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Posted April 30, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Greetings everyone. Today I present to you one of the best game ever released for 3rd Edition Nokia symbian phones, Lament Island Mysteries. A whopping 24mb of size but this game is worth every single bytes of your SD card. The graphics are simply outstanding and textured to steal your attention. In this symbian game you play as a daring young man lost in a mysterious medieval castle of times, namely Roy! You have 20 levels of gaming with more than 50 built in puzzles. Obstacles including mechanical levers, pulleys and sliding walls are just the beginning of this game. The sound effects are quite haunting or ghastly to say the very least, and if your phone is N95, then you can imagine what the 3D sound effects will be like when you are playing it in a silent room.

The game is designed for the latest NSeries and ESeries 3rd Edition S60 cell phones and handsets of Nokia. Some phones that have been tested to work with this game are Nokia 3250, 5500 Xpress Music, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E70, N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93, N95 etc.

Some screen shots:

Lament Island

Lament Island

Lament Island

Lament Island

Lament Island

Lament Island

Lament Island

Lament Island

The Download:

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Lament Island Download

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  1. james mark

    hi..thanks to you haseeb i extracted it and it worked ….wow thanks so much the game is awsome ..i’m grateful thanks to you all… enjoying my game now!!wow wow wow!!!

  2. james mark

    hi everyone pls help me how do i correct drive full in 6120c and this awsome game i really luv bt everytime it says no/data in island what do i do pls i beg help me fast i really need a fast reply

  3. haseeb

    hi everybody I am very happy that finally after all my efforts. I have successfully runed this game on my e71. I also saw the same error ‘no data in /island/’ all you have to do is make a folder by yourself in memory card named ‘island’ then extract all the files of zip folder in it, you will see another folder ‘simlife’ in your folder ‘island’,just leave it and run the game. Now there is no possibility of any kind of error. Thank you

  4. haseeb

    I have nokia e71 and i have downloaded the zip fie, in text there is written ‘copy the simlife folder’ but there is no such folder,a lot of files are already in the zip. Please please please please help.. I have seen people playing this game on e71 so please tell me how to play otherwise giveme a trusted link

  5. kit

    hey.. some
    one help to read the data of simlife to run lament isald game to n6630

  6. Aarif Khan

    I have a Nokia C5-00 s60v3 and i’ve played well 7 Days on it, but i cant install this Lament Island. whenever i try to install, ‘Certificate error’ Installation setting’s Online Certificate checker is Off but im still stuck with this ‘certificate error, contact the supplier’ …need help, i wanna play it. ๐Ÿ™

  7. Kuru Zohny

    I’ve installed 7 days salvation good graphic game with awesome sound effects and i also want to experience this Lament Island as U have already mentioned its good graphic and sound effects but i m really sad that such a good game like this is in Zip file which completely doesn’t support in my Nokia 6700 slide but i always appreciate your great work and i request you to upload more sis and sisx 3D game of s60v3.

  8. Kuru Zohny

    Zip file doesn’t support in my Nokia 6700 slide. Is there sis or sisx file of Lament Island?

  9. Thanks in favor of sharing such a good thinking, post is nice, thats why
    i have read it entirely

  10. Mohammad Sami

    How to install the Lament game? I am succesfully instal the sis file but when i opend it, it says”No data in/island/ exit. So what i do?

  11. sumedh7r

    please try to upload more games for S60^5,thank you.

  12. snaker

    my problem is that i cant sign the game with signsis.exe cause there is a key but no certificate data…
    when i try to install the game on the phone it says that there is an certificate error…
    please help me!!!!!!!

    • Bro If U have this problem then just go to Settings>Applications>app.manager online certificate check must b off or must b passed and software installation must b turned on all..
      And try try to install once again
      Best of luck!!!!!!!!

  13. claro

    i think it’s gonna be perfect for my E90! haha XD

  14. this ih the beeeeesssstt .. gamee .. i eveer knoww ..
    nice graphic .. exelent game play .. ^^b

    thx .. ^^b

  15. jd

    can install most of featured games ,but cant get lament island working even n_gage installer.Can you please do an installation tutorial,thanks JD

  16. i can’t download these games in my mobile N95 please reply me n give suggestions how 2 download games?

  17. Esau

    Hi Guys, can you give me some explanation or tutorials about how to instal this and other games in my nokia N95 8gb?? thanks…

  18. kushal

    hi,can u give me the tutorials how to install this game in my nokia 5700.

  19. jorge

    Hi!, just extract the content of Data.Zip into e:\ and run the game.

    Great work chaos!!!

  20. adam

    how to install i sing the file and is rite “no data in\island\ exit game …..
    wheat can i do?

  21. yeng0524

    just change ur phone’s current date for expired certificat probs.. for example, the date n ur phone is july 27,2008,just change it to 2007.. then install.. afterwards, return it to 2008.. then enjoy the game!

  22. Sheriff

    Does anybody know any free social site that gives you an email that i could use in symbian signed

  23. misbah

    for all those morons who get the problem of certificate error..listen up….first you have to sign your sis file..go to and get it signed..then use card reader and put the simlife folder into drive e:/…it should work…

    just tryin to release some headache of the administrator of freesymbianthemes.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. n73

    i was able to download the file into my N73 phone. but when i tried to install it, this “Certificate error” appears. i tried to change the date already to 2007 and even 2006 but still it didn’t work. can somebody help me?


  25. Kho

    great game..!

  26. k8ie

    hei i already downloaded this..but im sure it will not work on my phone nokia 6300 if the file is .zip…tsk tsk..well how can i download it?

  27. angga

    hi.. saya dari indonesia..
    menggunakan nokia 6120 classic.

    terima kasih

  28. How to install this game on nokia 5700?

  29. Arup

    I am unable to install this game on my n73 handset.It shows drive full unable to install lament island game help coz’ i need this game very badly.eargerly waiting for someone to reply

  30. Arup

    I own n73 cellphone yet i m unable to dwnld this shows-Drive full.Unable to install lamen island game help.

  31. DragoN

    This is not signed game. You have to sign it with certificate prior to installation.

  32. b3aSt

    hey dude i dont see wheres the download link,so i CANT download it.pls help

  33. nenirous

    And will work in n82?

  34. n81

    will it work in n81?

  35. DragoN

    If you get message “Certificate error”, change your date settings to view years in the past, 2007. or 2006. if 2007. doesn’t work.
    After installation, you can switch it back.

  36. Prats

    Hey, is anybody able to get this to work ?

  37. ashok_2303

    how to install this lament island game on my nokia e50 it says certificate error, contact supplier. I have made the necessary settings in application manager. Please help me I really like this game

  38. ashok_2303

    I am getting a message “certificate error, contact the supplier” when I tried to install this in my nokia E50 I copied the simlife to memory card please help me I am dying for this game

  39. iain

    link doesn’t work.
    file downloads but is 507k

  40. Pinal

    I am first to use it

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