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One of the most anticipated Nokia game for all you Nokia Ngage and S60 N-Series users is the sequel of One, The One. Released only a few days back on the 29th October 2008 One have already surpassed expectations in terms of sale. There have been a few misconceptions that developed around the game which in my personal opinion is simply the ‘hype’ about the introduction of fully motion captured animations on your smartphones screen. So the question is, are you the true One? Can you survive till the very last mission?

Nokia N-gage One is an awesome 3D mobile game which is really not for everyone and rest assured you might even hate it for what it is. It has already been much delayed in terms of its official release but it is sure worth the long wait and those who love action or combat games will looooove it. It was previously known as “One: Who’s Next?”. It’s an adult game in terms of pure gore and violence, (no no not sex and stuff!) and it will blow your mind off if you like multiplayer action gaming on your Nokia phones. One for Ngage offers some unique features which is certainly a positive step forward for the entire NGage community and even to its heritage.

The game was developed with the help of a real life 30 years experienced martial art expert and this offers you the ability to pull out moves which are truly cheeky and deadly for the opponents. N-Gage One takes place in several different locations like on the cool Caribbean, the trendy castles of India and even on the unforgiving deserts of Mexico etc.

You have the choice to customize your player’s detail and train yourself for better abilities during combat. Beside the use of the Nokia bluetooth devices, One also lets you share and compete internationally over at Ngage Arena. Nokia is even giving out a free Nokia N-Series S60 smartphone if you take part on the online competition.

A few years back when Nokia N-gage was introduced to the mobile handset market, One came out in the market and it was considered as the best mobile fighting game to date. Being its sequel and using such an efficient and powerful processing engine, is One worth the wait? Hell yeah it is!! It was the year 2005 back then and though One being an overall good/different styled game, it didn’t do that well compared to games like FIFA 2007 or FIFA 2008.

One Nokia Game

One Nokia Game

In its class it was one of the revolutionary games which did change how a person uses their mobile phones. Both typical gamers and action game lovers will love this game, period! This game is all about competition and survival of the fittest and to ensure that you can participate on the online ranking system of Ngage One.

The rankings are all publicly viewable which really is a fantastic thing for those of you who are looking for exposure. This game picks up where the previous one left off, the world we know are filled with talented and pro fighters and everyone wants to be King.

One Nokia Game

One Nokia Game

Your mission is to defeat everyone and be the King of the fighting world. The bosses are truly well trained and you just can’t play it once or twice and defeat them. In Nokia N-Gage One, you will need both luck and extraordinary skills to defeat the bosses. Even the gang members of the Bosses are hard to beat and will probably kill anyone the first time. Over time you will master yourself with different type of fighting skills like martial arts, street fighting, brawl fights etc and use them to defeat your opponents.

One Nokia Game

One Nokia Game

The overall gameplay experience is simply superb with no pauses between any combo moves and there is enough details for you to think otherwise at first glance. The graphic details of Nokia Ngage One for symbian gaming devices have been well designed to suit the environment of the fights. The game’s ranking system is denoted by ‘ELO’ and the more points or ‘Elo’ you gain, the better your international rankings become. If you are still not convinced about the awesome and unique gaming experience that N-gage 2.0 One offers then get a hold of this: Nokia NGage will reward the first 100 One gamers with at least 150 Ngage points by the end November 2008.

One Nokia Game

One Nokia Game

The number “One” person who will lead in the rankings by the end of November will receive 3 activation codes for additional NGage games, a spanking new Nokia N96 multimedia handset, 800 N-Gage points and loads of One related goodies. The One gamer holding the number two spot by the end of November will receive a brand new Nokia 3rd edition 5320 multimedia phone, 500 N-Gage points and loads of action goodies and gears corresponding the One game. So if you are a fan of the N-gage platform then hell knows that it is the right time to build and utilize your mobile gaming career and it is also the right time to get a shiny new Nokia N96 smartphone!

One Nokia Game

One Nokia Game

Like I mentioned before, N-Gage developed this mobile game with the help of a real world martial art fighter with over 30 years expertise in combat and it shows in the game because the moves are quite realistic. Flying kicks, hard punches and uppercuts are only the beginning of everything that will unwrap itself over time as you progress into the more difficult stage.

