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Real Football 2010 or Real Soccer 2010 is finally out for mobile devices around the world and that’s not all. Along with Real Football 2010 also comes the Manager version of the game called Real Football Manager 2010 (or Real Soccer Manager 2010) which is mainly designed for the folks who enjoys managing teams and trading players rather than playing at the field. In both the games Real Soccer 2010 and Real Football Manager 2010 you will enjoy complete inter-connectivity and backward compatibility for both the versions of the game.

If you are a follower of our blog Nokia Symbian Themes or Chaos Inc. then you are already aware of the post I published months back about Real Football Celebration 2009 where I featured the 2009 versions of Real Football and Real Football Manager Symbian games. You can say that this post is the follow up of that post with the latest versions of those two games which are being featured here today in this post. The most important difference between Real Football 2010 and Real Football Manager 2010 with the 2009 versions of these games is ability to play online in real time multi-player mode.

Real Football 2010 (Real Soccer 2010):

This season of 2010 is considered as the most intense season that can be ever played on smartphones or Symbian mobile devices. Real Football 2010 brings over 8 different and unique leagues from all around the world on your small screen handsets of Symbian. Real Football 2010 consists of 245 different teams that you can choose from, all unique to each other in every way. There are different modes that can be chosen from within the game in the start menu or the welcome screen. Play with your favorite team on their home ground wearing their actual home jerseys or play with your favorite team on your competitor’s stadium with the away jersey.

Real Football 2010 include gameplay options like managing and playing with your favorite team or superstar in the Club Master Leagues, Season Training, the brand new Legend Mode and the classic version of a quick game called the Quick Match mode.

When you choose to play the game in the Club Master League with a chosen team you will be automatically assigned the actual league that you will play in. For example if you choose to play with Manchester United then you will automatically play in the Barclay’s Premier League or if you choose to play with Real Madrid then you will play in the Spanish Premira League or the La Liga and so forth. It will also offer you to play the international leagues such as the UEFA Cup if your club qualifies for it. The Club League mode of this mobile game can also be said to be a Club Career mode where you start from the bottom of the league and work your way up as a team to increase its overall trading value, rankings etc.

If you are new to football games on mobile then it is a wise step to start with the Season Training mode which is there for a reason! It will be extremely hard to get a hold of how you perform in a game by skipping the training sessions and playing into the actual league matches. The training mode will give you all the essential tactics and performance tips by letting you perform Free Kicks, Penalties, Corners, Throw – In, Controlled Dribbling, Short/Long Passing and overall player tactics in a game. For example, when you are 2-0 down in the second half of a game it will help you to perform much better in the attacking mode by changing your team tactics to 3-4-3 or 2-4-4 and substitute defenders with strikers and so forth. Training mode will help you lots regardless the mode you later choose to play in this mobile game. Also if you are using a touchscreen mobile device like the N97 or 5800 or 5530 XpressMusic then you will want to check out the brand new touch assisted controlling.

Real Football - Real Soccer - 2010 HD

Real Football – Real Soccer – 2010 HD

The Legend Mode is a new type of career mode so to speak where you choose a single player within a team rather than choosing the team itself and play as that player throughout the league. The better you perform the more value you will bring to the team you play for which eventually will directly increase the value of the player you play as. It will not only increase your per transfer season price but it will impact your overall score and total ability to perform. When you are playing the legend mode as a Play-Maker, Striker or Attacking Midfielder, the better your positioning is on the field the more chances you will get to see the ball and score.

Real Soccer 2010 offers great graphics and a whole lot of new creative pop-ups which will help you throughout the game. For 5th edition devices it is a total new experience playing in the legend mode because both positioning, passing and free kicks are controlled by the touch interface. Tap to the exact position you want your player to be in during an attack and he will be right there waiting for you to kick that ball in the back of the net once you get it. The 3rd edition HD version is equally good with some great detailed 3D graphics and intelligent game-plays which is rarely seen these days.

Download Real Football 2010 HD

Download Real Football 2010

In terms of graphics the 2010 have improved rendering compared to the 2009 in almost all aspects of the game. Both the Bluetooth and online multi-player league is something totally new and unique and should be fun for everyone who loves football or soccer because muti-player was the only thing that was missing in the 2009 versions of the game. Lastly, the options to import and export custom teams and attributes from the 2010 Manager version of the game makes sure that you don’t do things double time in either of the games.


Real Soccer Nokia

Real Football Manager 2010 (Real Soccer Manager 2010):

Compared to the 2009 Real Football Manager this version has improved graphics and includes a much number of teams and leagues. A total of 4000 unique players who are spread out in 200 different and unique teams in 13 international leagues makes your market. You will be the manager of any club in the world and work your way to be the best team with the best manager of the world. This game is one of the most comprehensive strategy based simulation game ever to be made for mobile phones and PDA devices.

One of the most biggest development in this game is its cross – compatibility with the Real Football 2010. You can make custom teams in Real Football Manager 2010 and export that entire team to Real Football 2010 HD. The custom players along with their custom attributes and hiked season transfer price will be available for each team. You can then export this custom team into the online RF League and compete worldwide on the net.

Real Football Manager 2010

Real Football Manager 2010

In Real Soccer Manager 2010 you will have to face the press at the right time with the right decisions. For every action that you take being a manager will impact your team players moral and motivation. Some decisions will negative impact your popularity to the fans whereas some decisions will positively impact your popularity to the fans. This Symbian game is absolutely about balance and what your target is as a manager will govern how you take your decision. There will be situations when playing certain players in the starting line up will enhance your team’s chemistry but it will negatively impact that player’s fatigue and ability to perform. A contract for a particular player must be renewed within the due time, even though his performance sucks, if your team’s shareholder’s require you to do that.

Some decisions will increase the fan base of the team or a player while those same decisions will increase costs and negatively impact your shareholder’s requirements. Changing tactics, attacking formation and substituting players at the right time are your day in day out job when you are in between a game which is happening live. While off the field you will have to keep eye on your team’s training schedules and overall player fatigue.


Download Real Football Manager 2010 HD

Download Real Football Manager 2010

Both Real Football 2010 and Real Football Manager 2010 Edition are online multi-player games that offers this generation’s best graphics and game-play. Exciting and detailed gaming features in both the games are excellent to say the very least. They both support a wide variety of smartphones and PDA handsets like Nokia 5530, 5800i and 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini touchscreen edition smartphones from the 5th edition Symbian OS family.

All 3rd edition S60 smartphones and mobile phones including Nokia N95, N96, N92, N71, E50, E51, E60, N91, N86, N82, N85, E75, E90, E72, N82, N81, N80, N76, N73, E65, E66, N79, N78, N77, E71, 6120, 5700 XpressMusic, 5500, N95 8gb, N93, 6290 and the Nokia 3250 are supported. Nokia S40 handsets like the 5310 are also supported.

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Need the HD version of Real Football 2010? If yes, then please check out this post to download the HD version of the Real Football 2010 game!

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