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Posted October 11, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Admit it, when you read the title here on the blog you knew this post is mighty special! You are right capitano because today I am going to post one of the hottest Nokia mobile game ever been published here in Nokia Symbian Themes for N-gage devices and S60 3rd edition and the newly released series 60 symbian OS 9 5th edition mobile phones. Hooked On Creatures of the Deep for all Series 60 3rd edition mobile devices with any Symbian OS feature pack installed.

Hooked on Creatures of the Deep is one of those symbian games you simply cannot miss even if you are an occasional mobile phone gamer and you certainly cannot miss playing it at least a hundred times on your Nokia handhelds if you are a hardcore S60 Ngage games addict. It features some of the best 3D mobile game graphics ever seen on a Nokia or a symbian device and it also packs itself with an effective and fun-filled gaming story to follow. So take your N-Gage 2.0 on your hands and start to work those gaming fingers cause it’s about to get quite addictive once you play it for the first time. Hooked on Creatures of the Deep is a semi role playing semi objective oriented game in which you have to catch different kind of fishes and climb up the ladder of the fishing experience to ultimately gain the championship cup of that country. It takes place in four countries including Costa Rica, Thailand, Alaska and in the Scotland.

What makes this game apart and distinctive from all the other Ngage mobile games like Star Wars The Force Unleashed or Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol are its 3D graphics, gaming simplicity and overall general approach to the story line. The graphics as you can see below in the screenshots are something worth remembering and they are almost as good as Star Wars only the game is entirely different. The game is well thought of and there are a variety of elements you have to consider when catching a fish. It is no surprise that it is a game primarily focused for the latest N-gage 2.0 platform engine and it certainly is worth mentioning that with all the symbian developers out there working 24 by 7, you are now able to play Ngage games like Hooked on Creatures of the Deep on your Nokia symbian mobile phones. In the game Hooked on Creatures of the Deep you start the play offs from the murky waters of Costa Rica. Your primary aim is to complete objectives based on tournaments but you can also do free fishing whenever you want to.

The gameplay experience of Hooked on Creatures of the Deep is quite astounding! Everything is more than realistic in terms of gameplay and honestly speaking the game has very little to complain about. From the moment you choose the location where you want to actually fish in Costa Rica to the moment when you actually pull the fish on the boat, everything is really well defined. You can choose to fish in the deep waters or the shallow waters, you can choose whether to get a lighter hook or a heavier hook, you can buy several kinds of fishing rods and a whole lot more. This game has all the elements of a purely Ngage focused mobile game and much more. Bass Fishing does not even come close to this one you know!

Fishing in the deep waters is quite tricky to say the least and it has both advantages and disadvantages. While you can hook a fish quite easy in the deep waters but most fishes living deep underneath are witty and will probably outplay you to escape the first and second time. However, if you do catch it then you are rewarded with more experience points with which you can buy better equipments to fish around. Lighter hooks catches the attention of most fishes and using it you will not make the fishes more warned to the trap, it is really useful when your specific target is to catch a rare fish which you really don’t want to lose at any cost. Heavier hooks are tougher and will ensure your success about the fish not breaking your fishing bow when you start to roll the tackle, but it makes a “blopping” sound when you throw it on the water and it goes down real fast underneath and as a result many fishes will never even bother to take up the bait. The symbian game offers you several options to buy better equipments with the points you earn but do note that you also get those rewarded when and if you win the competition. It is up to you to decide what you want to do with the experience points that you earn in this Nokia Ngage game, so do you want to get to the second stage quickly or do you want to spend them to buy better equipments? Or better yet, compete on the Nokia Ngage arena against the world!

Hooked on Creatures of the Deep presents you only Costa Rica when you first start to play this Nokia Ngage 2.0 game for the first time and all the other three countries are locked in the beginning. There is no shortcut to success and fishing and this game proves it!! There will be many times when you think you have caught a salmon or a hammerhead shark but when you pull it out you will see it is only a bloody old watch! My advice will be to keep them on your boat and not throw them away because in the future you will have use for them somehow or the other. In this symbian mobile game for your Nokia cell phones, everything is gold! There are many resorts where you can fish and tournaments will be held in a single country one at a time, so do not be all sad because you cannot fish at places like Scotland from the very beginning as there are plenty of mega sized resorts in Costa Rica from the start of this Nokia game. Every time you finish playing all the stages and won it in each one of them, only then, you will be able to unlock the other countries.

