Ferrari GT Evolution High Definition (HD) – Ferrari Games – Part III

Posted August 22, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

This is the last featured post on our 3 post featured series on Nokia games that are based on the world’s finest car maker Ferrari. Today we will feature a special upgraded version of Ferrari GT Evolution – the much acclaimed High Definition version! This game comes with even better and breathtaking 3D graphics that are rarely seen on the mobile games arena.

Ferarri GT Evolution HD:

Being an upgraded version of the mobile game Ferrari GT Evolution, what can you expect? Better cars or better graphics maybe? Let me assure you that you can positively expect both and even more in terms of Touch UI compatible controls.

The HD version however does have a few perks that makes it a clear winner to someone who is addicted to N-Gage style gaming. Ferrari GT Evolution HD re-introduces the Asphalt HD graphics engine which improves the overall controls and gaming visuals during the simulation modes significantly. Ferrari GT Evolution HD is quite easy to get a hold of provided that you have played any other similar HD speed racing games in the past because the controls and car movement is like those in a way.

Ferrari GT Evolution HD offers a total of 8 cars, all by Ferrari (obviously!) including the newly released Ferrari California. Depending on your phone the car controls vary a bit, however if you are running this mobile game on the Nokia N96, N95 8gb, E71, N81, N82, 5800 XpressMusic or N97 then you will suffer no lags whatsoever. Game play is really fast on the mentioned devices and works better than expected!

The overall improvement in the graphics is quite a bit which makes this game enjoyable more than the standard version in a way. It presents you the option to control the advanced parts of the cars like traction controls, brakes etc and lets you customize many other factors. For each of the 8 cars that are present in the game, you will see that their respective controls, performance and tuning is different.

Ferrari GT Evolution HD

Ferrari GT Evolution HD

In my personal opinion I enjoyed Ferrari GT Evolution HD the most when driving in simulation mode of the race because of its smooth yet agile car controls and detailed 3D graphics without any game lag. The game takes you through 4 different cities and each one of them are beautifully drawn in 3D graphics that reflects their real life condition pretty well. Beside the environmental details, all the cars of your competitors are well detailed which makes this game even better.

Overall this HD game’s playable modes are similar to the regular Ferrari GT Evolution version and it provides you option to play either arcade based gaming or following a career where you have to explore and win races to unlock new races, cars and cities. Just like the regular version of Ferrari GT Evolution HD, this mobile game can also be played in bluetooth based multiplayer mode.

Ferrari GT Evolution HD version

Ferrari GT Evolution HD version

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This HD game is compatible with a wide range of devices including those from the 3rd and 5th edition N-Series, E-Series ones. Nokia N95, XpressMusic 5800 and 5700, Nokia N73, N85, N95 8gb, N78, N79, E50, N77, N81, N80, N91, N97, N96, N95, E61, E51, E60, E70, E90, E63, E66, N86, N71, N76, N82, 6120, 6290, Nokia E71, N92, N93, E72, etc

Also, if you are a fan of Ferrari  then check out this game’s standard version or the Ferrari World Championship games. If you like Racing games for mobile in general then please check out the 3D mobile games on speed racing!


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  1. Akram

    What a game.the real hd game.all hd game support in my Nokia N8-00

  2. Vipin

    E72 and E5 are symbian os, but its os is 9.3 thats why many games are not working in these phones, e71 is os 9.2

  3. Daniel lj

    bout i have a qusation is that why do other games say not supported or file expired .and is game going to make other syambian games hd with best graiphcy like on ps2 or 3 we ar waiting 4 that to came

  4. Daniel lj

    bout i have a qusation is that why do other games say not supported or file expired .and is game going to make other syambian games hd with best graiphcy like on ps2 or 3 we ar waiting 4 that to came

  5. Hashashin510

    Yeah…are there any HD games compatible with Nokia E63.I tried out a few and they all worked flawlessly.If there are,can I have there names…you know,so that I don’t have to bother surfing the web for them.(Yeah I know I’m a Grammar Nazi)

  6. I need another link in order to download Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD cause when I am downloading this app and my internet lost the signal I cannot download this again

  7. abat

    wow this the bom..thanx

  8. good verri good need for speed nokia n8 thenk you

  9. Sid

    My divce is x6 c i downlod hd gamez

  10. nice game sobb… Thanks for share

  11. Superzkd

    Do NOKIA 6120 played NGAGE GAMES

  12. wawww nice game,, thanks sir

  13. Najibullah

    thank you

  14. it not working in my 5233 please send me farrari gt evolution hd working game via email

  15. Niladri

    Sir, for some reason, this game is not supported in my Nokia E5 phone. This phone also belongs to the E series phone, so would you be having any clue as to why this application is not supported?

