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Posted November 28, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Guess which Nokia mobile game gets an update? The title of this post says it all I am sure so yes it is Quake!!

This new version of the famous mobile game Quake, is called Quake III Arena and this is going to be one hell of an experience when you play it. Detailed 3D graphics, adventurous episodes, brutal enemies and advanced weaponry are not the only things this fantastic Nokia 3rd edition mobile game has to offer. Quake 3 Arena takes it a step further by introducing bluetooth multiplayer smartphones gaming for all the latest 3rd edition Series 60 Nokia smartphones.

Make no mistake that this version of Quake will take a hell lot of space to install and will offer you with amazing gaming time all over again. The PAK files are around 450 megabytes alone! The gameplay is quite superb and you will not be disappointed I tell ya because the overall first person shoot em up experience is really different than any other games which is the key feature of this game. Quake 3 Arena Mobile is a symbian game with the power of an Open GL platform running its engine. A few days back Quake 3 Arena was ported to the iPhone and Windows Mobile PDA platforms and it was quite expected that Nokia Symbian phones are next on the line! Quake 3 Arena is by far the biggest mobile game ever made and on contrary to its size the game is amazingly fast and responsive to every movement.

You can opt to choose the default keyboard through the number keys on your phone or simply attach a bluetooth keyboard and play the game! With bluetooth attached you can challenge your friends on a fight or simply team up to destroy the enemies together. The blood of the enemies when they are being shot at or dying are the same you would experience on the laptop when you play Quake 3 Arena on it. All in all this game is really one of the best if not the best first person shooter games out there in the planet and you would not have expected any less even if you are playing it on your Nokia symbian phones.


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Download the game here:

quake nokia

This action game for Nokia mobile phones are supported by N-Series, E-Series and S60 GSM devices like N95, N95 8gb, N82, N81, N80, E90, E50, E51, E71, E66, 6290, 6120, E60, E61, E62, E65, 5320, 5800 Xpress Music, 5500, 5700, N85, 5610, N79, N78, N73, N71, N76, N77, N75, N91, N92, N81 8gb, N93, Nokia N96 etc and many other similar handsets.

Network operators like 3G Mobile UK, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Airtel, Etisalat, Reliance Mobile, Cingular, Nextel, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, France Telecom, Optimus, Telestra, MTN Group, Orange Mobile UK, O2, etc among all the others are supported. Make no mistake that this Nokia game will run with your device as long as your device is unlocked!

Please do subscribe to the RSS feed before you download this game and always read the file read me after you download it because it includes the details of the keyboard set up, game set up etc.

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  1. amin

    what do you mean by

    “this Nokia game will run with your device as long as your device is unlocked!”

    how to unlock? ๐Ÿ™‚
    i’m using n95 8gb


  2. tom

    what the fricken hell!!!i cant fricken download this fricken game.this fricken website sucks.

  3. gabriel

    Hola soy gabriel quer

  4. Shahul

    Hey to install it ? Ive got Nokia 5800 Xpress music come on guys ! give me detail instructions to install this game !

    • jami

      ok firstly this is not a game ๐Ÿ™‚ dont believe anything on decsription all lie
      quake 3 arena was great computer game at year 1999 and required much powers to run
      BUT THIS IS port software and that means you have to get original game files so download quake 3 arena demo and take pk3 files from your instal folder example:
      C:/quake3/baseq3 (all this is on your PC after you instaled demo)
      now instal quake3 to your PHONE (on the download)
      then create folder (to your PHONE) named quake3 and there make folder named baseq3 (to your PHONE)
      ok now you have pk3 files on your phone folder and port instaled ?
      good launc it and see what happens i bet nothing :s your phone is too low powered but please test if you want more info comment back
      IMPORTANT if you instal it check out what port you instal nokia 5800 xpers music requires fpu_quake3 or quake3_fpu i dont remeber exatly
      if this wont work instal one named nofpu
      THERE is also quake 1 on the download files

  5. yamum

    when i try to install the game to my nokia e51 it says that it wil make calls use data connection and stuff. w t f?

    • jami

      omfg unbelivable someone bad lucked people still get lost to here o.o heres the situation some facts

      -this is not game this is porttation software you can run quake 1 2 and 3 on your phone but in your case you can run quake 2 on very laggy quake 3 requires n95 n82 samsung jet or something like that i have n81 8 gb and i cant run quake 3

      -because this is portation you need quake 1 2 or 3 demo or full game and move pk.1 pk.2 pk.3 files to your phone

      -searh from google MiikaH homesite there is real quake ports this incluedes only (if you download from this site) quake 1 and 3 ports i recomend you to go original miikaH site there is new version ๐Ÿ˜‰ good luck to you run quake if you have more problems write here i will help

    • Vincent Stephen

      Thx a lot for the Game.
      Nokiasymbianthemes is the best Symbian game forever

    • jami

      it means its gonna use 3g data transfer if you play online or ordering example quake 1 it simply orders it by caling but only if you make that happen
      and do you have all quake pak files ? it wont work if you only have these files
      besides it wont work on e51 anyway :/

  6. jami

    well first extract it then use nokia pc suite to install i tell more when im instaled it to my n81 8 GB and if this wont work try to type tn google
    Quake port software
    Im posting new replx in 1 week

  7. 10zen

    hey brother quake seems to be very advanced and nice game . but there is no executable file in the zip to install on pc. so would you kind enough to provide us with the quake.exe file

    • jami

      sorry bro xD AS I SAID This is maybe fake if this game wont run then try two different ways to play quake
      1 download quake port software and read its help manual carefull it should work if you do it right
      2 (works only with quake 1)
      Buy c2doom with it you can play much great games such as original cs. Halflife (not the uplink) and doom

  8. 10zen

    hey brother quake seems to be very advanced and nice game . i am able to install it but the game does not open. so there me some procedure to install it. i installed both quake 1 and quake 3 but both could not be opened. so please write the tutorial for installing quake game. i use n95 8gb.

