Ferrari GT Evolution Standard – Ferrari Games – Part II

Posted August 20, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

As promised yesterday about the first follow up post on our 3 post series on Ferrari based Mobile games that are specially made for smartphones from Nokia, SonyEricsson, LG, Samsung etc, the Apple iPhone 3G and also many other PDA devices from Blackberry devices. This addictive 3D racing game should keep your fingers really busy anywhere, anytime!

Ferrari GT Evolution Standard will give you have access to 26 different cars from the makers of Ferrari including the famous Enzo and F430. In Ferrari GT Evolution 2009 standard version you will race against the very best professional drivers of the world who are being sponsored by Ferrari on either the official Fiorano Ferrari track or on the regular streets across six different metro cities.

The Ferrari GT Evolution revolves around you defeating other racers to reach and unlock the next cities before them, letting you explore and race through a wide variety of optional roads. Beside having a nice realistic gameplay, the game comes with choices you have to take to finish a race successfully.

Don’t be fooled by its street racing exterior though because Ferrari GT Evolution has so much more hidden in it. There is a simulation mode which tests your driving skills to the extreme by letting you experience the real life difference in of terms of outcome when you take a small turn in the wrong direction.

Ferrari GT Evo

Ferrari GT Evo

In Ferrari GT Evolution you will have to obtain a drive’s license to compete in an upgraded race which makes simulation gaming fun and challenging at the same time. Just like real life, if you fail the driving tests, you are pre-eliminated without even getting a shot at the actual race. There are two mode of racing, the arcade mode or quick race mode and the career mode. Ferrari GT Evolution supports multiplayer based mobile gaming through high speed A2DP bluetooth paired connections, however online based multiplayer is still absent.

The overall Graphics FX detail of the game is really something that needs to be given some special praise for cause they are simply outstanding compared to other small screen games. The Audio FX of the car engine can be well felt during the simulation mode as that part of the driving is more machine based compared to the actual race where decisions are emphasized.

Whether you are a new gamer or a hardcore racing fan, Ferrari GT Evolution is something you must give a shot because it is worth the price!!

GT Evolution Nokia Game

GT Evolution Nokia Game

As almost always it is a tradition here in Nokia Symbian Themes,ย  our featured Nokia games are compatible with a wide range of Nokia symbian devices and this one is no different. This symbian game is compatible with Nokia N73, N85, N86, N71, N76, N77, N81, N80, N82, N91, N92, N93, N97, N96, N95, N95 8gb, N78, N79, E50, E61, E51, E60, E70, E90, E63, E66, Nokia E71, E72, etc and others from the N-Series and E-Series smartphones. 3rd edition and 5th edition featured packs of the Nokia XpressMusic phones like the 5800 XpressMusic Touch UI phone, the 5700 XpressMusic, 5310 etc should also work with this game.

For iPhone 3G specific versions, simply drop me a comment below and I will accordingly update it ๐Ÿ™‚

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Also, do check out the first post on Ferrari World Championship from our series of posts on Ferrari based mobile racing games for mobile and smartphones. Tomorrow we will feature the 3rd and final post dedicated to existing Ferrari Racing games for smartphones and mobile devices so keep those fingers crossed!


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    there is a very blasting 3D Experience

  6. can I have this in my E63 it

  7. Amazing 3D acceleration and thoughts had been implemented, I am just amazed to see your games performance.

    Installed on Nokia N600 , n82 8GB . Awesome Performance.

    Rating 9/10

    For any game QA hire me


    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  8. gabriel

    how to install it to the my n73

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      nokia n72 only supports jar files….and there is no need to install jar files…..they operate without instalation…

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