  16. rabu

    Doesn’t work on my 5800. The icon appears but cant open it! Need help here!

  17. Magesh

    All game are not gettiing installed in E72 Mobile …It says not compatible,

  18. Magesh

    ost of the games not working E72 it says not compatible

  19. drftdvl

    installed it on my nokia e63 but the graphics are not displaying properly. any help? thanks.

  20. marija


  21. PeLLe

    im using N97mini. It installed, but it doesnt even start, and the icon does not appear, only the name of the game its showing up…

  22. Shaizu

    Its been installed but not running in my nokia 5800 xpress music 🙁
    Plz help me out..

  23. cata

    can u make this game for 5230???

  24. ndra

    I can installed this game on my 5800xm but i can’t play this???why?!?!

  25. i want recing games more i need evrithing to enithing

  26. sharukh

    my 5800 can not run it but i installed successfully. whats the problem plz help me. many other game i installed successfully but they dont run

  27. dis doent works on my 5800 xpress music
    tell me woy to do

  28. Jonathan

    who upload this game huh? this game not working on my E63 because the screen is shadowy on my phone.

  29. godwin

    pls can it work on nokia 5230.. or which other game can work on it?…tnks

  30. chut

    phadu game…isne to gand marli

  31. sunny

    hi i like race & high speed

  32. farhan

    oh this is v good game

  33. This Game is Working Fine On my 6120Navi & my e75.

    Next mission is 2 test on my nokia e90 my pal’s mob.

    hv fun,infrm u soon.

    u can find mre games on

    (an exe24 networking unit (pvt) ltd

  34. who says this game working On Nokia E63? after i download it,the game is shadowy on my screen, can you help me to another download and not shadowy?

  35. how can i download it to my mobile? please help me

  36. obi

    this is the best site ever thumbs up man…. i still regret tradin my n82 for an n97 tho

  37. Denis

    Does it work on 5530 express music?

  38. dan

    please tell me how to turn on landscape mode in nokia 7210 supernova

  39. zuss21

    wow this site is very very cool thnx!!!^_^

  40. Dhruv

    @the owner of the website
    The game doesn’t work at all on the 5800 xpress, it starts, you somehow manage to get into the menus(cuz the menus lag alot) and then when you finally click play, the screen turns white and well you can keep waiting for an hour or 2 but the game won’t start.

  41. Vill.Post-dorasar distt-jhunjhun stat-rajasthan

  42. Nasir

    This is the coolest game i have ever seen at last it,s working on my n86

  43. ashu

    after installing its not opening on my 5800.

  44. madsoft13

    merci pour se jeux trop cool ^^

  45. Stan

    This game rocks !!!!

  46. Ananto

    This is the coolest website everrrrrr…………..

  47. Megadeth

    Hey istiaq bro nice site but bro this ferrari Hd game is looking awesome but after installing the game doesn’t starts …don’t know why?? {hacked N79}

    I am a big fan of your site and I’v seen that you consider all the suggestions that the users comment.
    I have a very decent suggestion
    Well the suggestn is that you update your old applications and games but people like me don’t know whether you have updated the app or game.We always have 2 search whether u have updated the software or NOT
    So I just want 2 request you 2 create a small area or category in your website mentioning the following update of the software or game is uploaded
    so that it becomes simple for the user 2 directly go 2 that page and download.

    I hope u fulfill this small demand


  48. gamefreak

    this website iz the best i hav ever senn pretty cool uploads are here
    thnx 4 the games and applications

  49. Some1

    It isn’t working on my 5800!

  50. Ankit Kumar Pandey

    Fantastic! This website is best amongst all for symbian mobile user.Thanks a lot to all devlopers of this site,And this game is simple amazing! Keep it up! 🙂

  51. Naridimo

    Very cool games……This site is the best thing that has happened to my nokia E75….Thanks a million man.

  52. Mike

    Says it works on E-series phones. Even has E63 in compatibility list above. However my E63 says its incompatible, thought id install it anyway, and the phone was correct, doesnt work!
    I think you should take E63 off the list!

  53. ioana

    hy.i’ve installed this game on my N97,but when I’m trying to open the game,it simply doesn’t open.what’s the problem? and yes,i’ve got that cer.

  54. louis

    mis this game run on nokia e63 ???

  55. Nice information, but my phone doesent play HD games, hope have a new phone. 🙂

  56. not have to install this 3D accelerator in 5800?
    or does not exist

  57. NOCIV

    Very nice, runs on E51! 🙂

  58. I installed it on my 5800 and he did not
    opened someone can help me how to solve this problem?

    More on n95 I installed and was in good

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