Ferrari World Championship – Ferrari Games – Part I

Posted August 19, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

The moment things come to realistic and affordable fast cars there is only one (or at best two) name which can cross the 400 Km/Hour mark on the regular street. One of them undoubtedly are the makers of sports car from the Ferrari GT series, they sure know their machines better than anyone else. Most of them cost a fortune and most of us will not even dream to buy them but hold on… here comes a crazy replacement idea to quench your thirst of speed: get into  the groove of mobile gaming!!

Today it is all about Nokia and Ferrari edition stuff and no, I don’t mean the wildly expensive Series 60 Nokia Ferrari 8800 Vertu edition mobile phones. I will feature 3 of the finest mobile racing games ever made based on sports cars that belong to the world’s finest car maker, Ferrari. Likewise Ferrari World Championship 2009, Ferrari GT Evolution and Ferrari GT Evolution HD are 3 of the finest mobile games ever made for symbian smartphones, iPhone and other PDA based devices!

If playing games like Asphalt Elite Racing or Need for Speed Underground was not enough for you and you are a hardcore racing fan like I am, then you will want to check out all of these excellent 3D Nokia racing games that will be featured in 3 different posts starting today.

Without any further gibberish stuff let us dive into the details of the game Ferrari World Championship which is the first one of the 3 dedicated Ferrari games for smartphones, PDA and Symbian mobile devices of Nokia and others.

Ferrari World Championship 2009:

If you are a fan of the Formula 1 or F1 seasons and watch drivers like Felipe Massa or Raikkonen battle it out on the circuit races then you will love this game’s overall storyline. Ferrari World Championship follows the professional and real life season of true formula racing and their respective heroes. Contrary to other 3D racing games like Need for Speed Undercover or Nitro Street Racing 3D where there are all types of con racers around, Ferrari World Championship takes place on the racing tracks of Hong Kong where your main goal is to defeat other racers and reach the top of the food chain in a professional, tactical manner (so to speak).

Ferrari World Championsip

Ferrari World Championsip

With this game it is all back to the basics of what true professional racing is all about, where one wrong turn to the left or right may cost you the entire season’s hard work! The overall graphics quality is not bad, yes it is NOT astounding, but just up to the mark of similar games in the genre. The default view is that from the eyes of the driver and behind the wheels which takes a bit of getting used to. The F1 cars are usually customized or upgraded every time you win a race or only in terms of performance to fit the various racing conditions, difficulty and target.

This mobile game is quite tactical in nature besides being a ‘true driver’s game’, what I mean by saying that is in Ferrari World Championship you will be promoted to the next level of each race if you end up being any one of the top 3 racers to cross the finish line. This leaves you with choices to continue exploring the tracks to come even if you lose a race because in real life it is all about aggregate points. There is a classic mode as well where you can race with legendary cars that Ferrari produced in the past.

Ferrari World Championship

Ferrari World Championship

The controls of Ferrari World Championship is not conventional in nature and the cars will accelerate even if you are not pushing the accelerator. With the button 5 you can brake easily which may also take some time in getting used to, however, once you get a hold of it (like after 3 or 4 races), you will love it! The overall driving controls and car movement is satisfactory compared to java games that are made for 3rd edition based S60 N-Series or E-Series symbian phones. It could have been a tad bit better though.

Ferrari World Championship for smartphones is also integrated with advanced racing factors like positive gains in speed due to torque when you are trailing behind an opponent closely and other crucial factors like losing control because of excessive drafts/skids when taking a turn are nice to see. There are 2 modes of driving in this game, a classic or arcade mode and a career mode. Arcade mode or a Quick race mode needs no explaining as all you have to do is choose a car and drive.

Ferrari Scuderia

Ferrari Scuderia

However while driving in the career mode you faced with factors like wet roads and dry roads condition which will force you to change your offensive or defensive style in driving. Tips are also given from ground zero about your position in the middle of race, the consequences of fuel refueling and many others.

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For newbies looking for a quick splash of fun, this game can be quite hard to adopt but for any Formula 1 racing fan who want to experience the pro racing possibilities on mobile, the game Ferrari World Championship can be one of their most favorite ones of all times.

Ferrari World Championship is compatible with Nokia N95, N95 8gb, N97, N96, N92, N91, N93, N85, N82, N81, N80, N79, N78, N77, N76, N75, Nokia N73, N71, 3250, 6210, 6290, 6120 and 6121, 8800, E60, E50, E51, E62, E61, E65, E66, E70, E71, Nokia E72, E90 and others. Smartphones like 5800 XpressMusic Touch UI, 5700, 5310 etc and Nokia 5290 are also supported.

Feel most welcome to share your experience with this game through the comments section. Cheers!

****Notes**** The post above is the 1st post from our “3 Ferrari based games for smartphones” series. Check out the 2nd featured post titled: Ferrari Evolution GT (standard version) or simply share the love of this post with your friends to help us out 🙂

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