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The mysterious adventures of the east are back on your S60 smartphones with this legendary game Prince of Persia HD now being available for Nokia Series 60 and N-Gage second generation devices. Hell is upon us and you are the only savior left to mankind, you will have to save the world from pure menace and absolute darkness with the help of your “sidekick” (so to speak) Elika.

A 2D game in nature though it seems to be pushing the boundaries of the 3D arena, Prince of Persia HD is one of those Nokia N-Gage games which almost anyone will like playing to pass time. Prince of Persia HD brings total fun to mobile gaming by letting you rip off and skate alongside the laser beams, hang over the walls, cling on the last corners of a terrace or simply slash down enemies with swords.

Game Features:

The story of the game is one of the positive sides and the fact that this is one of those games which more or less everyone have heard of makes it even more easy to like. In a world of magic you will have to complete episodes and checkpoints before killing off a boss so that you can advance to the next stage.

Nokia - Prince of Persia

Nokia – Prince of Persia

  1. Overall the graphic details of the game is great. The sizzling flames and power beams with every special move that you pull out is nicely done and will impress you all the way. However, if you are looking for an N-Gage game with true player movement details (like N-Gage One or Shadow Warrior 3D)changing every time you make a move then this isn’t for you. The stock special moves are are good to look at but they certainly ain’t significantly different when compared to each other.
  2. Overall gameplay and skill adaptation of this game is quite easy and for any newbie this is good news. Rest assured you will love the overall 360 degree movements when you fight the dragons or hanging by the walls. The game is designed mainly for any Series 60 standard keypad phones (i.e. 2,4,6,8 for up, left, right, down). You will get  yourself into the groove after 3 or 4 practice sessions and that’s what make this game even more fun.
  3. An excellent mix of actions and adventures will make this game a firm favorite to anyone looking for a basic good game which does not require much training to master. There are enough actions throughout the game and in every single episode you will be facing a different types of enemy in a different way. From riding and fighting flying fiery dragons, going one on one against ugly monsters and getting away from the eyes of your enemy makes this game an action packed bonanza for any Symbian gamer.
  4. Excellent variation of action moves and combo features will get you excited and jumpy from the get go. There are a whole lot of creative moves which you can easily master and then wisely use them against the enemy. You will have to grab the points needed to unlock these special moves which only happens when you collect the treasure or magical balls along the way to your main boss for each level.
  5. Great lighting effects between every frames, fluid motion based gameplay throughout and music effects that are not annoying at all makes this a nice game to have on your Nokia. However,  the 3D effects were simply overdone during the last two levels. It seemed quite unnecessary to me as they ended up distracting me during a final episode fight.
  6. All in all the Prince of Persia HD for N-Gage will be loved by anyone who is looking for an adventure or action game which is fast paced and easy to play. There are enough reasons to buy this game or try it and the fact that this game offers a wide variety of action gameplay is one of them. In my opinion, Prince of Persia HD can easily be marked at 8.5 out of a 10 point scale.

This HD mobile game is compatible with all Nokia N-Series and E-Series S60 phones that support the N-Gage 2.0 platform. Both the 3rd edition phones and the 5th edition mobile devices are supported.

Prince of Persia for Mobile

Prince of Persia for Mobile

This means Nokia N97, N96, N95 8gb, N95, N93, N92, N91, N80, N81, N82, N85, N73, N71, N78, N79, N86, N77, N75, N76, E50, E51, XpressMusic 5800 Touch UI, 5700, 5500, 5300, 6120, 6121, 7120, E71, E66, E70, E90, E60, E62, E65, etc are all supported. All major GSM carriers like Verizon Wireless, Orange Mobile UK, Vodafone, O2, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile etc should support its community share function as well which will let you share your points with your friends.

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Visit Gameloft

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  1. Mohamed

    Amazing game, thank you !

  2. Surya

    Prince of persia is good
    but not soo good as assassin’s creed hd game
    these boath games are working in nokia c5-00
    plz upload more hd games compatable 4r nokia c5-00

  3. its doesnt work on nokia n8

  4. oj

    its good game!!!!

  5. yes it is normal cos its just a game mode which makes enemies/obstacles stronger.i hav played it up to the mighty game mode so it’s normal

  6. u r verry good ur o sam

  7. i have downloaded the prince of persia Ngage version for my nokia 5800 it instals perfectly but donot run when i play it. What should i do now?
    Will i need an extra software?

  8. sweetshaman

    i just want to ask,,i finished the the 1rst chap which is the ‘spoiled prince’ and then unlocked the 2nd chap ‘mighty lord’ .. Y is it the 1rst stage of the mighty lord is like the 1rst stage of spoil prince??? is it suppose to repeat?? is it normal?? pls anyone??

  9. sweetshaman

    i just want to ask,,i finished the the 1rst chap which is the ‘spoiled prince’ and then unlocked the 2nd chap ‘mighty lord’ .. Y is it the 1rst stage of the mighty lord is like the 1rst stage of spoil prince??? is it suppose to repeat?? is it normal?? plz anyone reply..

  10. sweetshaman

    i just want to ask,,i finished the the 1rst chap which is the ‘spoiled prince’ and then unlocked the 2nd chap ‘mighty lord’ .. Y is it the 1rst stage of the mighty lord is like the 1rst stage of spoil prince??? is it suppose to repeat?? is it normal??

  11. jibin george

    hey an it’s look like it is a good game. but how to play this in my 5230?please help me


    i was downloaded prince of persia 640×360 size for my 5800 phone but game is small screen phone was not rotating

  13. Portir

    Amazing game

  14. Gib Kho

    SALAAM..!! I just wanna THANX!! and Grateful for this Wonderful Site.. MORE POWER!!

  15. Arnob

    I am not able to use this on my Nokia 5230, if I need additional softwares to run it then please give me the link (If it needs something like N-gage posted in ur web, then that n-gage does not work).

    Please give me the solution.

  16. Jooshy

    this game works on my nokia 5230 but it is a bit slow

  17. punk boy

    this game does not work on my 5800 any solution

  18. punk boy

    this game does not work on my mobile any solution

  19. Stan

    Amazing game, thank you !

  20. RAKESH


  21. matt

    Hi this site is great. but with this game i have a problem ..I got E71 and resolution don’t match ..why? phone is on list of compatibile phones??

  22. GRIZLY

    thanxs u very much…for many games ….
    the great web…i glad visiting here…

  23. Reypogs

    Great game!!!i really like the graphics but i have only 1 problem….the screen is not compatible with my there any other wy to resolve it?help me guys….

  24. great website! I am glad that I visited he

  25. Faisy

    Mind blowing games!

  26. Great game like all Gameloft games

  27. samir

    Well wishes do come true…always… thnx

  28. Davis

    awesome stuff man NST rocks!

  29. Spdrman

    Thanx man..
    its a fine game..

    bt i will be vry thankful if u release PANDAMONIUM of N-Gage..

    Thanks for all ur lovely games nd sftwares release….
    this site rockssssss

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