  9. jami

    are you guys sure that this game works on my n81 8gb? (it is listed) because in finnish sites(im fin) the supported phone list is very small (less than 8 phones) i have readed that quake3 arena in mobile requires at least 70 megabytes of phones own ram memory (there is some unknown device supports for this game quake 3 arena works in n-gage AND THAT FILE CORUPTION BROBLEM IS MAYBE THIS!!!
    -i have read that this is port softwhare and it is created by somebody from here finland SO this means THIS IS FAKE or that finnland guy story is fake i dont know but please coment this ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. stallion

    I tried to download this game tomy N95 8 GB , the files shows corrupted , how can I download it to my Mobile ?

  11. nordan777

    Hey, it would be a greatest game if only ..it worked ! Downloaded it, the icon is in the app tray, tried to open it and run but…nothing happens on my N95…! Please, will you give us a hand ?

    Bute the site’s great, is a real toy’s’rus for us all! U’re GREAT !!!

  12. it says file corrupted! when you installed it.

  13. deano

    installed the files and got the quake logo in apps folder but nothing happens when i try to start the game can anyone point me in the right direction to get it working thanks…..

  14. Terence

    for certificate error u go to application manager. go to option then change it to accept all certificate.

  15. Wer

    Does not work on E71

  16. skippy

    thanks! good game! i have n95 8gb

  17. The reason why they only support those four phones is that they have 124mb ram and/more not to mention the cpu speed is greater

  18. Kareem

    Nice program & thx very much

  19. Swagata

    Dudes, this game work only witj Nokia n95 8GB, N82, E70 and Samsun Innov8. It even don’t work on Nokia N95, N78, N96, N79, N85. It supports only those 4 phones, ONLY.

  20. Faz

    hello not working on Nokia N95

  21. francis mees

    sup bro, dude i tried installing it on my e90 it didn’t work, it told me, “certificate error, contact you supplier” or some message like that…

  22. shakil

    yer same problem here, it instals fine on my e90….but it won’t load up…and i installed it on my 8gb micro sd card in my phone….man i was lukin forward to this as well…..typical innit…

  23. brandon

    wont work on my nokia E71

  24. I am getting a problem, when installing the game, I open it, and it doesn’t open…

    I open the log file, and it says the same thing as adi’s comment

    “Sys_Error: Zone data failed to allocate 16 megs”

  25. now working bro ๐Ÿ™ maybe u have not uploaded all of it

  26. now roking bro ๐Ÿ™ maybe u have not uploaded all of it

  27. sridhar

    it is not working on n73. but it got installed in the phone.

  28. Parin

    When i download the file, i get only 52.5 kb of a zip file. On opening the file, i get a message that it is corrupt. Anyone else also facing this same problem?
    Plz help.
    Thanks in advance.

  29. Perry

    So, does it work for the N82? One of you says it does, while the other refutes it. … ?


  30. adi

    yeah i knew it was that… but damn I remember when q3 first came to pc and you needed a beast performance pc to play it ๐Ÿ˜€ now its playable on mobile phones …wow

  31. nordan777

    Hi, thanks for all your efforts, but unluckily Quake III does t work on any Nokia phone but N98 8 Giga. Nevertheless, if you say that works on all Nokia E and N series, many will install corrupted files and two of them will get “stuck

  32. Marko

    @adi – I’m sorry but Quake 3 only works on newer phones like the N95 8GB, because it has more ram than N95-1.

    ”Game is only compatible with Texas ‘s OMAP 2420 powered handsets, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N82 and Nokia E90! Although powered with same chipset, the one of the most popular S60 phones ever, oldie Nokia N95 classic is not supported unfortunately because of lack of the RAM and there is nothing you can do get it to work”

    from symbian-freak.com

    • Hi, can someone please help me, I’ve tried everything.
      I have a Nokia E90 and copied all the pak fiels to my mem card.
      I have the latest p.i.p.s and q3 v1.01 sisx installed on my phone…

      but nothing happens when I try to go in.
      And at my log, the error only showes me “Q3 1.32b S60-ARM Nov 26 2008”
      And that is it. nothing else. please help me..

  33. adi

    hey man,first of all thanks for posting this ,i think it made a lot of nokia owners very happy :)) here’s the thing ,i have a problem with a game ,did all the procedure with the installing and nothing happens when i try to start it… “in the case of error
    you might want to contact me and send a few last (20) lines of the log file with a description of the error.” i found a log file and it says this :Q3 1.32b S60-ARM Nov 26 2008
    —– CL_Shutdown —–
    —– CL_Shutdown —–
    Sys_Error: Zone data failed to allocate 16 megs
    i have nokia n95 with 1gb memory card with 150mb free after game instalation….can u help me?

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