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Posted December 18, 2010 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Three new and much anticipated follow up mobile games are what today’s post all about. We will be reviewing the newly released versions of the extremely popular football simulation games FIFA 2011 & Real Football 2011 (aka Real Soccer 2011) and another speed racing game from the Ferrari racing series – Ferrari GT Revolution 2.

FIFA 2011No Matter How Many We Number, We Are 11 – The spectacular football gaming series of FIFA is back with a brand new season and a whole lot of brand new players with it in FIFA 2011 for mobile. This is 2011 and the game has taken a new turn with a whole lot of player motion changes and overall gameplay experience. Unlike the FIFA 2010 this version is much more difficult to complete and even after 30 matches or so you may find it difficult to win matches against rival teams and other prestigious club. Since FIFA 2011 does not include the manager mode built in and you will have to play as a team/player throughout the season or a tournament you will expect it to deliver quality controls and overall fun game play which it kinda does compared to its predecessor FIFA 2010 or Fifa 2008. It introduces the 360 Virtual Pro feature which allows you to enjoy a Playstation 2 like player controls making them move all around the pitch. As you progress you will notice your players adapt and surpass faster to their overall attributes by tackling, dribbling, sprinting over the player’s actual par. Better passing, fluid player movements, new international stadiums, more licensed players, a ticker style commentary, multiple European leagues, trainings are some of the most coolest features of FIFA 2011 for Nokia mobile. Also, check out the HD N – Gage version of FIFA 2009 – one of my favorites!

Nokia Fifa 2011

Nokia Fifa 2011

Real Football 2011 – Real Fooball 2011 or known better these days as Real Soccer 2011 is yet another football game for smartphones and mobile that was released recently. It includes all the latest transfers and offers you the ability to play as a skilled individual like David Villa! Over 245 teams distributed across 9 different football leagues with their real names makes this game really enjoyable as it is. Adding to that is the new animations and upgraded player graphics that will leave you in awe! This game is bluetooth friendly and you can even compete with other football gamers online and globally. Beside the RF League and the Legend mode there is a new Historic league which allows you to pick your favorite team from the past and relive the moments they created! Also, check out the earlier versions of Real Football (i.e. Real Football 2010) if you can, they are quite good as well, especially the N Gage version.

Fifa 2011 Real Football 2011 Ferrari GT Revolution 2

Fifa 2011 Real Football 2011 Ferrari GT Revolution 2

Nokia Real Football 2011

Nokia Real Football 2011

Ferrari Revolution GT2 : All those legendary cars made by Ferrari are now yours to play on your Nokia symbian smartphones. The cars include model from as early as 1957 to those released only this year at 2010. You can enter different types of races and enjoy racing against the toughest Ferrari competitors to date who now posses an upgraded artificial intelligence that will make your races much tougher! In this version of Ferrari Revolution GT2 you will experience a Circuit mode, a Sprint Racing mode, Drifts, Time attacks among a few others. It also takes you around over 10 different tracks from different countries. Overall the game includes 50 different races that are all unique in their own way and keeps in track with the previous versions of the Ferrari sequel for Symbian.


Ferrari Revolution GT2

These games are compatible with all the Nokia symbian smartphones including those from the 3rd edition and 5th edition series. These smartphones include the N95, N97, N97 Mini, E72, E71, C7, N8, E52, X2, E66, X6, X3, X5, E7, N91, N70, N92, N93, N96, C5, N73, N81, 6290, N85, E73, E65, N80, N82, E75, Nokia 5530, 5230, 6120, 6121, 5233 & 5800 XpressMusic, 5700, E60, E51, 5500, E90, E50 etc among others. All Nokia N Series, E Series and X Series smartphones are supported as long as they are built on the S60 or S40 framework.

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    • It is working perfectly at my end, I just checked now. Even if it says 0.00MB throughout let it finish the downloadand you will see that the file is there without any issues. It is actually a problem with the cookie setting of your browser. Otherwise you will have to use a download manager like IDM or Flashget. Which browser are you using? Firefox or Internet Explorer? 🙂

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    • Hmmm weird, can you tell me which files you are talking about? Specifically that is. Which download in this page gave you that error bro? Thanks for reporting it, I will fix it but I dont know which file is giving you that error. Please help me out 🙂

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