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Football is the most widely played game in this universe and there is a reason why! There are two elements that heats and shapes up this unbelievable 90 minutes of pure skill based gameplay, the managers of both the teams and the 22 players playing this game. No one can survive without the other and they both depend on each other extensively for success.

The players depends on the game managers to choose the right players, tactics, training, fitness and even morality while the managers depend on the players to show their flare, develop & discover their skills and hidden talents, build a better attacking sequence or save the goals from happening but most importantly he depends on the players to perform on the big day where real football begins, the field!

Neither of them can survive or make this game what it is today and with that in mind I decided to celebrate the game of football by reviewing a double whammy for all you football lovers and Nokia devices user.

Today I am publishing both the Real Football 2009 HD : The Game and Real Football 2009 : The Manager! High definition game play and detailed graphics, astounding sounds and smart decision making is required for both the games but in a very different way. Let me get into the details one by one.

Real Football 2009 HD: The Game takes you straight onto the green grassy field of famous stadiums like Estade de France, Anfield, San Siro, Allianz Arena, Camp Nou etc and more through your Nokia S60 smartphone. You got to play the game with the skill level of golden boot winners like Klose & Ronaldo or be the golden boy of football like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo or even Fabregas. All the stars starting from Robinho, Buffoon, Terry, Sergio Aguero, Bojan, Cech, Pato, Torres, Walcott, Rooney everyone is there for you to transfer into your team and make the perfect squad at the end of each season.

Skill levels are matched to real life scenarios and performance from free kicks to finishing and what not. You can perform bicycle kicks from the ball heading towards you from the corner kick or perform the tricky lob type goal over the goalkeepers head when he is expecting a hard hit shot on the right corner by pressing a selection of number keys on your N-Series or E-Series cell phones. This game is quite breathtaking from the start of whistle to the finish and if you are level after full time in the finals then you go for extra time.

If you are leveled on the extra time then you go for the cursed & dreaded penalty shoot outs to decide the outcome of the finals. All the teams have both their home jerseys, socks and shoes and also their away ones and even on your Nokia phones they look simply perfect. The configuration of the mobile game Real Football 2009 also lets you control every aspect of sound level, mobile gameplay difficulty and attacking/defending tactics. You can make substitutions when you get your players injured and might have to face real life scenarios like carrying on the entire season without your main star footballer as it frequently happens on UEFA Champions league, Spanish League, English League or the Italian Serie A.

This symbian smartphones game also have different language selection available so that you are not lost in translation anywhere when the game begins. All in all this game is quite the instant hit for sure! The graphics are more than good for a Nokia based symbian 3rd edition game and the playability is smooth compared to the high definition details!


real football 09 nokia

Real Football 2009 HD

rf 2009

Real Football 2009 HD

football manager symbian ngage

Real Football Manager 2009

symbian football game

Real Football Manager 2009



Download Real Football 2009 HD version

Real Football 2009 : The Manager takes you straight on the game’s bench from your mobile phones. A new season just started and be sure that the club owners or shareholders will be looking for every single ways to fire you from the prestigious club let it be Liverpool, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, Manchester United or Bayern Munich.

All the club shareholders, even the smallest ones, share a common phenomena which is, they all love giving the lecture when you are losing or even going head to head with a rival team or sometimes even when winning them. It’s hard to satisfy them in every aspect and they are not the only ones you have to entertain. The fans play a vital part in deciding about if you should stay at the end of a season or if you should be fired after 3 consecutive losses.

You need to build the stadium or rather expand the capacity of the crowds from your mobile phone, make sure that you play the crowd favorite player even when he is almost taken over by fatigue and make sure that you reply to the press tactfully after every single game. You also have to find solutions to player’s motivation and make sure that you schedule trainings at a timely manner.

Overwork them and your players will be too tired to give their 100% on the next game and too many free times will end you up in utter player sluggishness and losses. Not only these you also got to decide if you want to change the game playing tactics or change the formation of the players when you are playing against a rival who is plain better. You also have to ensure that at the end of the season you have enough bank balance to achieve the targets that were set by the shareholders.

This might include extending player contracts, replace your favorite player or buying fresh boots or youngstars into the team. This whole game is a simulation based strategy Nokia mobile N Series and E Series 3rd edition S60 game but don’t be fooled because it is amazingly difficult to be successful with your first club. But yes, you surely can be successful if you try a bit harder every time.

All in all the Real Football 2009 : The Manager version is a pretty fantastic symbian mobile game for any fans of the game of football. The sounds, interactive conversations, cool graphics and overall details of the game will surely delight you from the very start of the game and you will be hooked in no time at all.


Real Football Manager 2009

Real Football Manager 2009



Download the 2009 Manager version

Feel free to buy and download both the games for your Nokia 3rd edition cell phones like Nokia N95, N73, N71, N82, N91, N96, N93, N92, N78, N77, E90, E51, E60, E66, E71, E70, E62, E61, 5700 Xpress Music, N95 8gb, 5710, 5500, Luna, Arte, 6120, 6121, 6290, Sapphire, 6600 Slide, N79, N85, N80, N81, 3250, 6220, 6300, E65, 6110, 5200, 5300 etc and many more. All the major GSM & WCDMA based network carriers like AT&T Wireless, Telstra, T-Mobile, Orange Mobile UK, Telenor, Virgin Mobile, Reliance Mobile, Airtel, Hutch, Digi, Rogers, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, etc are all supported and tested with.

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  1. Olaniyan Elijah

    Pls how can i get nokia C3 version of both RFM2008 N RFM2009 the ones i downloaded @ sefan did nt wrk on C3.

  2. Olaniyan Elijah

    Pls how can i get nokia C3 version of both RFM2008 N RFM2009 the ones i downloaded @ sefan did nt wrk on C3….

  3. Mannix

    The problem is non of Rf09/10 HD accept to work in N70.Can anyone help?

  4. Superb Game. I have played last time ten goal in the game..

  5. jithin

    dusnt this wrk 4 n79??


    not working

  7. Anshuman

    Damn!!!![:X]file corrupted…..I wasted my money n dwnloaded it n file ws corruptded….Fuck it

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    i am doing project in symbian to create some football game aft i inspire from ur

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  14. it’s so interesting!!!!thanks.

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    Two great games. thanks a lot buddy.

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