My advice will be not to change the player once you are deep into a level as you will have to start from the very beginning if you do. Take your time to practice through and also save your points/earnings to buy better accessories because even the gloves your player is wearing makes a big difference in punches! The training mode of this Nokia symbian game is really well built and you should take full advantage of it. As you will have to start your journey from the underground cringes of combat, you will understand the importance of training and even accessories.

Don’t only go for visually pleasing contents, though it really will not make a difference in the long run if you are that damn good. This Nokia game is certainly not the easiest game around and not everyone will be up for it, but surely all the ‘beat em up’ mobile gamers will love the storyline, overall gaming experience, multiplayer functions, keypad setup way much than anyone else! Remember though, you cannot compete online directly through fighting championships, the only way you can compete is through the points based rankings or through the use of a high speed bluetooth device (even a standard bluetooth is supported). But for all that’s in stake, this game is phenomenal and I do recommend it.

Nokia N-Gage One, the 3D Nokia game is compatible with all the N-gage 2.0 platforms of Symbian OS 9.1 to Symbian OS 9.5 like the Nokia N81, N96, N95, N73, N81 8gb, N95 8gb, N80, N82, N85, N79, N78, N76, N91, N92, N77, N75, N93, N92, N73, N91, 5320, 5700, 5800 etc and more. You will need the Nokia N-Gage mobile application for this to work on most of them though. I already published a post earlier about the Ngage 2.0 software so go and get it.

Any user with network carriers which have GPRS, EDGE or 3G mobile internet connectivity will be able to enjoy this game fully, including taking part on the Ngage Arena. Telecom operators like 3G Wireless, Etisalat, BSNL, AT&T Wireless, Orange Mobile UK, Vodafone, Reliance Mobile, Cingular, T-Mobile, Airtel, Reliance Mobile, MTN Group, DIGI, Nextel, Virgin Mobile, etc are all able to offer you the true Ngage One Experience. So what are you waiting for? Get it now and be the One!!

One Gameplay Previews:

Making One for N-gage 2.0:

How is One:

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One Nokia Game

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  1. adhil

    hai guys…. I want the one sequel n-gage game’s activation code pls help me?

  2. Gaurav

    will this work on symbian^3

  3. Gaurav

    will this work for symbian^3

  4. Tushar

    hey guys who are experiencing file corrupted and error 1 at one game install. download this patch and file

    If you want to install another game,
    just install first,N-gage1.40 PATCH & UNPATCH… j
    then now install your next game…
    then the installation of the game will be successful,
    and if u r using rompatcher disable all patches before starting the game

    and the game file

  5. Fancy

    I have been 2 many sites but this is d best site i have been 2 so far.keep it up master

  6. Culture

    I need ngage installer 2.0.. Am using 6120c. Plz help me master.. I love this site

  7. tony

    just hack ur fne with heloox 2.0 or hackit u wil play all ngage 2.0 games

  8. ryuki

    i cant install the game on my N78,but i have n-gage should i do??please reply

  9. Vidmantas

    And more of error-1, I think its realy something wrong of this game, corupted maybe…

  10. Vidmantas

    Hi, file corupted – thans mean something, that this game is unsiged (I dont known realy, but something like that. To install this game you need install SecMan 1.1, who is in the .rar of this game. Read .ifo files how sucsefully install this software from BiNPDA. 🙂 And strongly, don’t install Pach.sis file on your device if you have N-Gage 1.40(1557) software, because it for N-Gage 1.10(…)

  11. BlejachNbg

    can u tell me how does this game work i getted few files and i dunno how to run a game? plz tell me :S

  12. ImmortaL

    It Not Work In My Nokia N95 I Have N-Gage 1.4 And It Says File Is Corrupt Can Tell Me Someone Why??

  13. WOLF

    hi when the installaion arrive a at the end ngage say error-1
    please help

  14. crispin

    pliz tell me how to install this game,tried to unzip it then what next,thank you in advance

  15. Nick

    it shows 3 winzip files….now wot to do?? please reply!!

