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Posted August 4, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Golf is the game of the masters and not everyone can play it or be good at it. It takes patience, precision and an acute sense of being perfect to find the quickest way to the last hole. The rewards for winning a pro series or a championship masters are usually in millions of dollars and one might imply that playing golf belongs to a certain group of people right? WRONG! Because with this amazing N-Gage based Pro Series Golf game you will be able to play on the best turf ever built in terms of smoothness and difficulty. You will need to master your moves, the decision regarding which clubs to choose and with how much force.

N-Gage really have opened us a huge range of games, let it be the Lament Islands or Knights of the Dark Age. But this time around Ngage will make you virtually as good as Colin Montgomerie or Sergia Garcia if not any better after finishing this staggering, huge and phenomenal game. In the game of golf you have two kinds of enemies: one your competitors and two, the environment. Since your surroundings does play a huge role in the overall game it is very important that the graphics are equally good compared to the overall 18 holes course. You have elements like a shallow pond or a sudden dump which you have to watch out beside the trees when taking the tee shot from the wooden/plastic peg for the very first hole. If you are superduper lucky and your overall techniques are really good then you might earn yourself an Albatross and go on winning the entire game before your competitors does and if you by chance hit the trees or make the ball land in the water then you can be pretty sure that at best you will finish at par or usually you will earn yourself a double bogey! If your ball lands on the rough instead of the fairway then you will again finish at double bogey usually, unless you score an eagle to make up the mistake.

However, make no mistake about it that this particular game is really one hell of graphics focused game and as a result of which you will be able to play real good if you concentrate. This is a multiplayer game with a possible online access feature if you want to play against the very best in the n-gage arena. Points are saved on the go and rankings fluctuate a little cause after all it is an addictive game which all of you will want to be a master in. One thing this game lacks is the bluetooth functionality which really sucks in my honest opinion, but even playing it in single player mode and against the smartphones will be tons of fun!! The 3D sounds will simply blow your minds away and the overall rivalry is quite interesting along with the courses.

Anyway, this superb game is something all of you will want to play and almost all of you having a Nokia mobile phone actually will be able to enjoy this fine piece of game. Compatible with the latest and the greatest 3rd edition models of Nokia smartphones including the crown jewel Nokia N95, the lavish looking Nokia N96 and N78, the ever so trusted Nokia N73, N80, E50, E51 and 6120/6121, the music powerhouses like 5700 and 5710 Xpress Music, the beautiful handsets from N-Series N81, N82, N76, N91, N92, the dependable E-Series phones like E90, E65, E61, E62, N71, N77, 6110, E70, E66, E71, the elegant Sapphire, Arte, Prism, 7360, the sporty 5500, the mini bombs of a phone like the 5200, 5210, 5300 and many more like 3250, 6600 Slide etc and lastly Nokia N-Gage. All the above mentioned phones running on any GSM or CDMA based network operators like Orange Mobile UK, Virgin Mobile, Hutch, Airtel, Digi, Telstra, Telenor, Orascom, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless, Vodafone, Vodacom etc should be able to allow the game to run on the mentioned devices without any issues or problems.

Please do subscribe to the RSS feed before downloading this game, that’s all I ever ask from you beside leaving comments and opinions of course. Subscription keeps you updated at a mere zero cost and it keeps me motivated to post more games and applications for you to enjoy. Hope you tell your friends about the blog and always drive like a golfing pro! Cheers everyone! Godspeed!




nokia golf game


symbian golf s60

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  1. florent

    the best site in the world

  2. jainil

    hey erick u hv to install the latest version of ngage 2.0 aft install this game it will work…

  3. Mathew

    awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Maddy

    You have done a great job my friend this is the best site for all the nokia users keep up the good work.

  5. sivagnanam

    vari nice

  6. Erick

    Same with me, it seems wont work with my nokia e90…
    Any idea how to solve this…pls


    This game work on N85?

  8. pp

    I downloaded pro series golfer,installed fine,i play 2 shots then game exit with an error???

  9. i need some softwares & also some n gage games
    my name is RENJITH

  10. rAf13

    hOW to install rar file in my N95 8 GB..????

    • Efquab

      Just get win rar apps to extract the files.
      simple to install,copy the file to your memory card folder installs/n-gage.then run it from the phone,it installs automatically

  11. Joe Jackson

    I’m getting to the third game in career and shuts down saying Pro Series Golf Exited with an error…. Pro Series Golf closed; KERN-EXEC 3.

    Still able to play single player game though!

  12. Asif

    Same prob, file corrupted with my N81 8GB.

  13. gantenggendeng

    i don’t understand too, when i click Mineshaft… . n-gage file, its just directly prompt me to the n-gage progs like the original built-in n-gage app on the phone, btw i use N82. thxz

  14. jigglerjohn

    I’ve loaded N-GAGE onto my N95 8GB and then downloaded the golf file. I double click on this (in win RAR) and it loads. When I open N-GAGE the program automatically loads but comes up with an error saying that the file is corrupted – I’ve repeated this with the same result.

    What am I doing wrong?


    • Maggot

      Me too Jiggler. Im using N95, updated firmware, N-Gage loaded fine. Reports “file is corrupted,delete now?”
      Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated! Have a good one.

  15. dpg213

    this game is sick n this site is sick!!!thanx man…i need more n gage stuff i wont lie but im the freebies type!keep doing your thing,safe

  16. Andre

    This game seems to be an N-Gage based application. I have tried to install on my Nokia E90 but get prompt that N-Gage application required. Is there a fix to get this game to work on the E90, or will it only work on the N-models?

    • You have to install the N-Gage Application first, which you can download at the n gage site ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Andre

        The N-Gage site does not list the E90 as a compatible device? Haven’t found any reference anywhere that e90 is compatible with N-Gage. It seems that N-Gage is not compatible with any of the E models.

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