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Posted July 19, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Eilloo everyone! One of the best part of Nokia smartphones is the fact that a variety of games are available for it. If you would like to buy fast cars and have a hobby of driving one, then you can play Juiced 2 or Need for Speed Carbon 3D, if you like simulation based games then you can try Sim City Societies or if you are into poker or cards, then Mau Mau. This brings me to today’s post, this post!

Mau Mau is obviously a game known to all of us who love to play cards and roll the dice on the casinos. or for those who just enjoys playing for a little bit of “time passing” at home when they have nothing good to watch, or even those to whom life is located behind the ace of spades. I personally am not a hardcore card player however many of my friends are. Anyway, if you like to play cards then you will love this game! If you want to understand how to play cards and want to earn some respect among other players then you might also want to grab this game. Mau Mau offers one of the most comprehensive explanations of the rules which really makes this game even more enjoyable! Your cards will be located at the handset screen’s very bottom which leaves a nice space to enjoy the view so to speak. The game does have a super easy interface, and offers a lot of points. You definitely earn points everytime a round of playing is over and you win after a predetermined set of rounds have been finished playing with. Your objective would be to lose the cards the fastest, the faster your cards are over from your pile the sooner you win, SIMPLE!

This game can be played with up to four players but you can also choose to play with two players. This classic game also have a classic feature built in which is sound funny sound and hilarious graphics! I mean its not a high definition game at well, but the characters of the game (your opponents) are something to see! I mean they are all whack and every time you win a round, they make this funny, gloomy face which is just way too funny! All in all, this game is a real treat for a specific group of people and if you are into cards, then you are surely in!


Mau Mau Nokia

Mau Mau Nokia

As usual the game is compatible with Nokia NSeries and ESeries S60 3rd edition phones like the Nokia N96, N95, N93, N91, N92, N82, N81, N80, N78, N76, N73, N71, E50, E51, E61, E62, E65, E66, E71, E90 E70, the wide screen 3250, the classic Nokia 6120, 6121, 6500, 6600 Slide, Prism, Arte, and the special Xpress Music and Sport editions like the 5700, 5710 and 5500 handhelds.

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This game is also network independent or unlocked, so all 3G and EDGE cell phones of AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Orange Mobile Uk, Hutch, Airtel, Sprint, Vodafone, Vodacom, Telenor, etc will work smoothly.

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  2. biso

    how do i change the date??

  3. Adel

    i can’t install it on my nokia n81,i changed the date but still the same

  4. Play poker from your pc with free money 😉

  5. vaulenst

    Yes, changing the date only during installation works, thanks cody. The resolution is lower than 320×200

  6. Arturbo

    Certificado expirado – Brasil/SP Nokia E65. Algu

  7. ADAKE

    certificate expired, but i downloaded it elsewhere, and the screen is not 320×240.

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