  16. ron

    please help
    when the installaion arrive a at the end ngage say error-1
    why? please help me plz plz

  17. hi when the installaion arrive a at the end ngage say error-1
    please help

  18. Divyank

    hey can u plzz tell me…..i downloaded the file…..its a winrar file….whn i open it,it shows 3 winzip files….nw wht???i hve a nokia n73…..

  19. tar

    i hv nokia n96 but when i run it in ngage it tell me the file is corrupted can anybody help me plz i also want to play these games.

    • There are several reasons for this, first and foremost is that your phone is probably locked. Or maybe you have no WinRAR to extract the files.

      Can you sign applications? After the signing there should not be any sort of problems whatsoever.

  20. manish

    what is this man i can’t download

  21. Vineeth

    Please tell me how to install n-gage games on my Nokia 5320 XpressMusic. thanks in advance.

  22. Kamran Hyder

    Well Guys im having nokia 5800 xspress music. an i downloaded recently this game in .rar format but i dont know what to do coz when i m trying to open this game i just receive a error message by showing that feachers doest support. could u plz tell me how to fix this error so i could b one’s member amongs u.

    thanks for the oppotunity to hav this game on ur site.
    Kamran Hyder

  23. Williams

    am having the same problem in installing the rar file, becos it keep showing file corrupted. whats wrong? pls reply me

  24. Please tell me how to install n-gage games on my Nokia 5320 ExpressMusic. thanks in advance.

  25. JUN

    Hey,I guess I’m all having the same problems with corrupted files as well.Even for Resident Evil and ONE(this game).

    I’m using a N79,any ideas?

  26. hi can anyone help me with opening the last zip file in this download please it says:

    please insert disk containing documents and into drive c:.


  27. rocky

    hi guys, PLZ tell me the installation procedure in My N95 8 gb……………….

  28. enXian

    It Works thank you!

  29. Mangula

    Heys guys. To me it says: file corrupted. delete now… Win when u extract, it comes in a file that win cant recognise? earlier games extracted a pcsuite symbol, like the patch etc..


  30. Trixo

    guys when i try to setup the game in my n-gage application i get a message that tells me that the file is corrupted……any one knows what’s wrong??!!

  31. Usman

    I have downloaded this Games but cant know the procedure how to install it into my Nokia N82 please somone tell me exit way of installion i have Nokia N Gage too.

  32. Ramil

    Man this is cool, Keep up the good works,

  33. lolo


  34. sabirzai

    fantastic game i never seen its perfect

  35. Gishan

    hi guys… im havin trouble installin this game,got no clue how to do it, ne help would be appriciated.. thanx

  36. gishan

    hey guys im havin trouble installing this game as i am new to n.gage gaming… try’d to get help on the net.. but didn’t do ne good, so ne help world be appriciated..


  37. kamal

    hey brother,
    first of all thanx for keeping me uptodate on these rocking games.
    but the last two games that u provided i.e the one and the star wars force unleashed didn’t worked on my e51.

    i was nto able to extract the rar file which i downloaded from ur link.
    it only showed an error message of next extension not found.
    plzz help me out by giving the procedure of extracting the .sisx file for installing the one game.
    plz help me out

    thanx again

  38. Asif Istiak

    Hi Saddam vai, I hv already collected ONE from other site but as I m the biggest fan of u and ur awesome site i wanted to say what i feel about ONE. No doubt ONE is revolutionary in the field of mobile combat games. And i luv it.

    But i wish ONE had online multiplayer mode like reset generation coz with the bluetooth multi mode, its impossible for me to get any NGP(N-gage points)as I found there are only 4 players(including me) playing ONE in Bangladesh. And i don’t even know other 3 players. Even if i knew, I wouldn’t travel my country to meet them only to get some NGP.
    Looks like i hv to buy a smartphone for my lil brother so that i can enjoy ONE’s multi mode and grab some


  39. Abodan

    cool bro, it’s such a pitty that i’ve already bought this game! anyway, good job bro, keep the games coming.

  40. Ab

    wow… i wish my phone is hackable,
    i wud love to play these games…
    great work dude

    ps: if u hav any info on hacking nokia 5320 (same firmware as N96)

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