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Posted October 28, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Soccer or football is the most popular game in this world, in the field or when playing it on your Nokia mobile.  Football is something that almost everyone likes from the west and east, reasons being maybe its simple objectives, the player skills and diehard motivations from everyone that is involved in any way.

While the national games only happen once every four year (the world cup), the club championships take place once every year. The biggest event for these clubs is the UEFA Champions League where only the best clubs from all around the world chooses to compete against each other to provide us with the most nail biting finishes and even tears!! I am huge fan of Football (or soccer as some of us might want to call it) and my favorite club, well I am not gonna reveal. What I am do gonna reveal though is that today I am publishing to you the latest of the Football/Soccer game that are available in the market, Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

What makes mobile Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 so special are the attention to details by the developers of the game. In every aspect it is better than Real Football 2009 and the gameplay is as good as EA Football 2008 for Mobile. Maybe for these reasons Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 have earned the title and the recognition of being the official mobile game developer for the UEFA Champions league 2009.

This game is a follow up of their popular Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 and I must say that this was a significant leap for this game as this version really is much more detailed, realistically simulated and often tricky to play. I do not know that if you remember but Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 was the best simulation game as chosen by the industry last year. Anyway, in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 the weather conditions change every now and then between games which nicely blends with the overall atmosphere and makes you feel the sudden change of the game’s speed and tactics from the opponent’s end (considering that you are playing it for the first time).

The game has been a real evolution for Mobile game lovers like you and me and players like Lionel Messi have actually helped the developers to design the movements and gameplay. Even Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco, Michael Owen and many other big names have contributed in the player simulation significantly. Otherwise it really seems like it would have been very difficult to attain such ‘player movement fluidity’ and the game would have been quite generic because of it being a Series 60 game and not a N-Gage one tp download free and play. Even the fans chimes together in different tunes at different stadiums and your team even walks in from your Nokia mobile dressing room (lol) together just like in real life!!

There is also a multiplayer mode through which you can hook this symbian mobile game up with your friend’s Bluetooth powered Nokia mobile phones and directly compete against them. Multiplayer games on smartphones and mobile phones are always a drag to me at least!

Just like you would have experienced in the notebook pc, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 for mobile phones lets you perform quick commands when you are near the penalty box. While this takes a bit of time to be a master of, but it is certainly possible and becomes quite necessary as you progress with the game through the different. The game also features an one button powered navigation system which is developed specifically for mobile phones or handhelds, this lets you control the gameplay and the overall runs of the players significantly and also puts you in charge!

Most other games are powered by different combos of keypad strokes on the S60 smartphones to sprint or perform a trick, but in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 you can do that through the navigation button easily. Over 100 licensed teams will be available to you to choose from and some of the names like Barcelona, Liverpool, AC Milan, Bayern, Valencia, Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Inter, Juventus etc are all there to choose from.

The 3D graphics on your Nokia smartphones will experience new horizons when you play this game because of the shadows and detailed elements that are constantly being rendered when you are playing this game. All in all with multiplayer and fantastic simulation controls, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is certainly one of the best games to be released in this year so far and I recommend you playing it at least once to try it out.

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This game is compatible with all the 3rd edition phones of Nokia N-Series, XpressMusic, and E-Series S60 models. Handsets like Nokia N92, N93, N95 8gb, N96, E50, E51, 5800, 6210, N73, N76, 6120, 6121, 6122, E65, E71, E66, 5320, 5700, N71,6290, 6500, N75, N77, N78, N79, N81, N95, N82, N85, N91, 8600 Luna etc are all compatible.

Major GSM based wireless network operators like AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Nextel, Verizon Wireless, Zain, Etisalat, Telstra, Vodafone, Orange Mobile UK, Virgin Mobile, Hutch, Cingular, Rogers, Sprint, TIM Wireless, Airtel, will all support this Nokia symbian game.

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  1. I’ve installed my favorite soccer football.. that’s great game…thanks

  2. bunheng

    contain lots of virus
    I had formated my phone for two times

  3. ruben

    contain virusss don’t download!

  4. cool nokia mp-6m dar romani pe aici?

  5. anonymous reviewer

    it contains a virus, avg (sth), avast 4, norton 360, panta 2009 confirm that.

    • Me

      Hi anonymous reviewer (and others, of course),
      Do you know more about this virus, please? Does it have an impact on the Symbian Operation System, on the computer OS ? Which impact?

  6. Me

    Comodo Internet Security found a virus in your file.
    What’s this?

    • That’s weird and impossible as the files are always tested with Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (updated signatures) before being uploaded, anyway I have still updated the file. Please try again and thanks for notifying me.

  7. Tarush

    How to Install The file In An E66????

  8. Tarush

    How To Install it on an E66????

  9. luke

    has anyone manage to use the multiplayer menu? any idea how to show the multiplayer menu? I cannot find the multiplayer option

  10. luke

    how to activate the multiplayer menu? I’ve run the game, but the multiplayer menu didn’t comes up… has anybody ever tried this multiplayer via bluetooth?

  11. i love soccer games 😀 and pes really is one of the best

  12. Ashafa

    Pls, can someone help me cant figure out how to install the game, my Nokia installer did not recognize the file type, I need assistance pls.


  13. dreamerxristos

    LOL i have nokia 6267 and i just played this game that is for only S60 MOBILES!!!! so i downloaded it and searched for the correct resolution(320×240) and i installed it by nokia application installer and vuala!!! i played PRO 2009 on a s40 nokia mobilephone!!!

    so if you have s40 phone TRY all the applications…. some works for s40 TOO!!!!

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