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Posted December 28, 2010 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Today’s post is in continuation of yesterday’s HD games and as promised I am going to feature two of the most wanted speed racing Symbian^3 HD games for Nokia. These games are mainly designed for any N Gage powered platform and will work with any of the Touch OS devices that is built in with the N Gage Symbian^3 gaming engine. Nokia N8, C6, C7 E7 etc are some of the touchscreen phones that will surely work with these games. Today I am going to feature the newly introduced sequel of two legendary titles – Asphalt 5 HD and Need For Speed HD.

Asphalt 5 HD – The 2011 franchise of the legendary Asphalt series is finally here and I will not disagree that it was a game I was eagerly looking forward to specially after the awesome game play we experienced in Asphalt Street Rules & Asphalt Elite Racing. I am sure that most of us expected this game to take full advantage of the new N Gage engine features but I must admit that Asphalt 5 HD does let you down a bit in terms of overall quality growth since Asphalt 4. Asphalt 5 HD does offer a few perks though (specially in terms of racing and controls) but the  storyline and prizes really sucks to be honest.

Asphalt 5 HD offers around 29 cars for you to choose from which you will eventually have to unlock by progressing in the career mode. Unique number of race tracks tallies up to 12 once you have finished all the races in the game and they are completely different in every single way from each other (you will race at Aspen, Las Vegas etc among others). In total there  are 8 different types of race that you can play in the career mode and each of them offers their rewards.  Also you will have the option to choose from 3 types of control setup including one that is a combo of accelerometer & multi-touch.

You can race as a cop and choose to track down street racers or you can even be one of the street racers who will have to evade the cops in a race. Nitro boosts, drifts, drags, time trials, eliminator etc are some of the highlights of the types of race that Asphalt 5 HD offers. Points will accumulate throughout any race for near misses, clean sections, long jumps etc. You can also choose to upgrade your existing cars to perform better or save cash to buy a new car sooner than your opponents. Lastly, the basic ride modification is also present and Asphalt 5 also allows you to buy new drivers who can earn more per race than your existing driver.

Asphalt 5 HD Nokia

Asphalt 5 HD Nokia

Download Asphalt 5 HD Nokia

Download Asphalt 5 HD Nokia

asphalt 5 hd - nfs shift hd

asphalt 5 hd – nfs shift hd

Need For Speed SHIFT HD – It comes free & built in with the Nokia N8 (new firmware) devices, the Need For Speed SHIFT HD game proves the high end capability of the N8 quite well. Beautiful 3D graphics, a very high frame rate, astounding controls & some awesome race tracks makes this game a perfect companion to any N8 or similar multi-touch based smartphones. Need for Speed SHIFT HD comes with 2 different modes for you to choose from – the quick racing mode & the classic career mode. The main thumbs up mode for most of us will be the career mode where you will have to defeat professional racers one after the other to make way for the number 1 driver in the game today – yes that’s you!

Need for Speed SHIFT HD also offers the option to use different types of control mechanism for your cars including movements through the accelerometer or movements through tap/touch. Both these options are quite distinct and both allows you to control the car quite well. Either way it all boils down to how you feel comfortable with the car so there is no best way to control it. You can also turn off the assists and pointers that are displayed on your screen by default once you master the braking & acceleration mechanism. Within your career mode there are 7 different types of races that you can participate in: Sprints, Circuits, Time Trials, Head to Head, Drift, Eliminator & Exhibition.

NFS SHIFT HD comes integrated with the classic in-car camera view beside the usual 3rd person & 1st person views  and you can toggle these views anytime while driving your car over any of the 24 different racing tracks. You can upgrade your performance metrics quite often after completing a few races as the winner and make your ride even better the for the upcoming races. Nitro boosts, clean sections, insane drifts are some of the many selling factor of the game. Also, the excellent implementation of the car responses to your multitouch commands is another crucial element of this HD game. Good things only gets better and Need For Speed SHIFT HD is already much more promising than other similar racing Symbian^3 games out there.

Need For Speed SHIFT HD

Need For Speed SHIFT HD


Download NFS SHIFT HD Nokia

Please do subscribe to the RSS Feed before you download any of these games. Asphalt 5 HD & NFS SHIFT HD are made for Symbian^3 based OS and should work flawlessly with Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6 & the Nokia E7. These Nokia games are powered by the N Gage 2.0 engine and both these games are two of  my personal favorites. Try em out! Cheers!

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  1. Abhishek

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  2. Ahishek

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    why this nfs shift isn’t working on my phone now? my phone is a nokia n8, it says here that it’s certificate error. what will i do to this for me to play your game?

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  6. iam anime and game freak

  7. Rui

    Very good indeed 🙂 thanks

  8. sayedyahya

    I know why its not playing in s60 5th edition phones like nokia5233 ,e7,and c5 .even me it cant play on nokia n97. but we can fix it how its easy go to the phonekey .com and download Norton Symbian hack find in the search box.after that there will be steps in the phoneky its only two mb fast go to phonekey to fix your problem

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  23. Surag patel

    And bro i allready hack my phone.

  24. Surag patel

    H! Bro how can i play nfs shift on my nokia 5235?
    When i open game then show error that “play to start g1 any key-continue”.
    My mo no is 9510773203
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      he is giving tats the plenty of things he is doing

      just sign it its easy

      go to
      register there get ur key and cert

      or dwnld freesigner
      nd sign this thing

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