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Posted December 27, 2010 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Today I will feature 2 of the most wanted HD games (high def) for Nokia smartphones that I recently liked. I am sure most of you have heard about them and probably you were hoping to see them featured here. These HD Symbian games are based on the N Gage platform and will work with the latest N Gage based smartphones of Nokia including the Nokia N8. Yes, today I will finally feature Real Football 2010 HD and Hero of Sparta HD.

Real Football 2010 HD: Real Football 2010 HD or Real Soccer 2010 is based on platforms that supports and includes the N – Gage gaming engine. All high resolution smartphones including Nokia C7, N8, Nokia C6, E7 etc are supported. Any Symbian^3 smartphones from Nokia and other brands like SonyEricsson, Samsung, LG are also supported. Additionally this game will also work on any Android platforms.

Real Football 2010 HD packs quite an exhaustive list of gameplay options that is promising enough to keep you engaged to your Symbian^3 smartphone for months but it does have  some pitfalls as well. There are over 245 teams for you to choose from but they are actually not the real life teams that you are a fan of. The actual title of any team and the name of all the players have been changed to keep the lawyers at bay. However you can rename or edit any team or player after the installation if you really want to play with the so called ‘real players’ which is an exhausting task I assume. The exhibition mode is a good starting point to play the game for the first time after the training is over. Simply pick your team and choose an opponent team to kick off this game without impacting your career or legend mode.

The multi touch features & the HD graphics of this game is a great feature that is well integrated with the game in general. Running, passing or shooting a ball is quite easy as long as you have played the 2008 version of Real Football HD. However, you will notice that even after practicing the gameplay for a few times, you are still unable to cope with the difficulty of simultaneous sprints and passes/crosses towards other teammates. You will have to face the player you are passing to while making a pass which makes it all the more difficult yet entertaining in a way. There is a small arrow around the player you are controlling which will help you with the proper alignment of a pass or cross that you are about to make.

Real Soccer HD 2010

Real Soccer HD 2010

The music of the game felt quite distracting  to me though I am sure that many of you will have no problems with that. Changing the team’s momentum by customizing the pressing mentality is also quite well implemented. Another strong point of the game is the penalty mode which you will thoroughly enjoy. Lastly, the usual modes including the legend mode (where you play as a single player throughout the season) & the club based championship mode are also present.

Download Real Soccer 2010 HD version

Download Real Soccer 2010 HD version

Hero of Sparta HD: Hero of Sparta is an action/adventure based HD game that resembles to the classic Prince of Persia HD game that almost all of us loved in the past. This time however it is the Spartan King Argos who will engage in bloody battles against some of their toughest enemies to date which includes both humans & mythological creatures.

The incredible graphics and environmental details around your player are two of its many strong points. The biggest advantage of this game however is your ability to perform awesome combos which combined with the amazing 3D graphics makes the RPG based gameplay an absolute blast. You will have to find your way through the darkest pits of the Underworld by battling against countless number of mythological creatures like scorpions, lions etc & even some legendary creatures such as Cyclops, Cerberus among many others. One of the biggest drawback of the game is the lack of detailed texture filtering for elements in the distance but then again that what keeps the motion of the game constant over a period of time. Oh by the way, there is absolutely no lag throughout the game play as much as I can tell.

Even though the multi-touch based player movements takes a bit of practice to master, it is still worth it once you do finish mastering em properly. The gameplay may seem difficult to control for some of us (specially when trying to punch out your combos & finishing moves) but then again you cannot expect to perform all the moves through the multi-touch game stick controller the very first time you play a game now, can you? Apart from the adaptation difficulty of multi-touch combos and the overall low texture blends of the game, it is an absolute star. Any user who loves to play 3D RPG games will love to get their hands on this one for sure.

Hero of  Sparta HD

Hero of Sparta HD

Download Hero of Sparta HD version

Download Hero of Sparta HD

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  1. Nkulumo

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  2. Nkulumo

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  3. Emmanuel

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  4. emmanuel

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  7. toppyjay

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  8. sunday

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  9. Tushar

    Bro, i downloded hero of sparta sis from this site to my C7. When i m going to install, it shows “certificate error. Contact the app supllier”
    what can i do now?

  10. Aidil

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  14. john

    pls i want u to specifically adress dis issue of certificate error while installing bcos i av d same p

  15. ali

    above games are not for nokia c6-00.

  16. Thiago Barradas

    Thanks guy!
    Let’s try!!

  17. hack your phone my friend and enjoy!

  18. milan

    it says certificate error plz contact the supplier!!!!
    How can i solve it???

  19. Asim Johri

    these two games were very good i love this thanx 4 post man !!!

  20. toyin

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  21. pasting

    does this games work for NOkia E75, plz..

  22. pasting

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  23. pasting

    does this games work for nokia E75, coz it is showing “application error contact supplier”

  24. kishor

    hey man,please do something. Its shwoing on installing real football.(certificate error……..) help me.give some advice .

  25. Arbaz

    i had download REAL FOOT BALL HD but it shows certificate error while installing,
    Please tell me its solution.

  26. i hav downloaded heroes of sparta, but it says certificate error while installing………how should i recover of it

  27. Shehu

    pls dis games is not working with my phone. Pls tag my phone. I love football.

  28. aminu

    hey please help me to download nfs cabon to my c6

  29. tayes

    i downlod hero of de spartas n avater both did not instal i face prob it says error in certificate that i should contact the provider so say how can i recovar it

  30. rapon

    you are doing great….i so much appreciate ur effort..thanks alot

  31. Rajat Aggarwal

    Hi………..pls i dnld the hero of sparta game on my nokia c7 but when i install it tells certificate error contect the app. Provider

  32. kishor

    its not installing.,message is error in application certificate….please handset is nokia n8.please tell me.

