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Posted March 23, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Always thought that racing games on your Nokia can never get any better than Asphalt 4 Elite Racing or Need for Speed Undercover? You may have a second thought if you get hold on any of the two S60 games in the same genre called HeroCraft High Speed 3D and Demolition Derby by Glu. Herocraft High Speed 3D boasts in raw speed action while Demolition Derby for mobile powers itself with amazing gameplay.

Herocraft High Speed 3D for Nokia brings 20 extensive racing tracks and 9 unique custom street cars on your symbian phone. It supports all the Nokia smartphones like Nokia 3rd edition N-Series and E-Series mobile devices including Series 60 N95, N95 8gb, N81, N85, N82, N80, N78, N73, N76, N79, E50, E51, E60, E62, E65, E71, E66, E90, E70, E61, 6120, 5800 Xpress Music, 57oo, etc and other N-Series or E-Series mobile phones & devices.

High Speed 3D offers great gameplay as well with you starting off the career as a racing car rookie who has to climb up on top of the chain. To achieve all the you will have to defeat the most dirty racers around. To earn respect or to win races you need to choose the right cars and tune the engine for every race differently. You are also offered several cars to begin with which is a huge plus as well.

This Nokia game has a garage from which you can easily choose the car you want to ride or start your day with. You can spray paint your own car, get some cool decals or simply tweak those nuts for better controls. Herocraft High Speed 3D for mobile has good driving and control physics built into it and rest assured you will be loving the way your car ends up drifting when in a race. Nitrous Boosts are also available which can be easily installed at minimal costs into your car. It also lets you choose between challenges which means you can easily choose to decide the order of the tracks or when you are gonna play em. Lastly and much importantly it also offers world ranking of the races where you and your custom cars are featured online.

Demolition Derby is a similar game to K-Rally (which I already posted about) and it features great action and a fair paced racing experience. A high action, smashing game in its own way Demolition Derby 2D for S60 Nokia mobile phones, unlike Herocraft High Speed 3D is actually a 2D game with clear easy controls. Your goal is to win the track by hook or by crook.

Speed up your way by driving spectacularly or simply clear up traffic by shooting and banging those cars in front. The graphics are truly brilliant and so are the trail blazing flames of the Nitrous boosts or NOS. There are up to 8 competitors that will be racing against you in each race and believe me they will make it very difficult for you to finish the race in one single piece you know. Bonus elements are presented to you in each race and even on the small screen display of your Nokia you will be able to see them far before on the tracks which gives you the ability to drive and turn your cars accordingly. These elements are actually different power ups which lets you release special stuffs like smokes, nails etc or they can also offer you with Nitrous or Shell boosts. This Nokia mobile game is sure a jam packed suit of action gaming for any smartphones or wireless devices.

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High Speed 3D:

High Speed Racing 3D Nokia

High Speed Racing 3D Nokia

Demolition Derby:

Demolition Derby 3D

Demolition Derby 3D

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Download these mobile games!

Herocraft High Speed:


Download High Speed 3D

Demolition Derby Mobile:


Download Demolition Derby

Installation Procedures:

I know there have a few complaints regarding one of the games namely High Speed 3D making your display go blank when you launch it after installation or sometimes resulting a very good performance the first time you play it whilst not launching itself the second time. (For Demolition Derby a new updated file is also included for better compatibility with newer Symbian phones).

The problem is fixed with the new installers in both the games and should take care of those bugs if you reinstall the games with the new versions that I am updating this post with!

To fix the problem with High Speed 3D all you have to do is extract the installations first and then you will notice two files one of which is a .JAD (1kb)  file while the other one is a .JAR file. Copy both the files in a single folder and then transfer that folder to your phone directly using PcSuite or just any ordinary USB cable or Bluetooth dongles.

After the transfer is done, browse to that folder in your phone and launch the .JAD file (not the .JAR file!). Follow the instructions provided by the installer and it will be installed without a hassle!! After the installation is complete, simply launch the game and you will see all problems have vanished quite magically!!

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  1. goku

    will asphalt 4 work on nokia 5530 xm

  2. Will high speed 3D AND DEMOLITION Derby work for nokia 5233?

  3. will asphalt3 game work in nokia 5233

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  7. RedEye

    Dude… Demolition Derby for Nokia N82 is not working. I’ve downloaded and installed it twice… both times my N82 got a White Screen and Froze. …I had to Restart the phone both times.

    Can you check whats wrong with the games??

  8. Bogdan

    dude,I love high speed 3D.Cool gameplay and everything,very nice graphics, but I think that the game is a trial because I installed it on my E51,worked perfectly but when I started the game for the second time it told me that I have tu purchase the full versioin or something like that online.

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