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Posted June 12, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

A game everyone who owns a playstation or a pc knows about, a game that has been a best seller and a legend in the gaming industry and a game that have never stopped surprising us extensively to the core, if you think of a name then you know that Medal of Honor will pop right up there in front of your eyes and all over your heart and mind. One of the best World War II game ever to hit the pc now hits you with its full ammunition from the inside of your smartphones, pda and handhelds.

Medal of Honor: Airborne is the game we all have been waiting to be released for the symbian or java mobile platform and operating system for quite a while no. Good news is that this game supports both S40 and S60 NSeries, ESeries 2nd and 3rd edition devices of nearly all the brands including Nokia, LG, AudioVox, Motorola, Samsung, Kyocera, Toshiba and many more. Regardless of your carrier being AT&T prepaid or Go, Verizon Wireless, Orange or Vodafone, you can enjoy this game to the fullest.

The game play is nothing short of a full 5 on 5, however I am so accustomed to play it in my pc that I cannot give it a full 5 points. Bite Me!! Anyway, in Airborne you will one of the soldiers of the 82nd division for the United States in the 2nd World War and you will literally jump into action as a paratrooper from a B52 Bomber.

Your opponent obviously is the teeth clenching, die hard Germans who will match you step to step with their own witty tactics and determination. You will take part in the historical D-Day that you probably saw in one of the movies about Second World War like for example Saving Private Ryan. You can’t just be unrealistic and shoot your enemies in this game, you have to use what matters to win, that is your brain.

You will have to you use stealth mode and wait for the coast to get clear so that you can make your move and go for a quick kill. You can blow up oil barrels, use a sub machine gun, call for paratroopers reinforcements and of course use the best weapon for cover, sandbags!! Oh yeah! As a soldier named Boyd, (that’s your character in the game) you have to make sure that when the dust settles and the blood washes out, it is you who is standing tall and saving lives.

This is not your usual mobile “shoot shoot shoot kill kill kill” game that you have surely played in the past. This game is really different and will make you a soldier, well at least for an hour altogether! One tip, use cover wisely when they are shooting you like a duck in the sky with their mortars and machine guns!! Also, follow the colors of the halo wisely as it determines the general mood and your situation in a particular place, whether you will get caught and kill or make your opponent die in your feet depends on it completely.


Nokia Medal of Honor

Nokia Medal of Honor

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Verizon Wireless


I loved this game totally, but then again I am a gamer freak! This game is compatible with all the latest PDA and mobile cell phones bearing a Java based or Symbian based operating system. That means for Nokia it includes 6255, 6255i, 6012, 3587i, 6555, 6290, N95, N81, N80, N82, N73, N71, N72, N76, N75, N77, N78, N96, N91, N90, N70, N92, 6681, 6680, 3230, N93, N93i, E62, E60, E50, E51, E70, E61, E90, 3250, 6120, 5310, 5700, Xpress Music 5710, 5300 etc and many more. Also it supports SonyEricsson, Samsung, LG, Motorola unlocked phones.

Please subscribe to the RSS feed before downloading this awesome game, that’s all I ask, soldier to soldier! For loads of more games do not forget to check out the free mobile games page! As always, take care and cheerios! Aye!

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  1. i cant find the download.. Why..? (anw thanks)

  2. how to install game in mobile???????

  3. Mingkol

    Salaam..! Hey.. Guys for Us this is the Best Site Ever..Can you Imagine that All we have to do is Search and Download..then its Play Time..!! THANx!!! A LOT for NOKIA SYMBIAN.. MORE POWER..!!

  4. GaboreZ

    Where download?? (thanks)

  5. as vreau mai mult istall pe mobil

  6. Ankush

    Hey i figured it out…

    Guys all you need to do is change the file name and add .jar while downloading.
    for example:-medalofhonorairborne.jar and then save it.

  7. Ankush

    hey chaos i downloaded the file to my computr in zip format. but when i try to open it, it shows 3 icons (,(binpda.nfo) and (file_id.diz).. i dont know wot to do after tht???????????
    plz help

  8. bosch

    Can’t seem to install this game. I downloaded via my E51’s phone browser, but still cant work.

    Chaos, can you post a step by step instruction of how to install zip file games?

  9. Looks nice, better than the original games on my 3210.

  10. Hi Cindy, sorry to reply so late firstly. Please try to download the files from your computer and not the opera mobile. Otherwise you can use the default wap browser of your phone and it should work fine. This file is in zip format ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. What are you talking about??! It is working fine in my end and everyone else. Try downloading it via your web browser and not opera. Its a bug in the opera browser and not the file my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ all the links work just fine, they are tested personally. Cheers.

  12. Triple


  13. jared

    yeah ok i want this game but i can you make it so i can get it on my NOKIA 5310??

  14. George

    how can this be downloaded????

  15. george

    Nice Game………

  16. George

    Nice Keep It Up
    Great Game

  17. Vince

    I’ve had this game for a while and it is a great game. The levels are long and adventurous bunch of weapons and enemies to keep you busy. Only thing i don’t like is that the view is birds eye view as you can see in the screen shots. All and all you’ll like it if you like shooting games.

  18. cindy

    hey, im sorry but ive been a member for a month now and have not been able to download one game. were is the download buttons to press on this page to donload. also i pressed a button thinking that that was the one, but when download finish(in trwo seconds) it said file was currupt or not working. any help on finding the correct button to download. and, perhaps i need special application to download games onto my Nokia e61 thanks

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