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Posted December 9, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Get yourself ready to go through an epic adventure of magic, heroes, guardians and monsters. One of the most highest grossing game of the year in the eastern world now hits the smartphones of the western world. Make no mistake that Heroes Lore: Winds of Soltia is not a mobile game that everyone will like to play however those who enjoyed games like the Elven Chronicles will have a hell of time playing it one their Series 60 Nokia cell phones.

In this adventure filled action mobile game Heroes Lore: Winds of Soltia, a saga and a timeless tale, you will have to take a few steps back to combat in the mythical world of magic where you will have to save the world by winning the ultimate fights with all the odds stacked against you. To achieve that you will have to discover the elements needed to summon the guardians who will help you with their immense power. You have the option to use a fair amount of shields, axes, swords and armors and stir them with your acquired magic. Gain yourself with the courage you need because you will have to conquer the evil in the world of creepy castles and dungeons, slumpy towns and never ending wastelands. The gameplay is stacked with a 2D map which will make you feel like you are in an eternal action saga. Oh yes this is a long game with over 30 odd hours of pure gameplay. All in all you will have to shoot and kill around eighty types of evil monsters, each having their own speciality and weaponery.

In this mobile game your guardians will really come in handy and even though you only get the chance to summon six different typese of guardians but I can assure you that if you use them wisely then you they will be more than enough. The guardians are really powerful and can swipe off an entire army with one shot. This high adrenaline magical Nokia mobile game also offers you with over 100 different types of maps to find your way through and even gives you the opportunity to use your own creativity to create the ultimate weapon so that you can destroy all those in wrong and win the game! The audio effects are not really outstanding and can be only classified as mediocre and can be a downfall of this game. This game is compatible with all the latest Nokia N-Series and Nokia E-Series cell phones like Nokia N96, N91, N93, N92, N95, N85, N71, N81, N82, N80, N73, N-Gage powered devices, E65, E61, E50, E51, E90, E70, E71, E60, E62, E66, E71, N78, N76, N77, N75, N96, 6210, 6121, N95 8gb, 6300, 6233, 6120, 5700, 5500, Xpress Music 5800 etc.


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Gameplay Video:

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  1. sonic

    greate game but no 1 i know never did the characters to 100% who did to 100% please reply to sonic4236@gmail.com(sorry for bad eng)

  2. WickedCoolIinnit

    dosent work with nokia 6300, right soft key causes application error:
    Illegal Argument
    java/lang/Illegal ArgumentException
    Invalid KeyCode

  3. paul

    hi. i played this game and this game is really good. i wanna know if someone can recommend another game as great as this. i wanna play games like this yaknow.

  4. Hans

    Awesome game!! Ur team rocks!

  5. hi rahul……………

  6. lester

    i would like to know when is da release of championship manager 2009 and pro manager 2009.hear from u asap

  7. jeannette


  8. angelo

    how come your character is really strong!?

  9. hero

    how to install the game on nokia e90 ?

  10. pierre

    There are so many Good Games here. But i would love too if I can download my favorite game lord of the ring.. Thank

  11. adolfo

    hi, i am trying to download it but it appears that i cant… It gets to 38% then pause and when i try to continue download it converts in a .bin file…

  12. Sachin

    The password for the rar file of this game is:-kimdonghwan.

  13. Calvin

    hi, i downloaded and extracted the game. But i cant find the installer of the game. like .jar and .sisx where can i find those? Thanks.

  14. Sachin

    jeannette which refiner do you want?There are refiners at the shop who mixes stuff & give attributes to weapons where you buy stuff,the guy is left to the merchant.

    • jeannette

      i dunno which refiner. im at solum then i have to create a orb so…???

      • sachin

        Which orb? Orb of weakening.The instruction to create this orb is in cabin in forest east to forest when you get out of solum.

        • jeannette

          yeah but even if i noe how to make the orb, mean like do i have to go to someone to make the orb? or if not how do i make it?

          • Sachin

            You must have certain items like root,cold iron etc.to make an orb,again the priest like guy net to the merchant will help you,go to him and select option mix items,there are various combinations scattered throughout the game.I’ll post these combinations in next reply.:-)

  15. hasbullah

    can you help me?
    i already download the game
    but i can’t open it on my phone…..
    my cellphone is N77

  16. jeannette


  17. paulo

    can you post some enlish version of this game..
    plssssss. i really like this game..thnks a lot..

  18. codemastercool

    When I downloaded and installed it, it seemed to be in spanish. Has this happened just on my phone?

  19. Hi Patrick, what code? There are are no code requirements at all! Lol. Just extract it as it requires no nothing like that.

  20. Patrick

    can please somebody tell me code for rar.?

  21. I’m really sorry for the mess up of the archive. I have fixed everything and it will work when you try it now. Please do let me know how much you liked it! Also I have updated the archive with the english translated version which is compatible with nearly all phones. Nokia N95 and similar screen resolution based users are adviced to install the specific version and not the standard multiscreen one as installing the specific version will present you with much more experience enhancement in the actual gameplay.

    Cheers and keep hip friends!

  22. jakie z was s? cio?y, az si? rzyga? chce, normalnie kretony nad kretonami ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. rath

    i can not open
    where the password?

  24. watson

    Yeah, that password doesn’t work. ๐Ÿ™

  25. Andre

    Originally Posted By maciootaadam,
    pass is: kimdonghwan

    i cant opened with this pass

  26. taadam,
    pass is: kimdonghwan

  27. Terry

    Where can I find the password please?

  28. ozzie

    the password please! :(:(

  29. watson

    password required ๐Ÿ™

  30. kunal

    password please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Marvs

    i am unable to extract the file as a password is required.

    Do you happen to know what the password is?

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