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Posted August 10, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

…Because life never gives you a second chance! Na’ah not true because with this post you will get a second chance! This is 2008 and it couldn’t get any more exciting than it already is, is that what you thought? You haven’t got a clue because this game is all about a second chance and this game is all about winning, time after time, games after games and penalties after penalties! You got me for sure, FIFA 2008 it is. Did you know that football is the world’s most played and watched game? No matter if you are a fan of Christiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi, Kaka, or Thierry Henry, you now have the chance to put on there adidas boots, the respective football club’s legendary jerseys, get on the field to defeat your rivals and clinch the title of the year to be the club champions of the world in 2008. It is all about success in 2008 and this is what this game of football is all about.

You have the choice to play quick symbian football games or in a career based mode where you have to choose a club and play in the league games, win the league games and it’s not over because simultaneously you have to be getting your club qualified for the UEFA international club championships. Not only that, this game of mobile football brings much more than any other versions released so far. It has injuries, night play mode with floodlights, the yellow cards and even the red cards. If you start your run too early you are risking to get your on the offside and be pulled back by the dreaded whistle of the referee. As you play on the career mode and win games, your overall points improve and so does your overall stats. The more you win the more your fatigue gets you and the slower the player becomes when taking a long sprint. You have to learn the art of balancing between everything that you have, if you overwork your players then you will suffer in the next game with the same players because maybe only after the first half of the game they will give up on you.

The best strategy in the career mode according to me is to pick up some young players either via club transfers or scouting. Both have their merits and demerits. In club transfers the players are usually more rich in terms of gameplay and stats but they do not come cheap for the transfer. Most of them are actually already playing the most prestigious clubs including Manchester United, AC Milan, Barcelona, Bayern Munich etc and wouldn’t want to switch in the first place. However if you have enough cash and do manage to buy a young superstar like Rooney or Messi or even Torres, then you have flexibility to make them your front line force from the get go. If you acquire young players through scouting then you have the freedom of buying them cheap, most players are good as a long term investment but almost none of them can be your front line players from the next match. Just use the transfer season wisely, that sure is all!

In this mobile game of Football 08 (or soccer for some of you) you can configure your keys accordingly with your phone. Most widescreen phone needs to do that bit of customizing because, by default, the game is designed for vertical screen phones of Nokia. Only possible to play on the 3rd edition symbian phones, this game is sure worth the wait. The atmospheric sound effects are quite exclusive and I must admit that I haven’t heard this much details and clarity in any symbian games. If you are on a N-Gage or something of a pda styled symbian phone, then this game is a dream come true mainly because of the extremely detailed, excellent and entertaining graphics. Of course all other Nokia symbian cell phones and handsets can play that mode but I personally think the full package is the best for high end gaming devices of Nokia. The graphics and overall gameplay is quite detailed for a smartphones based game and is surely something to watch out. The best part of the game is the gameplay and the overall experience and if you haven’t played it yet, you are missing out a lot!

Almost all major wireless network carriers are supported including Orange Mobile UK, Virgin Mobile, Hutch, Telstra, Telenor, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Rogers, Digi, Airtel, Orascom, Cingular and a lot more. All 3rd edition E-Series and N-Series based smart phones are supported including the Nokia N95, N78, N96, N91, N92, N93, N-Gage, 3250, 6600 Slide, 6290, E65, E50, E51, Prism, 8800, Luna, Sapphire, 7360, E90, 6300, E60, E61, E62, E70, E71, E66, N73, N80, N81, N82, N76, N75, 6110, 6120, 5700, 5710 Xpress Music, N95 8gb, 6121 etc and many more. Please do subscribe to the RSS feed via your favorite feed reader or via e-mail, that’s all I ask in return. Subscription is both free and useful, takes less than 2 clicks and less than a minute and morever it keeps you updated of the latest posts.



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  1. wolf

    how to down lo eny games
    wher can i find games for my phone n79

  2. شكراااااااااااااااااا

  3. Ari

    thanks for your kindness.. i really enjoying PES 2010


    it not working on e71


    it is not working on e71

  6. andreas

    i can install,if file zip,i just can install if file sis,,
    who can help me to change zip to be

  7. zahoor

    having a problem installing the game on my n95 8gb when extracting the fifa.exe file it says it is not supported need help on that

  8. facinator

    hi i am having problem installing this game,when i try to install trk app my mobile says component built in and secman tool is also not working because it requires TRK but i can`t find it on my mobile.

    need help plz!!!

    my mobile is n95 8gb

  9. vqar

    gr8 game love 2 play

  10. Swagata

    Can i install this game without having n gage application installed on my device ?

  11. vishal

    hi ! thnx…

  12. hey i am trying 2 download themes n games on my n82 but its not happening…can u help me out,plz.

  13. i am really trying to downloads themes n games on my n82 but nothing is coming.So can u help me.

  14. me

    how do i install it on my n81 8g…. its kinda hard.. plz man need sum help asap

  15. hendra

    i can’t install in my e66..please tell me the way how to install it in my phone…please…

  16. jamiecool

    can u tell me how to install this game on nokia 6600

  17. bharat

    i hv tried to install this game but unable to installl it
    as iam using n 82
    will guide me how install this game on my mobile
    i will be veryu much thank full to u….

  18. james mani

    i hav a nokia n73, i installed secman n’ trk. but where will i get ngage application for ma n73? pls reply, thanks…

  19. hbg

    Hi, I tried loading this on my 6110, but it didn’t seem to load. Any tricks?

  20. fus

    to tim.
    i did press right and in the mygames section the game isn’t there :S

    any ideas??

  21. Tim

    PRess right direction on D-Pad. You will go the games menu. There you will see your game!

  22. fus having a few difficulties with installing.

    i downloaded n-gage from the nokia website then installed TRK then followed instructions with secman etc but when i go on the n-gage application it just comes up with the various options but no game.

    im a bit confused in what to do now and also what do i do with a patch?

    i have a nokia n82
    sorry for the inconvenience and my stupidity but i would love to play this game so please help!


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