38. Maz

    How do i install the game onto my nokia n95 8gb, i dont understand????? Please Help!

  39. Maz

    How do i install this game on my n95 8gb??????????

  40. bereck

    please explain to me how install this game on my phone. thanks

  41. bereck

    Hello, I can’t install resident evil on my n95. Can you help me to install this game ?

  42. marvin

    i want resident evil degeneration for nokia 5800 XM pleaseeee

  43. Onta

    n-gage classic can be installed ??

  44. rock

    Is is full version… can i know that

  45. rock

    Is is full version…

  46. samarathreet

    i hav played the trial version & i wanna full verson can any one tell me how to install the ful version

  47. Carfuse

    everything is very good but it’s just nothing if you don’t explain hoe to install it

  48. some 1

    why i can’t install this game ?????? in nokia n73 ?????? but i have n-gage 2.0 can anyone tell me??

  49. deejay

    i’m trying to install n-gage game but every time it says ‘file is corrupted. delete now ?’…..what is happening and how do i solve this problem ? please help

  50. harish

    i have nokia 5320 xpress music i played the demo version and i really loved it amazing graphics just like playing a 3d game in pc.does this secman help me for the full version

  51. Alico

    men this page is cool i like keep it up

  52. karfai

    Thanks alot man! Im a big fans of resident evil !!

  53. mixalis

    can anyone tell me how i install these games plzzz?????????????????

  54. Mike

    Please how can i open the rar format to be able to play the game

  55. Shabbie

    hey man! Dis game is average i hav completd dis game….itz easy nd childish nd fearful lolz.
    thE ONE IS one of d best NGAGE GAMES dat i hav eva seen….itz a breakthrough!! Go for it! Leave dis game, it sucks!!!

  56. keng

    why i can’t play the game u supply???im from malaysia and each time i try to download the file,in the end its not playable in my phone.its N81,pls help

    • cleoleeps

      Hey am from malaysia too. How you installed it? I can’t installed and error message popped up saying that memory full and asking me to close some applications and try again. I still hve 6.2GB in memory though therefore i dont understand and wonder if it’s playable. My phone 5800 express music πŸ˜‰

  57. rogiiii

    thanks for the game

  58. rogiii

    thank you for the game

  59. senkz

    thankzz a lott i have been wondering when are you gonna hack the game…i really like metal gear solid that u give..i have been a great fans of your website coz it makes my mobile more fun..can i rquest ngage game like space impact kappa base and brother in arms??thx a lot dude..

  60. arch

    I Have a problem with dis game i can’t open it because of .rar file extension i have a n95 8gb unit what shall i do?

  61. Efquab

    Man thanks a lot for your good job done,with you i have a N-gage on my n93i and a lot of apps.I love your work thanks a lot.all games runs perfectly on my phone.

  62. Sachin

    At the game i was waiting for.Thanks.

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