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Posted December 31, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Lately I have been busy with so much thing that I could not manage me some time to make a new post, however today is the first day of a new year and thinks are gonna change for the better! Metal Gear Solid now comes designed and devolved for the latest Nokia 3rd edition N-Gage powered handsets of S60 Nokia. Let us jump straight into the gameplay without much time being wasted.

Metal Gear Solid Mobile for Nokia Ngage powered platform smartphones is certainly not the first game in its class. Preceding N-Gage based games like Splinter Cell is one of them, but Metal Gear Solid for  your cell is much more featured enhanced with dirty, twisted plot. The entire game is basically based on its  actual version on the PSP in terms of storyline (almost) except that the enemy looks different and the gameplay is much more smartphones, small screen focused. As we have seen in the past that most N-Gage based symbian games are either superb or just simply too big with much less features and you will be glad to know that Metal Gear Solid Mobile for mobile phones of 3rd edition have really raised the bar yet again.

The last game to offer such fun was the Star Wars Unleashed and though it being in a different genre, it did offer the first class graphics that was the first for any N-Gage based Series 60 cell phone games. The game overall is not that short though the size of this mobile game might make you feel confused, because of its extremely lightweight size and efficient gameplay with focus on the details: Metal Gear Solid Mobile is certainly the cake that is worth the wait. In this awesome 3rd edition action game for N-gage you will be the legendary Solid Snake and your main mission is to defeat the latest and most destructive version of  the walking tank, the Metal Gear. It is also one of the most awaited game for the N-gage platform.

Additionally, there are other characters like Ocelot and Dr. Reed with whome you have to maintain a good knot through out the game so because it is their combined power that will ultimately help you to achieve your objective. The game controllers are mainly focused on the ‘now standard’ set up for any N-Gage based games which makes it even more easy to control and be engaged in. Be prepared for long all niters because believe me, once you play it: YOU WILL BE Hooked!

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Nokia Compatibility:

For Nokia the list includes mobile phones like Nokia N96, 5800 XpressMedia or Xpress Music or 5800 Tube, N-Series powered N95 8gb, N95, N91, N92, N93, N81, N82, N85, E61, N71, 5610, E62, E65, E66, XpressMusic 5200, E70, ESeries based E90, E71, N6600, N78, N79, N80, N73, N76, N85, 6110, 6290, 6300, 6120, 6121, E50, Nokia Ngage, N75, 8800 Carbon Arte, Luna etc and many more. In other words it supports any handhelds or smartphones which is capable to play the Nokia N-gage 2.0 or the native Ngage application. All the major network operators like AT&T Wireless, Orange Mobile UK, TIM Wireless, 3G Wireless, Airtel, Virgin Mobile, Telstra, Telenor, Reliance Mobile, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Nextel, Vodafone, Hutch, Cingular, TIM Wireless, TeleSonera, Telkomsel etc should work perfectly with this game and if you have 3G or GPRS enabled on your mobile handset then you will be able to compete in terms of points earned online in the N-Gage Arena.

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Very soon I will be publishing another horror game, a much awaited one, Resident Evil Degeneration! So keep in touch and feel free to leave a comment!

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  1. Omer

    Could you please tell me how can i play this on my N8 ?

  2. It’ll be exiting game n i want to download a new update version

  3. eChaz

    the file is corrupted on n 5630 xpress music???

  4. jainil

    awesome game >>>>>

  5. jainil

    this game is like splinter cell…
    awesome game….

  6. aijaz

    these games are not in proper extention how to install then ????????????????????????????????

  7. Usman

    MGS.n-gage is currupted, what to do now?

  8. bijeesh

    this game is not working in my N82 PLZ HELP!!!!!!!


    This game file is corrupt pls change it. N mail me

  10. Chamaylee

    hey i would really like some help to download this metal gear solid to my n 9 6 , i already have the file downloaded in my download and i try opening it with nokia pc sutie but nothig how do i transfer to my phone , please help

  11. Nads

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    Its absolutly free service.
    You will surely enjoy it.

  12. Thanks a lot for letting me know, I will take a detailed look asap and get back to you. Thanks in advance for your patience.

  13. Edwin

    heyy!!!….the game doesn’t install my N95 8GB….and I already have the application of N-GAGE…..

    As Aug to install it?…

    thank you…

  14. hotttmale

    I downloaded this file… which is *.rar file…. downloaded it on mah laptop and transferred it to mah Nokia N96… when tried to open this bluetooth received *.rar file… its says format not supporting….. wats d way out to play this game on mah Nokia N96…… plz. help guys…..

  15. maz

    How do you install this? I dont understand, please help? Thank you for helping

  16. jhay

    is this a full version?

  17. some 1

    why i can’t install this game ?????? for my n73

  18. Help

    How do you install this?
    Kinda new with this stuff.

    Thanks to the helpers.

  19. tony

    great job, thank you, but can you explain how to install it with the tolls you give?

  20. ravi

    its verry nice

  21. ravi

    its verry good

  22. ravi

    its nice&good

  23. Darn, can somebody help me? I’ve got a S60 3th edition device. But i dont know how to get started with all this?

    The signing sis stuff does not work because the tutorial is created before the reformation of symbian corp. I even dont know if i need to sign this app since it’s .n-gage

  24. Numan

    I installed these games (RE:DEgen) and MGSM after installation, when I try to play them on my N-gage, the application (N-gage) restarts, I am using Nokia N81 8gb, plz help!!!

  25. Manu

    Now a days u r not active in publishing applications n all… May i kno wat may b d reason…

  26. RE

    ihave installe de game but giveme a erro “encrypt error” i have a n78 and you no muahahah

  27. kungfunun

    Hi, i have tried installing these ngage games, and everytime i get told they are corrupted. a couple of them i havnt even been able to extract. any ideas?

  28. pratik lakhnai

    Plz load jar or sis file so it is very easy to install in mobile

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