  33. Chemmy

    I downloaded realfootball 2010 hd & sparta hd on my nokia c7 both did not instal it says error in certificate that i should contact the provider. What should i do?

  34. hero of sparta very good

  35. adrian

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  36. frank

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  37. Shouaib Ahmad

    Hero Of Sparta Can Play nokia 5800Xm

  38. Temsu

    Hy, cn i download hero of sparta,nfs shift HD ,SoccerHD ,Asphalt in my nokia 5233? I relly wana play!! am excited. Plz tel me.

  39. this website is very best n this website fine n her theame. but i charce natural th eam did not comeing this theame

  40. jay

    real football 201
    Hd does not install in my nokia 6120 c,or is there another version for my phone ,pls i realy nid this game,what should i do!


    Plz I need footbal game for Nokia C3.


    Plz I need football game for my Nokia C3.

  43. zoneife

    is there a way to create an account and speed up downloads?
    Great job, wonderful site.
    Well done

  44. Rcardo

    no se puede instalar el juego de hero of sparta diganme como hago, es un juego q me intriga tenerlo espero pronta respuesta

  45. kamal

    i like game

  46. vikram

    Hi… i really like H.D games and thx for providing them…
    but i just wanna know when v can c new games in H.D for n8…. is dere any games developing for symbian^3 as ANDROID is becoming more popular.. 🙁 🙁

  47. now you can request certificate only 1 minute
    step 2
    use freesinger
    for signed aplikasi.
    please contac me.

    only work with your device.
    and only nokia symbian


    i will comeback other time

  48. heru

    why certificate eror??

  49. gistgeorgee

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  50. charming786

    the imei number shall be miss used… Is it a gud opp to submite imei numbr for free signer rply soon

  51. egha

    this game work on my nokia C6 or not ?????

    please answer

  52. Perlazeze

    I have install Hero of Sparta HD in my Nokia E90 but when i try to open the game it does do nothing. Can anyone tell me why or how to fix this??

    The internal screen resolution is 800×352.

  53. crot

    on my 5800Xm can this game work?????

  54. charming

    when i tried to install sparta game it shows certificate error plz help me plz

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    hi… i successfully installed real soccer HD in nokia c7……. but it crash after opening……
    plz help me….. samne problem i m facing with GOLF hd

  56. Bappi

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  57. sak

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  58. konvicted

    It Dosn’t Works With Me (RF10 HD)
    My Phone Is C7 & When I Press on It Shows To Me
    Certificate Error

  59. rahul

    is there a real football version available with the licensed player names(i saw one on the gameloft mobtile portal?

  60. sa

    great stuff man, but would u plz provide more, one of the best website for free stuff i have visited, great work man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. ojing

    you are too good.
    thanks a lot.

  62. dwita

    nice game… work smoothly on my c6-01… tnx alot…!!!!!!

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  64. Junu

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  66. hiii… Just amazing site… U r rocking

  67. pp

    dear webmaster I request you to post the S60 OS 9.1 9.2 9.3 sis sisx hd files of these 2 games, real soccer 2010 hd and heroes of sparta hd. we all S60v3 users are waiting for these hd games

  68. ray

    whether it supports 2 game nokia
    c6?. While the c6 nokia symbian3 not
    including platform. Please explain
    more details.

  69. abhinav

    after signinig it’s coming file corrupted

  70. tanish

    bro i use opera 5.1 in mobile nokia 5233 touch screen.when i try to download always link failed.i m totaly confused that really here we can get games or not ?plz send me games by email if possible my emai . plz help me what wrong with me. Plz i hope u ll proper ans me. Thz bro

  71. abhinav

    i tried to install on ma nokia n8 but certificate error is coming , then i tried to sign this application but then expired certificate is coming hw to resolve this problem

  72. tanish

    bro i use opera 5.1 in mobile nokia 5233 touch screen.when i try to download always link failed. ?plz send me games by email if possible my emai is tanishalways at yahoo india. plz help Plz i hope u ll proper ans me. Thz bro

  73. tanish

    bro i use opera 5.1 in mobile nokia 5233 touch screen.when i try to download always link failed.i m totaly confused that really here we can get games or not ?plz send me games by email if possible my emai is tanishalways at yahoo india. plz help me what wrong with me. Plz i hope u ll proper ans me. Thz bro

  74. sherwin

    hi there, i have downloaded this games, then after i install it, i can’t open it..
    i have nokia n79…
    can you help w/ this? i really like to play this games!

  75. Ayman


    • I’m glad you like it. Please let me know if you face any difficulty while downloading the files. Apparently some of our friends are facing some weird issues when downloading files through opera mini. I am trying to troubleshoot that but will need someone on the spot for the feedback (if it’s working if it’s not) when I am making these changes.

      If you are not facing any issues, then fire away 🙂

      • Ayman

        Well I am using Mozilla Firefox on my PC and then I send the files to my mobile phone, and all the games download just fine. No problems in downloading whatsoever.
        But I just came across a problem while trying to install Real Soccer 2010 HD on my Nokia C7. It says “Certificate Error”. Any thoughts? ^^

        Thanks anyway. 🙂

      • lezan

        hi Chaos inc. i have been trying to download hero of sparta HD on to my N8, apparently it kept on saying Certification error contact the application supplier… While its preparing to be installed

      • Aidil

        Hi there, i have installed hero of sparta on my nokia C6-00, but after playing first level the game close by itself, pls help and give a solution thank you mr.Chaos Inc.

  76. tanish

    bro. When when i try to download any games from this side some times error shows acces denied and some times error shows download link failed. Plz help me what is d problem ? Cant i downld games ? What is d right mehtod. Plz

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