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Posted June 24, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Have you got the need for the speed? Or you might want to funk up your car and tune the engines so much that the flames come out of the silencer pipes when you press the heartbeat element of street racing, aka Nitrous Di Oxide! One of the most beautifully decorated racing game ever released for any kind of mobile, let it by symbian S60, S40 or even a windows mobile device, Nitro Street Racing 3D will blow your mind!

This is not F1 circuit we are talking about people, its the illegal urban street racing syndicate and the police ain’t your friend but true enemies when you push the NOS button or fly past them in blistering speed. In this Nokia game you can choose to race with the famous cars from brands like the America’s pride Ford, reliable Honda, ever strong Cadillac, the slick Nissan, the jack of all trades Peugeot, the classic Volkswagen, the Chrysler deluxe, super performing BMW and the ever impressive Subaru!

This game is designed or rather based on the concept of Need For Speed Underground and Most Wanted, meaning, you have to seek for your opponents, mind the cops, finish tasks in time and fine tune your car all simultaneously. This really makes this game a real blast cause you almost have all the options from the original PC based games. Here you have to overcome stronger “thuggish” opponent or gangs who always want you suppressed in the bottom of the food chain. To make things worse they have similar or sometimes even better cars than what you would be driving in the career based mode!

To make things even worse, there are traffic, deadly traffic at almost every single corner and a car crash is a blink away if you lose your focus in the game. To make things even much much much more worse are them cops whose cars are of blazing speed and since they are free government cars, they don’t feel the need to stop you nicely. Once the alarm lights up on their car you can be sure that they will bump your car on the back, and with every accident or speed sign you cross, the intensity of these cops turns fiercer and so does their cars. In this 3D atmosphere, you do have one thing though and that’s independence. You can choose to break the law or be a nerd!!

To win races you have to complete drags, sprints and circuit based laps. Time based races are also there along with drift and getaway. Look into the eyes of the rival and pull that move a little too late and you probably will never make it in time at the finishing point. There are exciting shortcuts all over the game in almost each stage or neighborhood so utilize them to the fullest to get on top quickly and effectively.

All in all you have around 5 neighborhoods which you can unlock one by one. Each neighborhood obviously belongs to a specific “gang of racing thugs” who will hate you and try to ruin your day every single time. In total there are supposed to be more than 40 different levels of races and you have to complete them all in six different modes and that will earn you the one thing you lack, RESPECT!


Nokia Nitro Street Racing 3D

Nokia Nitro Street Racing 3D



Download the Standard Version (Any Nokia Mobile)


Download the HD or 3D version (for high end Nokia smartphones)

Anyway, enough of the review already! This game is compatible with the latest NSeries, ESeries S60 smartphones and handsets of Nokia. Sorry my pda peeps! Cell phones of screen resolution 240×320 are supported for this version fore sure as I tested it myself, so it includes Nokia N95, N95 8gb, N96, 6121, 6120, N78, N71, N76, E65, E50, E51, N73 Music Edition, 5700 Xpress Music, 5710, 5500 Sport, N73, N93, N93i etc and more.

However Nokia E60, E61, E62, E70, E78, E90, E66, N80 etc should also be supported as this is a java based game. Also do let me know if you are on an At&t, Verizon Wireless, Orange Mobile UK, Hutch, telenor, Cingular, Airtel etc network. More games are also available in the mobile games page, so do check em out! It will help me a lot for future releases. Please do not forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for free before downloading, that is all I ask in return. Cheers!

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  1. armin

    i’m very happy to visit your web site, and downloading singed full version need for speed shift for my nokia 701 ***thank you ***thank you ***thank you ***I will visit your site every day forever.

  2. sasi dhar

    how to install tis game

  3. all the racing games in here are full version?

  4. hey i just wanted to ask something !!! does this game work for nokia n95 ???? reply pls

  5. nitro street racing hd for s60v2

  6. how to instal the game when i extract i get only a big number of files

  7. czel

    Hi, I downloaded the program but when I was about to extract it, there was an error…damaged file. Could you please reupload? Tnx

  8. pusher92

    Thanx a lot Chaos Inc. now it worx 🙂
    And thank you for this site.

  9. What does it say Giz? Not responding?? Do not think that particular message is even present in the operating system my good friend.

    Hi pusher, when you download the file does it show a rar file or a jar file? If it shows a rar file, can you simply rename it to .jar and see?

  10. pusher92

    I`am not able to install a game without a “Nokia Application Installer File” on my E65. Is there a way/tutorial to get the games without that file on my nokia??


  11. giz

    tryin to download the game,its not responding

  12. Just download it and install it simply, it is a .jar file.

  13. wwqq

    how do i install the game in my phone?

  14. pusher92

    Is there a tutorial how to install the game (E65)?

    Thanx in advance

  15. Thanks a lot bro 🙂

  16. great game god of chaos !

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