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Posted September 5, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Fast cars, screeching brakes, fiery weapons and heart stopping crashes are the highlights of the things of the games that I am going to publish for you today. In both the games you race on dirty streets and your aim is to win within the best possible time or win by ‘taking care’ of your competitor’s cars so to speak. Both the games are compatible with Nokia N-Series and E-Series S60 3rd edition symbian smartphones and both are real gems in your Nokia games collections. The graphics are astounding, specially when you bump the other cars and they crash against the rack of tires on the sides or the wall. The games I am publishing today are based on rally racing and they are called Infinite Dreams K-Rally and Mobile Burnout.

Infinite Dreams K-Rally features 3D graphics and your car are stacked up with loads of weaponeries including guns and rockets. The roads are boobie traps all the way with mines underneath them here and there and everywhere else. There are good signs throughout the races by which you can actually differentiate the good track against the bad ones but most of the times when you actually notice them it is usually too late. The overall view is quite intelligent as you see your cars and your opponent’s car top down like the way you see in Fifa 2008‘s top tower or stadium cam. Just like in Skyforce Reloaded the trail of the fire of destruction that you leave behind is quite a view that you get to enjoy.

K-Rally features astounding 3D graphics that are rarely found in the Nokia smartphones based 3rd edition games or even on the N-Gage platform. To progress to the next levels you have to win the races and win them in style so that you get the maximum amount of prize money and get the chance to spend them accordingly. You have a choice of overall 10 different cars and 14 individual characters, loads of weapons, different type of shops where you can buy upgrades for your cars or ammunition. One more exciting features is the random racing track generators which creates fresh new tracks everytime, thus keeping you guessing the next turn during a race.

You can race in a championship race or drive yourself to the top in a career mode, a quick race and another ghost mode or a beat the best time mode. All the 3D elements are interactive and completely animated, there are shadows behind every single car and this game also offers HD (high definition) type graphics for particles which we experienced in games like Asphalt Elite Racing or Asphalt Street Rules. The sound effects are really good and very detailed and you can actually hear the sounds of a car rolling by after a crash clearly. With 3 kinds of difficulty levels you can be pretty sure that this game is for both experienced games, newbies and for those who wants to be on top in terms of points earned online. All in all this game is worth every single moment of playing and engagibility, so if you have not played it still, you really should right now!!


Nokia Game K-Rally

Nokia Game K-Rally



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Mobile Burnout for Nokia is one of the most underrated racing game of this year. After playing this game I must admit I was really impressed with its overall graphics and racing quality. The tracks are really good and tricky and the cars move very smoothly when you turn the wheels or bump your car against your opponents one. The speed of this game and the cars is the biggest plus point of the game. The explosions of the cars are quite frankly one of the very best that I have ever witnessed and experienced on the smartphones screen specially on a Nokia N95 or N73.

Yes you do not have the weapons and stuff like that but in Burnout, your car is your biggest weapon. Points are earned when you properly smash your opponents car of perform a double smashing move by wrecking two or three cars with one single hit. The skid marks are the pointers that will help you decide in split seconds which way to turn your car to earn the maximum points. Just like in Juiced 2 or Ferrari World Championship, lousy crashes will earn you lousy points and will probably make your car slow down in terms of speed.

Most of your opponents are hard to knock down, specially with traffic all around you which are not only bigger in size but also very annoying. There are in total of 21 races where you can race your opponents and they are all very different when compared with each other. Not all kinds of tracks are available either and the game is quite short in nature with only 3 tracks to race in but they are quite big in size and will take a hell lot of time to finish.

Some tracks are kinda easy though but it all depends how good you are at racing games and how quickly you learn this game’s tricks. Colliding with opponent cars are really quite a experience in this one and they are really what makes this game great. It’s not the same ol “turn left you die” kinda game but rather the actual crash depends on how and at what speeds you bump the car behind or in front of you.

Nokia phones are all different right, but this game will present you great graphics in nearly all of them. The audio effects are not as great as Need for Speed Carbon or K-Rally but nonetheless they are of a good standard. The flames of the explosions are beautiful and quite impressive to see in mobile phones. All in all, this game can be easily rated at 6.5 over a scale of 10. Nearly all phones are supported including Nokia N70, 6300, 6120, 6680, 8800 Luna, Arte and even 5300 or 5200 Xpress Music.


Nokia Game Burnout

Nokia Game Burnout





Bluetooth or Wifi multiplayer support are missing in both the games sadly but they are still fantastic games all over. Both the games are compatible with all the major GSM or WCDMA network providers including Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Orange Mobile UK, Hutch, Telstra, Sprint, Rogers, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Airtel, Reliance Mobile, Cingular and many others.

All Nokia 3rd edition N-Series and E-Series phones are supported including Nokia N73, N75, N76, N77, N91, N78, N79, N80, N81, N82, N85, N92, N93, N95, N96, E50, E70, E51, E60, E61, E61i, N-Gage, N95 8gb, N81 8gb, E62, E65, E90, E71, E66, 3250, 5700, Xpress Music 5200, 6120, 6121, 6600 Slide, 5710, 6110, 6280, 6290 and others. Please do subscribe to the RSS feed for free before downloading the games and using them on your Nokia phones and handhelds.

Check out more free mobile games in the mobile games page or simply do a search for free mobile games or search with the specific name of the game within this blog and I am confident that you will find it.

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