Also, do check out the ‘Pause’ menu and the ‘Pocket’ Menu when you are playing the game as they are extremely important. All information of this Nokia Ngage game that you need are right there on the menus so if you are lost you know where to search for help. Also, choose wisely when you have to pick your spot for fishing, too many boats already fishing around you might mean you will get a lesser chance of hooking up a fish. The overall graphics of this game is really very good and so Hooked on Creatures of the Deep’s audio effects. You can choose to lower or turn off the sound or even play your songs through Lonely Cat Games Jukebox or Nokia Music player concurrently when playing the game. So go right ahead and download this high definition symbian mobile game for your Nokia devices! All major symbian smartphones with the 3rd edition symbian OS of Nokia Series 60 or S60, N-Series and E-Series (Samsung and SonyEricsson too) are supported.

For Nokia the list includes phones like Nokia N96, 5800 XpressMedia or Xpress Music or should I say 5800 Tube, N95 8gb, N95, N91, N92, N93, N81, N82, N85, N78, N79, N80, N73, N76, N85, 6110, 6290, 6300, 6120, 6121, E50, E61, N71, 5610, E62, E65, E66, XpressMusic 5200, E70, E90, E71, N6600, Nokia Ngage, N75, 8800 Carbon Arte, Luna etc and many more. In other words it supports any handhelds or smartphones which is capable to play the Nokia N-gage 2.0 or the native Ngage application. All the major network operators like AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Nextel, Vodafone, Hutch, Cingular, Orange Mobile UK, TIM Wireless, 3G Wireless, Airtel, Virgin Mobile, Telstra, Telenor, Reliance Mobile, TIM Wireless, TeleSonera, Telkomsel etc should work perfectly with this game and if you have 3G or GPRS enabled on your mobile handset then you will be able to compete in terms of points earned online in the N-Gage Arena.

It is also advised that you install this game on the memory stick of the phone with the help of your Nokia PcSuite.



Ngage 2.0 Hooked on Creatures of the Deep Alternate Gameplay:

Some screenshots:

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  1. rebecca

    can u give me the code for creatures of deep???

  2. Rose Angel

    hi..I do like the hooked on creatures of the deep but it just the trial..anyone pls give me the activation code to play the full version game…pls….pls…pls… email me: Angel_eyez3004 at hotmail. thanx ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. N81HACKER

    hi dude thanks 4 this game..
    really nice site ^^

    all people here if you cant install it download secman and install root certificate

    and boom your n81 hacked and all u can intall all game

  4. jainil

    HEy chandru this game is working or nt in your mobile ???

    • chandru

      yes its working fine ,but i think i downloaded from other site…….
      u try installing this in ur HACKED PHONE

  5. navid

    how am i supposed to get the full version???or any activation code

  6. hello…i install it to my nokia n78……and this game is trial version??how am i supposed to get the full version???or any activation code…tq…

  7. Kuo

    Hello there, I downloaded the game and used winrar to extract the files.
    After that I place the ngage file in my ngage folder.
    Then I launched the file from my phone.
    but when Installing the file on ngage it says that the file is corrupted, and then the phone says to delete.

    How do I actually install the game properly?

  8. Master_hacker

    Before you install this game,, you must hack your phone with helloox v 1.3 .. It’s not corrupt file,, but your system prevent you, using a cracked app .. i’ve hack my phone,, and it’s works.. i can play n-gage game without trial confirmation . . it’s amazing . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. chandru

    hi……… Chaos Inc.

    is this game “HOOKED ON CREATURES OF DEEP”is full version

    and pls tell me how to install this game

  10. UmmHurairah

    Hello Jay,

    I have installed the files for this creatures of the deep on my E71 I don’t know how many times. It keeps saying my phone doesn’t have enought memory even though I have 2gigs on the memory card where I installed it. I downloaded the Ngage and it still saying the same thing. I have more than enough memory for it. What is the prob. Also, the Ngage does not allow me to browse new games or try to download them. Thanks.

