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Posted November 4, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games
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One of the best XBOX games ever built now comes to your Series 60 Nokia mobile! Yes, The Need For Speed Undercover 3D by EA Mobile is the latest development in the mobile gaming industry of Nokia symbian smartphones and you can get it right here with a detailed review of it of course so that you know what you are about to play. This mobile game is truly special!

With the success of the Nokia Need for Speed Carbon, Pro Street Racing and Burnout earlier this year, it was quite expected that a new and similar featured racing game will hit the streets soon. That’s exactly what happened with this latest Nokia mobile racing game. Need For Speed Undercover Mobile is much similar to the Carbon and Most Wanted, specially the gameplay and keypad settings. Need For Speed Undercover 3D Mobile also brings you better graphics with stunning details. The audio effects are quite astounding for a game of this size. Need For Speed Undercover for mobile. Let me tell you this straight that Need For Speed Undercover will NOT disappoint you in its graphics level and audio effects in any way, they are absolutely breathtaking! Ask away, what about its capability in the small screen gameplay environment? What about the storyline of this Nokia racing game Need For Speed Undercover?

This Nokia mobile game will pick up from the last episode so to speak and will expand on it as expected. You will be introduced to the ruthless and unforgiving world of illegal high speed street racing and you will have to earn respect and recognition without you being locked away behind the bars. As a street racer you will have several options to choose your type/mode of the game. There is obviously my favorite Career Mode and the Quick Play mode. You have to fill up all the customizations and kits for your cars and make your garage a gold mine before the other racing drivers. This Nokia mobile game is a combo of the famous NFS Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted in many ways. In Need For Speed Undercover Mobile you will have to finish nearly all types of races including the circuits, drags, sprints, knockout based laps and a sweet “catch me if you can” aka going against the cops on a Speed Cam Bounty Mode.

Many laps and cars are actually locked within the first few stages of the game when you first install it on your Nokia symbian mobile phones and you will have to earn the tracks and cars by winning races. There are four unique racing tracks that will be available to you which includes the Suburbs, Downtown, Industrial and the Outskirts. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages and all are almost equally tricky and good. Still I enjoyed racing through the Outskirts more than anything, the turns were simply thrilling even on the smallish mobile phone or smartphone screen of a Nokia N95. Total number of drivers you will have to defeat are four and each one is harder than the other in every single way but I can assure you that this game ain’t that hard.

Need For Speed Undercover MOBILE

Need For Speed Undercover 3D for Nokia

All the super and legendary “insanely tunable” cars from Audi, Honda, Nissan, Aston Martin (HOT!), Porche, Ford, Toyota, Lamborghini etc are all there. Though my favorite car in the Need For Speed Undercover mobile game is Aston Martin DB9, I think that all of the other cars have their own charms in their own unique way. Need For Speed Undercover Mobile will have all its features enabled by default on any Nokia 3rd edition Symbian OS 9 and up mobile phones, however 2nd edition mobile phones like N70, N72 are also supported with limited features. I don’t know if the Nitrous Oxide will work though on the 2nd edition phones of Nokia but in any 3rd edition Nokia, you will even have the beautiful blurred effect when you push that special button of NOS! This game brings the true power of the NSeries with it!

NFSU 3D Mobile

Need For Speed Undercover 3D for Nokia

The police chases are very enjoyable and intense. They can be a serious threat if you are really up and away on their rankings or speed cam. You will probably end up being busted if you go over two or three consecutive speed cams at high speed. In my honest opinion, in this entire mobile game Need For Speed Undercover Mobile, the police is your biggest threat when you are racing on on the street!!

Need For Speed Undercover 3D for Nokia

Need For Speed Undercover 3D for Nokia

There are some super cool features in Need For Speed Undercover which really makes this fantastic game a legendary one:

First: The physics and aero-vectors of this mobile game is very well defined. For example, just like in real life you will end up picking up more speed and acceleration if you trail behind an opponent closely because the air friction is much less! This will actually enable you to slip past the car in front in the short term.

Second: In the HUD of Need For Speed Undercover, a small icon will help you drive and navigate way better when you are in a race or if you are being chased by the cops. It will constantly update information whether or not you will drift away when taking a turn in high speed or not. In certain sharp turns, this however is a lifesaver as you will be able to better judge and maneuvar your car by drifting along properly.

Third: The development of the Speedbrakers are nice additions to the game as it will help you once again in jumps and intersections. Something that always existed on the PC or XBox version of the game, not mobile!

All in all, rich visuals & cool gameplay makes this game one of the year’s best so far and you will love it! The Need For Speed Undercover is compatible with a wide range of Nokia S60 N-Series and E-Series smartphones like the Nokia N95, N73, N91, E71, 6120, E51, E50, 5700 Xpress Music, 5800 XpressMusic, E66, N70, N72, N80, E90, N81, N81 8gb, N92, N96, N78, N85, N-gage, N79, N95 8gb, E60, E65, E70, E61, 8860, E62, N82, 6290, 6100, 5610, 5500, 3250 and even 6600. Need For Speed Undercover also supports the major GSM and CDMA network operators like Orange, Telstra, France Telecom, Airtel, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, 3G Wireless, TIM Wireless, Nextel, Virgin Mobile, MTN Group, Etisalat, Cingular etc.

Game Updated with 3D version of Need for Speed Undercover (over 3MB in size):



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