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Posted June 28, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

K.O.D.E or Knights of the Dark Age is one of those game which seems to be inspired from Street Fighter or King of Fighters, mano-e-mano, you versus the laptop or desktop game, ported for your handheld. In this epic game for Nokia phones you get to engage your skills against furious opponents
in a gut wrenching combat in an unknown dimension discovered by the dirty and corrupted llthorion. The game is mainly tournament focused and with each opponent you destroy, a difficult and faster opponent steps in. Thus you progress in the tournament and at last face one hell of a gruesome boss! You get to choose your weapons from your surroundings or environment which will be provided around you when you are having the match against your opponent. In total there are five types of game modes available in Knights of the Dark Age, combat mode, versus mode, the survival mode, easy practice and a very innovative Pokemon style bloodcards match.

In the combat mode you can choose to fight with really difficult opponents in a tournament based match up or series. Every time you defeat an opponent, you advance to the next level and face an even more difficult opponent who is drooling to cut you to pieces. The opponents are really all equipped with superb moves and isn’t really a piece of pie to defeat. They will take you to the limit be sure of that.

One of the best part of the game however is the versus mode, well at least for me! Here you can play against your friend via bluetooth and thus enjoy the awesomeness of multiplayer and smartphone gaming. I tried to play this game myself with one of my friends and it really is a good experience, the gameplay doesn’t stop or pause in between the moves or in events where the graphics engine is running at full force.

In the survival or the time trial mode, you are thrown into a ticking time bomb so to speak and your aim will be to defeat the maximum number of opponents in that specified time, without breaks and life renenwing up. This part of the game is really very difficult and you can only master it once you have played this game enough times to know the moves really well.

In practice mode you can master your moves, and you really need to specially the “special moves”. Must inform you at this point that your handhelds keys really can make a difference for this game, the bigger the keys and the more space you have, the better and faster you will be able to play. The cellular phones from Nokia like N73, N81, N95 etc will do just fine! You also have the option to set up the difficulty level to high or low depending on your motivation to learn and master it overall.

Last, but not the least, is an innovative one of a kind bloodcards match. In other words you will be able to play online against people all around the world with cards, just like you do in Pokemon style games. It can be real fun cause you can see the rankings of other players who are playing this in their pda or cell phone and compare your position on the go!

Knights of the Dark Edge is actually one of the best 3D symbian mobile games available to date. The 3D rendering is almost as good as the graphics you see at Shadow Warrior, Lament Island or Doom 3D for PDA and cell phones. Plus you have the option of bluetooth multiplayer, online rankings and survivalism. This game is really one of the best out there so far according to me and will get you addicted to your favorite mobile phone in no time at all. K.O.D.E is compatible with all the major platforms of Nokia including N-Gage, Nokia N-Series and E-Series S60 smart phones. All the 3rd edition phones like Nokia E65, N71, N73, N80, N81, N82, N91, N91Music Edition, N93, N71, N93i, N95, N76, E90, E50, E51, E70, E71, N78, Nokia 6110, Nokia 6120 and 6121, N75, N92, Nokia 5700 and 5710 XpressMusic, 5500, N95 8gb, N96 E61, E62, 6290, 3250 etc are well supported. Also phones from 2nd edition like Nokia N70, 6680, 6681 are also supported. Almost all GSM and CDMA based carriers like AT&T, Vodafone, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Hutch, Digi, Telenor, Airtel, Idea, T-Mobile, Reliance Mobile, Sprint etc are all supported and should work well with this game. However if you are on a pre-paid plan of AT&T or T-Mobile then it is adviced that you don’t go for the online gaming mode as it uses quite a bit of 3G or Edge packets to even enter or exit the website. Please subscribe to my RSS feed for free if you like this game, that is all I ask. Don’t forget to leave your comments about your experience about this game. Cheers!


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  1. christopherchika

    pls i need d code

  2. patrick

    please i need k.o.d.e code to unlock the game,and my phone is c5.00

  3. benjamin

    pleas i need k.o.d.e code am using nokia c6120 the code which u gave(12345)is valid

  4. elijah

    pls i need d code to play d game which site should i visit

  5. charles

    12345 code is not working i need a new code so i can play ths game

  6. Md halim

    what is the code? Pls give me the code

  7. Ndy_h

    12345 is’nt valid everyone can give me right code ..

  8. What is k.O.D.E unlocking code?

  9. Arun

    I had installed the game successfully but when executing it asks to connect to internet to download game components and after connecting to net it auto exits help!!!!

  10. looks nice, lets check it on my phone.

  11. rap

    helloooooooooooooooo how do i unlock this games ??????????????even>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    key generator doesn,t work………..i think 123456 will unlock …….oooops…….

  12. gamerfreak

    chaos teri ma ki chut mr chaos kar dunga jaldi se code publish kar… Lol

  13. gamerfreak

    madarchodo game ka code to dedo.. Kyu paresaan kar re ho…..

  14. s kumar

    @ mike
    1.first ensure your phone is hacked.
    ( Use attached files or google search )
    2.then install TechnoBubble.Knights.Of.The.Dark.Edge

    3. install Knights.Of.The.Dark.Edge.C-r-a-c-k.sis
    4. open it and register with 12345
    5. Put SBPack.12.QScenes.29 and SBPack.12.MeshesB.38 at
    e:Private/200008256/Resources directory if you don’t want to update the game online. the game will work nicely. ( !. The phone needs to be hacked to access private directory)

    Note:- e: is the drive in which the game is installed.

  15. el_che

    how do you play it without using internet, i connect but it sends back “the resource cannot be found”, thanks for the game.

  16. biswas

    hey i dnt knw how to activate this game. i wanna plat this game. can somebody help me my product code is DXQF-KTDJ-NEGU-XVQW.

  17. The code is 12345 so enjoy lol:-)

  18. Roger

    thank you very much i will try this game and i think i will like it

  19. eko

    i will try this game

  20. Rishi

    I’m unable to unlock this game. I went through the Read Me file and followed the instructions. But when i try to install the APP TRK… my phone replies “Unable to install. Feature is built in.” Please help.

  21. i am having problems with unlocking the KODE .it is asking me for the seccurity code.can any one please tell me the the unlock code for product BXUF-JDDF-JEGU-XVQZ. YOU CAN AS WELL SEND ME ANY ONE YOU KNOW

  22. mike

    how do i get the unlocking code

  23. yogesh_prj

    How to download

  24. zhe

    hi.. can i have the valid code? i need it a.s.a.p.. thank you!


    Plz share the code..
    I also didnt get it frm that url.

  26. f

    hello -code . Pls i is bras

  27. Thanks for the link to I got the code from there. Again thanks orionindia

  28. Orionindia

    Visit here for games or for this game too
    Here is the site

  29. hello

    can i have the code? pls?

  30. tulor270

    Thank you

  31. arvy

    i got the game working on my e50
    but i cant play so where i have to copy the extra files

  32. frnd

    Regestration code 12345 in apl trk is invalid
    please, reply the right code

  33. filhad

    yeah can i please know what the registration code is too??

  34. iaceka

    how to play without using the phone

  35. b3aSt

    hey dude.i installed it and run,but pls tell me how where to copy the files so i dont use internet.i dont have “private” folder on my n73

  36. j4ck

    Really cool game! Works fine in Nokia n80 Full Screen!

  37. Krishdivesh

    hey man….what is the registration code…the one which u gave(12345) is invalid

  38. gabby28

    thanks a lot

  39. Its working fine at my end, please try again and let me know.

  40. Me

    Link not working when pressing 3rd edition button

  41. By pressing the 3rd edition button obviously..

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