  11. kenneth

    hi, please help me for the activation code of n-gage games,.. i thought that this is a cracked version but when i finish installing the games it appears also as trial versions.

    please do help me ‘coz i really want to have the full versions of the n-gage games,..
    my cellphone unit is nokia n95 8gb,..

    thanks and hope to hear you soon,.more power and Godbless!

  12. kenneth

    hi, please help me for the activation code of n-gage games,.. i thought that this is a cracked versions, but when i finish installing the games it appears also as trial versions.

    please do help me ‘coz i really want to have full versions of n-gage games,..
    my cellphone model is nokia n95 8gb,..

    thank you and hope to hear it from you soon,..more power and Godbless!

  13. becomeafanplz

    this game is corrupted in application n-gage latest version on my phone (nokia n95) is there any way to fix it ,or any other link to download it ,thanks forward

  14. sarah

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  15. i have played the trial version games
    i really liked it
    guys try it

  16. nabin

    please give me the game

  17. Jay

    i tryed it and it didnt work. Im kinda confused aswell. Im lost totally. The game creatures of the deep is nit rar file.

  18. Jay

    Thank you i will have a go at that. Much appreciated

  19. Jay

    This file is currupted doea any 1 have another lionk for this game to download.

    Email me

    Thank you

    • Hey there Jay, the file is not corrupted but rather archived as a Rar Extension. To open the archive you simply have to download and use WinRAR on your laptop or PC and install that extracted Mobile compatible file through Nokia PcSuite. On a different note, I had to edit your comment and remove your email address, otherwise you might get spammed by crooks!! Cheers!

      • archangel

        The file may not be corrupted but even when you extract it with winrar and try to download it it says file corrupt. I’ve done this over and over with different download sites and always get the same file corrupt warning. Some of the downloads won’t let you download until you load metrotrk on your phone. Unfortunately, that don’t work either as all the metrotrk downloads they give with the app say certificate error. Ive been trying to download this game for 4 days now and got nowhere. If anyone knows the solution, i’d be grateful to hear it. thanks

    • zhut

      pls da links.. coz this one is corrupted file..

  20. DEzz

    I cannot install de game!!! can someone help

  21. lolo


  22. purpldruid

    excellent game have not been able to put it down much appreciated

  23. sherif

    wonderfull thank you very much

  24. file corrupted!!! please help me to use it!!
    my device is n73!! please!!!!!!

  25. mike

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  26. Lex80

    THank You Very Much….Its Work On My N5320 XM….Its So Great!!!!!!!!

  27. jeannette


  28. charbby


  29. @Albadros – Thanks a lot for letting me know. I have fixed the link accordingly. Much appreciated for the feedback. Let me know when you play this one cause I am sure that you will be able to from now on with this download!! Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Albadros

    @Chaos Inc.

    I tried on my Mac(UnrarX, Stuffit), on my PC (Winrar), with Nokia PC Suite, Bluetooth, … File corrupted :S

  31. @Chaos Inc. – well, I did exactly that, trust me, I know how to extract files. Maybe I’ll try it again later, I’ll let you know if it works then. I have a Nokia N95 8GB, btw.

  32. @Elsa and EVERYONE – It is NOT corrupted at all. You will need to download it on your laptop or PC and unzip the Archive through a free utility based software called Winrar (similar to Winzip, only better). Then you can simply install it and enjoy!

    Thanks a lot for the comments people!

  33. It’s corrupted, I couldn’t install it.

  34. got this installed and i love it… i haven’t stopped playing for the last week or so. to be honest the idea of a fishing game didn’t really appeal to me however this game has excellent playability with enough to keep you playing to unlock higher levels. i’m definitely going to be annoyed when i finish this one…

  35. Neo

    i installed the game successfully but when i try to start it i get the error message “Unable to start game (Error 805306368)”. Can someone please help?

  36. My Hang

    i have N-Gage V1.1 (1318) on my N82. i searched so many website about N-Gage V2.0 but file not found (after download and install, V1.1 only). Please help. Thank so much.

  37. FatHammer

    File Corrupted!!! Can’t install the game.

  38. i tried installing this but got a ‘file is corrupted message’… am i missing something?

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